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Hunter Moon (Moon Series #4) By Jeanette Battista Book Tour

Hunter Moon (Moon #4)
Published November 21st 2012 by Createspace
ISBN 1481027727 (ISBN13: 9781481027724)
Series Moon #4

With the threat of a werehyena takeover dealt with, Kess, Finn, and Rafe can finally enjoy the tentative peace Miami has to offer. As Kess moves forward with her decision to open up the territory to peaceful weres, she knows that the Keepers of Divine Order—a group of werejackal assassins—are watching her every move. If her plan fails, she knows they won’t hesitate to eliminate her and her friends.
When several werehyenas suddenly disappear and Mebis, the Keeper assigned to Miami, goes unexpectedly missing, Kess fears the worst. But even she’s unprepared for this latest threat: a hunter hiding in plain sight whose only goal is killing werecreatures. Can Kess and her friends survive this most dangerous game?

About this author

Jeanette Battista graduated with an English degree with a concentration in medieval literature which explains her possibly unhealthy fixation on edged weapons and cathedral architecture. She spent a summer in England and Scotland studying the historical King Arthur, which did nothing to curb her obsession. To satisfy her adrenaline cravings—since sword fighting is not widely accepted in these modern times—she rode a motorcycle at ridiculously high speeds, got some tattoos, and took kickboxing and boxing classes. She gave up the bike when her daughter came along, although she still gets pummeled at the gym on a regular basis.
When she’s not writing or working, Jeanette spends time with family, hikes, reads, makes decadent brownies, buys killer boots, and plays Pocket Frogs. She wishes there were more hours in the day so she could actually do more of these things. She lives with her daughter and their ancient, ill-tempered cat in North Carolina.

Book Trailer for Book 1 Leopard Moon.
My Review:

Ok, I will say now I had to skip a few books. I had read Leopard Moon, I got it as a free download for Kindle. And didn’t have the 2nd and 3rd books, but got this one for the tour, the 4th. So I was a bit lost. I didn’t know what happened to Kess’s brother, or how they came to be back in Miami, when last I knew it was the last thing Kess would want to do. But I went and read some blurbs and tried to find them long spoiler type reviews to catch me up, and got a little bit of an idea of what happened. I still do not know it all, but enough. Wish I would have been able to read about the breakup with Kess and Cormac, as that saddened me when I read they were apart when I started this one.
So, based on this book alone, and not the whole series, and some of book 1, I will do my best to write this review.

So, for starters things are looking pretty good for all of them. Now Kess, Finn and Rafe can concentrate on making their idea of the Council work, and try really hard to avoid death by the Keepers. Also, when a hunter comes to town they have that to deal with too. This hunter is not like a normal hunter though, he has basically made a deal with evil to have an advantage when hunting the were animals. He is out to complete his collection.

In this book we have Laila back, (who was in previous books I didn’t read) we see a vulnerable side to her in this, and I really liked it as I did read the first chapter of book 2, and already didn’t like her much in that, so I didn’t feel I would like her. She doesn’t seem to be a good fit for Finn in my opinion either. So at least she seemed to grow up some in this one.

I found being inside the villian’s head, meaning the Hunter, weird. I do not want to feel sorry for him, or like him in anyway. I do not like that. He is bad, so and when I say bad, I mean evil. I do not like to know about the demon he made the deal with either. I could do without that.

I was lost a bit as I said, I did find the funny stuff with Finn fun, but sure missed the major players in this like in book one, with Kess and Cormac. I just want Kess and Cormac. But I know part of this is because I missed so much with books 2 and 3, in getting to know these new characters that I just feel I do not care about at all.
So, instead of saying too much, as I don’t know a lot and feel I would be biased to only the first books characters, I will judge one the way its written and overall how the story unfolds.

I think this book is written very well. I did get to know the characters, some too much in my personal opinion, but that’s me, just like to keep the bad guys at arm’s length.

I was hooked on the story pretty quick, I think even more so if I had read the other 2, but even without, still had me hooked. I know many people say this can be a standalone book. But I don’t think so, at least not after reading Book one Leopard Moon, which I just loved.  I will say this lacks steam in the romance area, even for YA, but really, it just shows its less of a paranormal romance, and more a paranormal adventure/thriller type book. I don’t feel I need steamy sex stuff, that’s what those erotic type books are for. This is more a real story, which books with lots of steam always seems to lack.

To me, it is fine. I just know some people come to expect more.

I do recommend this book, but I do also recommend reading books 1 -3 first. Especially book 1, as it’s the foundation of them all.

5 out of 5 for me. I still enjoyed it. It was my fault I was not able to buy the other to read. I just couldn’t at this time. Maybe soon I can.

I was provided this book from the author for my honest review for the book tour.

Kess walked into the den, thinking that no one was in there, and was surprised to find Finn on his cell phone. She began to back out of the room, but Finn waved her inside. She sat on the couch and grabbed a magazine, not wanting to eavesdrop on his conversation. She assumed he was talking to Laila, or maybe his father.
“Nope, nothing exciting going on here,” Finn said to whoever it was on the other end. “Just me, Rafe, and a bunch of cats.”
A pause. Then Finn continued. “Mebis is still in town. He’s permanently placed here now.” Finn shrugged as if the person at the other end could see him. “I don’t know.” A pause. “No, that doesn’t mean Laila’s in town more often.”
Kess idly flipped through the magazine, staring at the photos without really seeing them. Finn continued his one-sided conversation. “How’re things up there?”
Okay, so his dad or brother then. Laila was still in New Orleans, at least as far as Kess knew, and Finn wouldn’t have been talking about things she’d already know to her, so it must be family on the other end. Which was actually good, because she wanted to speak with Finn about something Mebis had mentioned to her, and bringing it up after a conversation with Laila might not be the best idea. Kess couldn’t explain why she trusted Mebis more than she did Laila, but that’s the way it was. The less Laila knew about the goings on in Miami, the happier Kess was. That was difficult though, what with Finn being her boyfriend and all. And Kess knew Finn wasn’t all that circumspect in what he told Laila.
“Hey yeah, she’s right here,” Finn said. Kess looked up, curious. “Hang on.”
He handed the phone out to her. She raised her eyebrows at him. “It’s Mac,” he mouthed.
Kess shook her head. She didn’t want to talk to Cormac, not right now, but Finn kept shoving the phone at her. She gave him an angry look, mouthing NO! but he ignored her. “Here she is,” he said into the phone.
She glared at him, snatching the phone from his outstretched hand. Kess vowed to herself that she would make him pay for this later—she hated him getting involved in the stuff between her and Cormac, even if he was only trying to help.
“Hi,” she said, once she put the phone up to her ear.
“Hey there.” Cormac’s voice was his usual steady, deep one, but Kess thought there was an undercurrent of uncertainty in it. She hated talking on the phone usually, and especially now when their relationship was so fraught with tension. Kess wished she could see his face; she was much better at reading expressions than voices.
“How are you?” she asked, since it seemed like the next obvious, and most innocuous, thing to say.
“Good, good. You?”
“Okay. Things are pretty stable here right now.” Kess tried to keep her voice light and breezy. No need to get him worried over nothing.
“Finn tells me that Mebis is a permanent fixture now.” Cormac’s voice was distant, like he was distracted, or trying to appear so. Still, there was something in his voice that made Kess wonder why he’d bring that up.
“Yeah. He’s keeping an eye on us for the Keepers. And he’s been teaching me some self-defense moves.”
“Sounds like he’s just keeping an eye on you.” Cormac’s tone held a hint of suspicion.
Kess didn’t want to argue. She knew that Cormac was territorial—he was a werewolf, it was part of the package. She just wasn’t sure if she liked him being territorial about her. And because of Mebis, no less. She wouldn’t classify the werejackal as a friend, not yet, not when he could still turn out to be her executioner.
She decided to change the subject. “How’re classes going?” She wished for about the millionth time that she could be back up there, taking classes with him at the university. Kess had gotten her schedule all planned out and everything before the hyena trouble erupted down here.
“Good.” There was an awkward pause. “Kess, we’re going to need to talk about this.” His voice was soft and full of love for her.
She closed her eyes, feeling tears spring into them. God, she missed him, more than she ever thought possible. But the things he said in anger couldn’t be taken back, and she wasn’t sure where that left them. Kess wanted him just as badly as she ever did, but she wondered if he loved her for herself or for what she represented. She didn’t need a protector, nor did she need an Alpha. She was the leader of the wereleopard clan and, as such, she was the one responsible for the decisions. Cormac may not always agree with them, but he had to understand they were hers to make, whether he liked them or not.
“I know,” she said quietly.
“I’m sorry for what I said,” he began. “You know that.”
“I do.” But sorry didn’t take those words back. Sorry didn’t erase her doubts.
“What do I have to do, Kess? It’s been months!” His frustration made his voice go lower. “You’re barely talking to me.”
Kess rubbed her eyes. “I’m sorry, Cormac. I’m trying, but it’s hard. There’s a lot to be done down here…”
“Do you still love me?” His voice was flat.
“What?” How could he ask her that?
“Do. You. Still. LOVE. ME.”
Kess swallowed. She spared a glare at Finn, who was idly surveying the books on the shelves. “You know I do.” Always.
They didn’t say anything for a few long minutes. Kess rubbed her temples and wondered what Cormac was doing with the silence.
“Okay,” was all he said, when he finally spoke. He sighed. “Can I call you later?”
“Sure. Anytime.” They needed to talk about what happened, and if the phone was the only way to do it, maybe it would be enough.
“I love you, Kess.”
“Love you, Cormac.” She waited until he hung up before ending the call herself.
Finn turned around with a grin. “Everything back to normal?” he asked with a wink.
“Assclown,” she snarled at him as she stormed from the room.

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