Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Grave at A Time - Night Huntress Novel - By Jeaniene Frost

One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6)One Grave at a Time by Jeaniene Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, Five weeks have passed between This Side Of The Grave. Cat can’t seem to get rid of the lingering power she had gotten from Marie. Ghost still flock to her, and Fabian, Cat’s ghost friend finally has a request for Cat’s help, with a ghost he is in love with. She needs some help. Centuries ago, Jeinrich Kramer was a witch hunter and didn’t necessarily stop once her died. He has used fear and torture of innocent women to increase his own power giving him the ability to inflict harm on flesh even when he remains spectral. So, how do you kill someone who is already dead? Cat and Bones do everything they can think of, to end this witch hunter’s existence forever and stops his reign of terror.

I was mesmerized by Cat, her family, her world, her abilities, and her team of hunters she created. Cat's trouble with being caught between two worlds and embracing her true self was heartfelt. The chemistry between Cat and Bones had me fixated on their story.

I really enjoyed Cat and Bones, they are better than ever together. No more leaving each other behind, no more forces separations. They are great together.

Cat has really grown in this book, she has a very long life ahead of her, and is finally realizing it. This changes her outlook a little, but she is still the Cat we all know and love. She still has her great sense of humor and is full of her witty snide remarks. She has finally realized she can be happy in the moment.

Then there is Bones, What a HOTTIE! Love Bones. He is also growing and developing as well. I like that he has loosened up a bit, not as severe in his vampire territorialism as he usually is, he’s a little more trusting. I also love how he is treating Cat more as a partner now.
I love how the romance is solid, there are so many small tender moments between them that really made me smile. For those who like them sex scenes, there is one that was unique and fun. Let’s just say, it gives the “Mile High Club” a whole new meaning, lol.

The challenge in this book is a little harder than things Cat has come up against in the past. But how do you fight something that isn’t corporal? Something you can’t touch, and can’t die or be erased? I enjoyed watching Cat try to out maneuver a crafty old ghost. Cat can’t just unleash her Red Reaper skills since she can’t physically touch the sly witch hunter. I wish we could have seen her go all Reaper on everything, but just wasn’t something that fit in the book this time.
ONE GRAVE AT A TIME was a nice installment to this series, which I had a hard time putting it down. I like where Jeaniene Frost is taking Cat and Bones and am glad some of the magic is back.

I highly recommend this book, especially if your into the series with Cat and Bones. If you have never read any of the Night Huntress books, I suggest picking up the first one, and read on from there. You won’t be sorry. Halfway to the Grave is the first in this series.

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