Friday, June 15, 2012

Disable your Blog's CAPTCHA - Instrucions Here

Ok, so this is just ONE of the many horrible CAPTCHA things I had to suffer through. Can you see that the part on the right? WHAT are those supposed to be?? I had no clue. I have to keep getting my poor daughter in here to do these for me, as I can NEVER get the whole thing, sometimes I can figure one side out, but then NOT the other. Its very Frustrating. I am sorry , but from now on. I can't leave comments anymore on post if this CAPTCHA is enabled. FYI I have found out that the blogs Default is ON. So, if you never went into the settings to turn off, then its on. I have turned mine OFF, and it will stay that way.
I beg you all to do the same. At least for post like the Hops, and other things, or giveaways that require a comment left. I really was irritated at those, and had to just give up on most of them.
You can click the pic, and it will take you to Alison's of Alison Can Read. She has very good instructions on how to turn it off, and screen shots too. Keep in mind, at least for me, the screen shots were not identical to what I seen, but I was close enough, and able to figure it out. I will see if I can maybe make some more instructions with screen shots of what I seen. Anyway, at least this one should help you out. These are for Blogger blogs, but I bet others will be similar, at least it would be in the settings somewhere. lol
Thanks for reading, and hope this helps. Leave a comment if you need help, or if you stumble upon this and decide to follow, let me know, I always follow back.


  1. I think those are there to keep spammers off. But I am not 100% sure on that.

    1. Yes, this is true, But you can ask around at long time bloggers, its not that big of a problem, I know long time bloggers with 10,000 and up followers who said they had maybe 4 in all the years they have been blogging. So really, its just a nuicnce, and I can't do them, I can't keep asking my daughter to come help me, its unreasonable to sit there for who knows how long trying to figure these things out. I seen a thing on another site today, instead of the dumb Captcha, it had a pic of a car, and 3 icons, it said to drag the bow to the car. That was it, only a human can see which was a bow, and drag and drop, easy as can be. Something like that is fine for the paranoid people who think they have to have it. So I will not be commenting anymore with any that have Captcha, its just not worth my headache

  2. when i just started my blog i forgot to do this, thankfully i remembered cause its very annoying and keeps people from commenting when they'd like to.