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Forever Clan Book Tour #Giveaway ~ Excerpts ~ Review

Paranormal Romance
Title: Forever Clan (Forever Series Book #3)
Author: January Bain
Date Published: 1/7/13

Forever Clan is the third book of the Forever series. It takes us into the lives of Sunday Rose St. Clair and her mother who live in Caithness, Scotland. Sunday Rose has come home to look after her ma after her da has died and meets up with, Sean Cameron, a recently turned vampire who has been staying with Winter Kennedy and Aiden Hightower. They fall madly in love and soon Sunday Rose is expecting a baby.
The prophesied Dhampyre, a half-human, half-vampire child, is a serious event in the twenty-first century and one that many vampires of the Orca of World Vampire Clans are fervently looking forward to. But Sunday Rose’s very survival is at stake from the rare birth of such a child and many dangers exist for its arrival in this rarefied world that has only a veneer of civilization protecting it from collapse…
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Author Bio
January Bain, Storyteller, hails from Ashern, Manitoba, Canada. Married to the love of her life, her husband Don, she has combined her love of romance with her interest in vampires to create the FOREVER series of books. She teaches high school Computer and Business courses during the day and writes in every spare moment she possibly can. You can usually find her up at five AM!
If she could be a super character, she has said it would be “super-teach” endowed with the gift of healing like the heroine in her first novel, Forever Man, to help heal broken spirits. She hopes her characters will touch your heart. She loves to be approached about the journey of writing and can be reached at www.januarybain.ca

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My Review of Forever Clan

I didn’t read the first 2 book in this series yet, but I really liked this one, enough to go back and read them. I did read some of book 1 though, but had to just go read this one for tour. Anyway, I really fell in love with these characters right away. January does and excellent job creating this world and characters. I can see now I will be a avid reader of her work. She really helped me get to know these characters so well, it really makes you care and get hooked.

I think it probably is best to read the others first, as there is returning characters, but still can be read as a stand alone, I think, as it seems they each have their own story and set of main characters.

There is some insta love going on, but it is done well. I do not mind it in the paranormal worlds, because face it, we are not in the normal world, there is soul mates, and magical type stuff, so its believable. For those worlds at least.

There is some steamy parts that I liked, some of the characters really, you know, get together, and the heat was intense, lol.  I loved the way the relationships worked out well.

I don’t want to say much more, as I want to keep this spoiler free. But if your into the vampire paranormal type books, then this is the series for you.

I give this 4 ½ out of 5 stars. It’s worth reading for sure

I received a copy of this book from the author for the book tour for my honest review.
If you like my review, I would the support at Amazon, and mark as Helpful Here, and maybe  Like it at Goodreads if you want, Here. I highly appreciate it.

Guest Post by January Bain
And do the sins of the human fall on the vampire?
I’ve considered many ethical and moral questions as I write vampires and humans that are juxtaposition, one on the other. Vampires have obviously discovered the proverbial fountain of youth, but how much of their former human characteristics do they bring to their new lives when they are made by a vampire?  
These are the things I have imagined during by alternative worlds I’ve created writing about vampires:
Imagine: having all the time in the world to create medical cures.
Imagine: it being feasible to inoculate all humans against their mortality, a vaccine against death. And for those sci-fi geeks out there without having to create a time machine!
Imagine: never dying.
Imagine: saving loved ones.
Imagine: saving people with special gifts: Those who want to do good in the world.
Imagine: watching history being made.
Imagine: accumulating great wealth.
Imagine: flying…
Those are just some of the things I’ve thought about during the journey of writing the Forever series of books. The best part of writing for me is the realization of how amazing our world truly is. And maybe I just like to twig it a bit to add even more magic! After all, that is the gift of storytelling.
Best, January Bain

Excerpt One
“I think reading all those vampire romance novels you love so much has addled your brain, Sunday Rose St. Clair. First, it was Grandma Rose and her faeries, and now you and your vampires,” her mother remarked without rancor as she deftly rolled out the piecrust for the fifth pie of the morning. Sunday Rose, in her task of peeling the Macintosh apples lagged behind her mother, earning herself a stern warning glare that plainly told her to hurry it up.
She sighed, “But Ma, to be able to live forever, just imagine!”
Her mother brushed back a wayward strand of still-bright auburn hair that belied her years. She left a streak of flour on her forehead. “You,” she said, “with your Titian hair, your emerald eyes filled with foolish dreams, your books and poetry, are so like Grandma Rose it sometimes frightens me.  She was a last-born child, too, you know. And while some say it’s the middle one who tends to be fey, in this family, I think that’s not so.”
 Sunday Rose peeled another fragrant apple, sliced into the large tin basin positioned precariously in her lap. “But, Ma,” she said again. “To live forever? Wouldn’t that be something?”
I think it would be torture. I’ve done enough baking and cleaning and doing for others in this lifetime. I’d not care to continue it indefinitely. Be practical, child.”
 Sunday Rose hurried her pace at another warning glance from her mother, but continued to argue. “It’s not a practical matter. It’s about being able to have endless time to live and love and learn and—to just have more.” Yearning filled her voice as she tried to explain how she felt.
“What do you know about love? You’re just a chit of a thing.”
“I know that I’m going to find someone who will love me no matter what--who’ll love me unconditionally.”

Excerpt Two
And then the door opened and she gazed up into a pair of mesmerizing whiskey-brown eyes that looked so directly into hers it was as if they could see into her very soul. Time froze for a split second and then her heart lurched uncomfortably in her chest. She gulped and tried to steady her voice.
“I’ve…I’ve brought a pie. My…my ma sent it.” She hated the way she sounded, all breathless and stuttering, like a child. What would this man think of her? She took in his sandy brown, blond streaked hair waving back from a face that clearly bespoke intelligence. It was a good face, and Sunday Rose found herself interested in him in the first heartbeat she had in his presence. God, and to think he’s married! She reminded herself as she thrust the pie forward at him, none too politely. What a waste!
“That’s very nice of her, of you both. Please, won’t you come in?” He calmly took the pie from her hands, looking amused and making her feel light as a summer’s soft breeze in the process. He stepped back to let her pass into the familiar kitchen she knew so well from her childhood days playing with the Macalister children before they all left for the city with plans to be educated for a better life. Sunday Rose had also been to Aberdeen, Scotland to be trained as a midwife. Funny really, she thought, not for the first time, she wanted to help bring other women’s babies into the world but was ambivalent about having her own. Her ma kept saying she was too young to be thinking of such things anyway and she had to admit she agreed with her.
Having to come home to help her parents, one course shy of her diploma had been a major upset to her life. Her father had become seriously ill a few days before her twenty-first birthday and she felt duty-bound to help. Lord knows her older sister Jasmine couldn’t, what with medical school and all. She had no regrets, though her present job was not to her liking. Pulling pints at the Wolf’s Head tavern five nights a week was not challenging enough to suit her. She knew she needed to get back on course and finish her midwifery if she was ever going to get out of Caithness, and she also knew the time was fast approaching when she had to make that final decision. But at the moment, she became aware that her host was asking her a question and she shook herself free of past baggage.
“Sure, I can stay for a bit.” She smiled her pleasure at the invitation. She’d damn well stay as long as she wanted after slaving over pies in the stifling hot kitchen all day, she thought in defiance of her mother’s edit to get herself home as soon as possible to avoid the night chill.

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