Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book Tour: Incendiary (The Premonition #4) by Amy Bartol ~ Review

Welcome to my stop on  the Incendiary Blog Tour. I have a review, and Dream Cast for you, showing some pics the author picked and myself. I also have a short excerpt of part of chapter one at the bottom. Enjoy.

Incendiary (The Premonition #4)
Published November 28th 2012 by CreateSpace
ISBN13 9781479207121

Cold, fine drops of rain fall softly on my cheeks as I emerge from the darkness of the ship's interior to the gray, overcast sky of the main deck. Pulling my dark pea coat tighter to my body, the wind lifts red tendrils of my hair. I walk slowly to the railing overlooking the water.
I catch my first sight of the Irish coastline; its craggy landscape makes me shiver in dread. I find it difficult to imagine now how the Gancanagh had made this their home for so long without anyone realizing it. The cold, moss-covered edifices practically scream their presence. As I study the shadows between the falling-down stone, I imagine creeping shapes of undead Faeries grasping the rock, waiting for our ship to draw nearer to their position.
Tipping my face up, I let the rain wash over me. It bathes away the frigid sweat of fear that has broken on my brow. "You don't know how fiercely beautiful you are, do you?" A quiet voice behind me asks, causing me to stiffen and fix my eyes on the rocks along the shoreline.

About this author

Author of Inescapable: The Premonition Series (Volume 1), Intuition: The Premonition Series (Volume 2), Indebted: The Premonition Series (Volume 3) , and Incendiary: The Premonition Series (Volume 4). Currently working on a fifth novel in the Premonition Series entitled Iniquity.
I live in Michigan with my husband and our two sons. My family is very supportive of my writing. When I’m writing, they often bring me the take-out menu so that I can call and order them dinner. They listen patiently when I talk about my characters like they’re real. They rarely roll their eyes when I tell them I’ll only be a second while I finish writing a chapter…and then they take off their coats. They ask me how the story is going when I surface after living for hours in a world of my own making. They have learned to accept my “writing uniform” consisting of a slightly unflattering pink fleece jacket, t-shirt, and black yoga pants. And they smile at my nerdy bookishness whenever I try to explain urban fantasy to them. In short, they get me, so they are perfect and I am blessed. Please visit me at my website:

Be sure to visit her PineInterest page, it has boards for each book with her idea of models for the characters and more.


My Review

Wow, I can’t believe I got blown away yet again. Amy sure knows how to rip out my heart and twist it, man, not sure how much more I can take. I am not one of those who like Brennus, yes, he is sexy, but he is evil! And yes, he did touch me some in previous  books, but no way am I abandoning Reed, Its Reed all the way for me. Brennus truely showed his evil self in this one.

So, Incendiary starts out right where we left off in Indebted, with Russel and Evie training with the other angels on Zee’s Island. But its not all as it seems, because boy does the story change really quickly. This Russel/Reed/Brennus fight for Evie changes course, and its completely unexpected. We get to meet some new additions in this book, which I love. It sure makes things interesting. I love when an Russel is shocked at an unexpected arrival of a beautiful angel. Evie gets some surprises of her own, from her past, and its explosive. I was shocked at there were angels who have been with her throughout nearly her entire life. Lets not forget the guardian too. So many revelations that it’s just a huge shock to Evie, as well as for me.

Evie is getting so frustrated by the constant tug of war of her soul, and her trying so hard to hold onto Reed, when it just looks like it will be impossible to do so, the odds just keep on stacking up against them.

I was so happy about that great twist with Russel, Yay.

We do get some more point of views from Russel, but its not so bad this time.(didn't like it in book 2 so much)

I will say I was so freaked out at what happened to Reed, I just could not figure out how it was going to work out!

Yikes, I guess I should not say much more, as I really do not want to spoil anything major. Trust me; you need to read this book. This whole series is amazing. I can't wait for book 5 Iniquity

5 huge stars out of 5 for me. I highly recommend this series.

I was provided a copy of this book for my honest review.

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See my reviews for Books 1 and 2 and 3  I have some nice teasers at them, and this dream cast, but not all of them, (no dream cast at book 3, but has an excertp)

Inescapable (Book 1) Review
Intuition (Book 2) Review
Indebted (Book 3)  Review

Here is my idea of what the characters look like, some are the same as the Author Amy, and got those from her Pineinterest page. 

My Dream Cast

Reed: From Amy's Pineinterest , she has as another character, but I see this as more Reed , 

This is a Great look for Ian Sommerhalder that Regina at MaeIDesign created. Perfect for Reed especially when he was more cocky and mean in the first book. (Link)

Red/Evie this also from Amy's Pineinterest, this is the exact color of her hair I imagined.

Zee And Buns (From Amy's Pineinterest) 

Brownie (from Amy's Pineinterest)

Russel (from Amy's Pineinterest)

Russel for My pick, (Link Here)

This is My pick for Zee, He has to have them blue eyes, and just overall fits. Just think little younger looking, but mature (old angel, but does not age) Chris Hemsworth is who came into my head (link)

I Can also see this as Zee (Jessie Pavelka, Link)

Brennus (This is my idea, with more sea-foam green eyes) Image from Here

This one (William Levy) is how I would see Finn, (Image from Here

Xavier Reece is new for this book, This one is from authors Pineinterest, and I agree with it for sure.

Below is other books in this series. Reviews coming on them too

Part of chapter one
Opening my eyes in the darkness of the bedroom, the sheer canopy surrounding the bed sparkles with frost. I sit up against the pillows, allowing the silken sheet to slip from me. Reed, sleeping soundly next to me, looks so peaceful…angelic. His dark brown hair is falling over his brow in messy wisps. Reaching out, I smooth his hair lightly away from his face, feeling his warm skin beneath my fingertips. His charcoal-coloredangel wing slips forward a little, brushing against my thigh. It, too, is warm against my frigid skin.
Something’s wrong, I shiver, exhaling a breath and seeing it curl into a white current in front of me, as wintery air will do. It’s too cold…Goose bumps rise on my arms as dread runs like icy water through me.Zephyr’s island is located in the South Pacific; it never gets this cold here.
I toss my long, auburn hair over my shoulder and wrap the white sheet securely around my body. I put my bare feet on the teak floorboards, feeling them crackle with cold beneath me. Frosty condensation covers everything in the room, causing surfaces to sparkle eerily in the hazy moonlight from the half-shuttered windows.
Walking slowly to the bedroom door, I turn and goto the front door of our small, beach bungalow. As I open it, black clouds roll and boil toward the cove of Zephyr’s island paradise. My hand clutches the doorframe, watching the ominous storm blowing in.The wind whistles against the feathers of my crimson wings, causing them to ruffle. The palm trees that line the beach are swaying in the breeze as the whitecapwater churns against the white sand.
I hear cracking sounds, like someone is walking on ice too thin to sustain weight. A dark figure stridesbeneath the storm clouds toward me out on the open water. A thin layer of ice forms beneath his feet witheach step he takes. Coming closer, the wind carries his sweet, sticky scent to me, covering me like it’s marking me as his. A terrible kind of love swells in my heart—painful and raw—enslaving and cruel.
With slow, obedient steps, I walk toward the water’s edge, feeling powdery, icy sand between my toes. Frigid water laps against my feet, wetting the bottom of my sheet, as I wait for Brennus to come to me. Wearing a dark, perfectly tailored suit, he appears outwardly calm. His steps are unmeasured, strollingover the ice as it continually branches out ahead of each of his strides beneath the wicked sky.
Stopping in front of me, only a breath away,Brennus smiles. He scans every inch of me with his assessing gaze. His black hair, which contrasts starkly with his pale, white skin in the moonlight, doesn’t hidehis eyes as they darken with pleasure. Mo chroí,” he breathes, calling me “my heart.” “Ye seem ta haveescaped da fallen aingeals quite well.”
I nod numbly, whispering, “You survived, too, I see.” There is fear and relief in my tone, betraying my feelings for him. Looking into his light green eyes,they’re registering his relief at finding me.
Brennus shrugs. “I’m a good swimmer, so I survived da spell ye cast ta scatter da fallen aingealsand wi’out Casimir ta lead dem, da Fallen lost deir focus and began ta recognize dat dey were losing da battle,” Brennus replies with an angelic expression on his beautiful face.
Seeing him smiling, it’s hard for me to remember that he’s truly a killer—a lethal predator. It’s difficultfor me to think of Brennus as evil now because heprotected me, not only from the Ifrit, Valentine, who would’ve killed me, but also from the army of fallen angels who stalk me still. But, he had also enslaved me, keeping me from everyone that I love so that he could make me his queen: a queen to reside over the Gancanagh—his race of undead, magical Faeries with enthralling, toxic skin.
Brennus adds, “I tought dat ye were taken by da fallen aingeals. Dat’s where we’ve been looking for ye.”

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I'm team Reed all the way too! Loved your review. I just completed Incendiary and couldn't stop myself from featuring it in both my Tuesday Tease and Thursday Swoon.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. I love this series too. I also used book one in my YA Swoon, be sure to check it out, gonna come see which scenes you chose now. :) Thanks for stopping by

  3. I like the cover and the picks for guys, they all look hot and sound great in the story.

    Happy reading,

    @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  4. Thank you for this amazing post, Michelle! I love it!!!

  5. I am glad you like it. I love these books so much, I can't wait for the next, hope its out soon. :) Thanks for writing such great books. I love REED!

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