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A Matter Of Fate by Heather Lyons Book Tour ~ Character Interview and Excerpt

Welcome to my stop on the A Matter Of Fate book tour. I have a great gust post of a character interview for you. My review (5 star) and excerpt too. This tour was put together by SupaGurl Blog Tours.

A Matter of Fate (Fate Series #1)
Published August 30th 2012 by Cerulean Books
ISBN 0985865334 (ISBN13: 9780985865337)

A Matter of Fate
Chloe Lilywhite struggles with all the normal problems of a typical seventeen-year-old high school student. Only, Chloe isn't a normal teenage girl. She's a Magical, part of a secret race of beings who influence the universe. More importantly, she's a Creator, which means Fate mapped out her destiny long ago, from her college choice, to where she will live, to even her job. While her friends and relatives relish their future roles, Chloe resents the lack of say in her life, especially when she learns she's to be guarded against a vengeful group of beings bent on wiping out her kind. Their number one target? Chloe, of course. 
That's nothing compared to the boy trouble she's gotten herself into. Because a guy she's literally dreamed of and loved her entire life, one she never knew truly existed, shows up in her math class, and with him comes a twin brother she finds herself inexplicably drawn to. 
Chloe's once unyielding path now has a lot more choices than she ever thought possible.

Heather Lyons has been putting stories to paper since she was a little girl. Her first "published" book was a humorous retelling of The Princess and the Pauper. After detours in archaeology and teaching, she is now writing and living in Southern California with her husband and three sons. She likes cupcakes, baseball, hockey, reading, and collecting far too many handbags.


A Matter Of Fate Character Interview

Alex Himura: Thanks for agreeing to sit down for this interview, Chloe.
Chloe Lilywhite: You said it was for class, only we don’t actually talk about this stuff for school, since it’s forbidden to do so.
Alex: I meant it was for my classes in Annar.
Chloe: What classes? You mean for University? Last time I checked, we’re both still going to high school in California, on the Human plane.
Alex: (points pen at her) You’re evading. Pretend I’m not an awesome Intellectual and know nothing about this stuff and tell me what it’s like to be a Creator. There are only two of you guys nowadays, and the other one is old as dirt, so you’re my best shot at getting a coherent answer.
Chloe: (glances around) (notices his notebook) Is this going to be published or something?
Alex: I take notes. It’s my thing. (taps paper) Just answer the question.
Chloe: Okaaay . . . I can pretty much make anything I want except three things. I can’t make food, water, or money. Anything else is game, although my mom tells me it’s an abuse of my craft when I make myself things like dresses, so I try to stick to the important stuff. (lowers voice) I can’t help myself, though. I still make them when she’s not looking, and then I’ll make a bag so it looks like I’ve bought them.
Alex: I agree with her, you know. You can create a mountain range and like to make clothes, instead? LAME.
Chloe: (glares) I’m seventeen, Alex. And a girl who happens to like dresses. Why can’t I do both?
Alex: (coughs) (adjusts glasses) Too bad about the money thing. It could be useful, especially when you share it with your friends.
Chloe: (squints at Alex, trying to determine if he’s serious) (shakes head) I also can destroy things just as easily as I can make them. In the past, Creators have been used to build up civilizations on six planes of existence. There’s not a lot of call for that anymore, though. Most of the planes are fully populated, so if anything, Creators are called into to help break apart civilizations that no longer function properly. (pauses) Or so I’m told. I’m still fuzzy on the details since, you know, my dad is pretty quiet on the subject.
Alex: (looks down at notes) You mean seven. A Creator whipped up Annar, too.
Chloe: (rolls eyes). Yes, that too.
Alex: Some people might think you’re a witch—
Chloe: No, no, no. There are no spells involved. You know that!
Alex: I know. But people over the years have called our kind anything from witches to angels to gods and goddesses before we decided to hide ourselves from non-Magical populations. How do you feel, being compared to such illustrious yet mythological beings?
Chloe: I guess . . . flattered?
Alex: You’re a horrible interviewee.       
Chloe: Gee, thanks, Alex.
Alex: (studies her) What can you tell me about the Whitecomb twins?
Chloe: . . .
Alex: Seems like ever since Jonah and Kellan moved here recently, you’ve been . . . how should I put it . . . interested? Meg says it’s because they’re hot, but you’ve never dated seriously before. What’s the deal?
Chloe: We are not discussing this.
Alex: (stares, unblinking)
Chloe: (stares harder, unblinking)
Alex: (blinks) Fine. Then tell me what you like best about being a Magical.
Chloe: (is quiet for a long moment) I think I like knowing that someday soon, I’m going to make a difference in the worlds. That my actions will be able to help people. At least, I hope so, you know?
Alex: (also quiet) I think that’s what we all hope, Chloe. (clears throat) Thanks for the chat. Want to grab some burgers?
Chloe: You’re buying.
Alex: Deal.

My Review

I enjoyed this book about as much as I enjoyed the world of Harry Potter. In a more grown up way (about to graduate from HS) This was written so well, and in a way I was able to connect with the characters. There were times I wanted to smack Chloe and make her see the dumb things she would do, but she is young, so I forgave her.
I know some people do not like the love triangles and soul mates and stuff, but for me, when the world is magical like this one, the whole soul mates thing is ok, it’s part of that kind of world. So I accept that and expect that kind of thing.

I really loved Jonah, and even liked his twin Kellan, but Jonah hit a special spot when she was describing being with him in her dreams her whole life. And I just loved it when he was real, and she was shocked, and didn’t know if he remembered, and this is a mistake I think Jonah made in not approaching her right away when he showed up in the flesh at her school. I do not want to say a whole lot about it, but he is her soul mate because if a Magical has the dreams like they did, it means they are connected. Meaning soul mates. Well, Kellan, his identical twin brother doesn’t know anything about the dreams, and just is friendly to Chloe, and they start to hang out, and then she is feeling this pull toward him too. I believe it’s because the whole twin thing, maybe she feels some of her connection to Jonah through Kellan. I gave Chloe some slack on this, as I felt she was very confused, and didn’t know that Dream Jonah was real.

I loved how the story progresses, I did feel a little bit too much may have been spent on a needless relationship, since it was not her soulmate, but it’s cool. I think maybe later there will be a reason more for it.

Anyway, I was on the edge of my seat many times with the action scenes when Chloe is trying to survive these threats on her life, and how the Guard protects her. She is an important, but ignorant Magical, she is a Creator, meaning she can just about create anything but a few things. They are rare and only 2 ever in existence at a given time.
Kellan and Jonah are important too, as Emotionals, and I found their abilities fascinating. But I was also glad when I seen Chloe use her power to help, even if one of the best things she did, was by accident, loved that. I will say, the last half of this book was amazing. It just got better. I hate when I see poor reviews that people do,who bash something after only reading half a book. I give no credence to those at all. As the first book in a series, usually the first parts are getting to know everyone and setting the foundation for a great series. Which is what this did.  It’s done very well.

Here is a very sweet scene with Chloe and won’t say who is saying it.

“Chloe, I need to confess something to you.” He holds up my hand, fingering the ring. “I know we’ve only rediscovered each other recently, but I want . . . need you to know that you have been the only girl I’ve ever truly loved my entire life. I can’t remember a time in which I wasn’t in love with you.”I seriously feel like swooning. “I feel the same way.” 
This book is super good. You really need to check it out. The only thing I didn’t like, is the cover. It just does not do the amazing story justice. I almost passed on this book tour just on the cover, but decided to read the summary, and knew I would like it. And I was right and so glad I did decide to read it, I love it.

I am can’t wait to read book two. A Great paranormal romance, with some great action and wonderful storytelling.

5 big stars out of 5 for me.

I was provided a copy of this book for my honest review.
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Here is a funny non spoiler excerpt I picked out, its part of Chapter 14, where Karl, one of the Magical Guard is sent to guard Chole, and the rules are being discussed, its pretty funny.

“Good morning.”
I lead him into the apartment to where Cora’s already sitting on a couch. “I’m glad you’re both here,” he says as I plop down next to Cora. He remains standing in front of us, arms laced behind his back. “Let’s go through the rules.”
Should I get something to write them down with? “Rules?”
This guy is dead serious. “All good missions follow pre-determined rules.”
“Mission?” Cora cuts in.
He motions at me. “This is a Guard mission. Protecting the Creator is a mission.”
“Her name’s Chloe.”
“It’s okay,” I assure her. “Let’s let him finish.”
“Are you the only person on this mission?” Cora asks, ignoring me.
He blinks. “No.”
“Who else, then?” she asks before I can say anything.
It’s obvious he’s annoyed with her questions. “There are a number of people assigned to the Creator—”
“Chloe,” Cora says fiercely. “She’s more than just a Creator. She’s a seventeen-year-old girl named Chloe.”
“Cora,” I say quietly, but she waves me off.
“He’s making it sound like you’re a vase in a museum instead of a person with thoughts and feelings. He’d do well to remember it.”
His cheeks flush dark red. “Now, listen here—”
“You may continue,” Cora says, waving a hand.
His mouth clamps shut; the veins in his neck bulge. “First off—”
“Why rules?” Cora interrupts. “I thought you were merely coming to watch over Chloe.”
“Do you want me to do this or not?” he grinds out.
Cora smiles like a beauty pageant queen. “Of course. Continue.”
He sighs loudly through his nose. “These rules, in case you’re wondering, are to ensure that the Creat— uh, Chloe stays safe. Please understand that we are not trying to be punitive—”
“We?” Cora asks.
“Oh, for gods’ sakes!” he explodes. “Will you let me talk here or what?”
“How old are you?” Cora asks, undeterred.
I legitimately worry he’s going to strangle her. “Nearly twenty-one.”
“Damn.” She whistles. “You’re like a baby Guard. They’re sending a kid out to protect my Cousin?”
“Age is irrelevant when it comes to the Guard.”
“He’s also on the Council,” I tell her.
She eyes him with a new interest. “You can be both on the Guard and Council?”
“Yes,” he says, his neck flushing, “it’s not common, but there are about ten of us who do double duty. But that’s not the point here—”
“You were in the process of telling me who is on Chloe’s team.”
“Gods almighty,” he barks. “Are you serious?”
“Why wouldn’t I be? Chloe’s my Cousin. I have a vested interest in her, other than how she’s a Creator. I actually care about her life and safety, as opposed to what she can do for the Council. I just want to know she’s in good hands.”
He presses his palms against his eyes. “She’s in excellent hands, Carregreen. There is a Guard team set up to oversee her case.”
Okay, now he’s had enough. He holds out a hand and when she tries to speak. “Shut up and listen, will you? I need to get these rules out so we can get back to California.”
Cora doesn’t need him to strangle her. She’s doing a pretty good job of looking like she’s being strangled herself.
“As I was saying, the first rule will be that you, Chloe, will no longer be allowed to drive yourself anywhere without me present.”
I stare up at him, agog.
“The majority of the attacks have occurred while a Magical was alone. A car does not offer protection. I’ll be taking you to and from school. You will be no longer allowed to participate in after-school activities. I’m told you’re involved in cheerleading—sorry, that’s no longer allowed.”
Rainbows explode around me. “Are you saying I’m off the cheer team?”
“I’m sorry,” he says, but I stand up and scream as loud as I can.
“Is this not the BEST DAY EVER?”
“I guess there’s a perk to death threats after all,” Cora muses.
Karl’s righteousness deflates some. “You’re not upset?”
“Hell no.” I happily drop back on the couch. “This is awesome.”
“Okaaay,” he drawls slowly. “Um, well . . . you’ll be expected to meet me within a reasonable time after the last school bell on a daily basis. I’ll need you to keep your cell phone on at all times in order for me to reach you and vice versa.”
Still focused on how I no longer have to cheer, I cheerfully accept this as Karl turns to Cora.
“Carregreen, we’re still working out whether or not I’ll be taking you to and from school.”
“Whatever for?” she demands.
“Because it was ordered, that’s why. And because you’re under my watch, too—albeit in a much-reduced capacity.”
“Why?” she asks, jerking her back straight. “I get Chloe needing the cover and all, but I’m small fish, not even Council bound!”
“Because it was ordered,” he repeats through clenched teeth. And then, before she can argue, he adds, “Many extracurricular activities will no longer be allowed. This includes parties I cannot get into—”
“Going out to restaurants without me—”
Wait a—
“Dates I can’t follow along on—”
“You’d go on a date with her?” Cora asks. “What are you, a voyeur?”
His mouth snaps shut as his eyes begin to bug out.
“It’s creepy,” she continues, unperturbed. “How’d you like to go out on a date with some beefy bodyguard watching you?”
As if he didn’t know which part to be insulted by, he manages to say, “I’m . . . I’m married.”
“Even creepier,” she points out.
“Cora, stop,” I hiss when Karl turns a really ugly shade of red.
“I’m just saying,” she whispers back, as if Karl can’t hear her easily, “how are you going to get things resolved with—”
“AHEM.” Karl’s fists clench at his sides. “May I finish?” When we nod, he says, “If you need to go somewhere after school, it’ll be with me. I’ll drive you wherever you need to go and stay with you. This includes shopping, eating, going to the beach . . . If anyone non asks you who I am, you’re to tell them that I’m a relative who’s staying with you. Under no circumstances are you to tell people that I’m there to watch you.”
“This shouldn’t be a problem, considering she won’t ever be allowed to see anyone again,” Cora mutters.
“Cora, please!” I yell. “This isn’t helping!” They both stare at me. “I get the situation sucks,” I continue. “And it does. I’m not looking forward to being babysat. I can take care of myself, despite what most people think. But I’m also not keen on dying.”
“I know you can take care of yourself,” Cora says softly. “Even if this jackass doesn’t.”
“Hey now,” Karl says, but I hold out a hand.
“I get why the Council is worried, so I want to work with you. I just . . . I can’t let you smother me, though.”
He sighs. “If it’s any consolation, I’m not overly thrilled about being away from my wife for so long, either.”
“She a cougar?” Cora asks.
Karl stares at her, mouth open.
“I’m just saying,” she says defensively. “He looks like the sort to snag a cougar.”
She did not just say that. “Cora!”
“My wife is off limits to you.” He shakes a finger at her. And then, after a moment, “She’s not a cougar.”
Cora cackles brightly.
His focus returns to me. “I know this seems unfair in many ways. But, you need to understand the seriousness of the situation. The Council feels very . . . certain, if you will, that you could be a target.”
“Yeah, yeah,” I murmur. “Creator. Council bound. Got it.”
“And Cora, as for why you’ll be watched,” he continues, “sometimes the people closest to the targets have become victims. You won’t be as guarded nearly as closely as Chloe, but anytime you’re with her, you’ll be expected to follow all the aforementioned rules. Is that clear?”
“Fine,” she grumbles.
“What about my other Cousins?” I ask.
“Cousins? You mean . . . the other Magicals you associate with?” I nod, and he continues, “No one sees them as questionable targets.” Karl digs a piece of paper out of his pocket. “You have . . . three additional Magical friends in the area?”
“You are well-informed, sir,” Cora answers.
A thin band of gold on his left hand catches my eye. “Do you need to go say goodbye to your wife?”
“No,” he says quietly. “We already did that this morning.”
“Can’t they get someone else?”
“I’m more than capable of ensuring your safety, Chloe.”
“That’s not what I’m saying,” I quickly correct. “It’s just . . . my mother mentioned your wife is pregnant. I can’t imagine it’ll be fun for you to be watching me on another plane when she’s expecting your baby.”
“Dude,” Cora says, whistling. “Daddy Karl? Bust out the shotguns and white wife-beater already, why don’t you?”
He ignores her. “I was chosen for this mission, and the Guard always follow through with their orders. My wife is on the Guard, too. She understands the mission and accepts it. It won’t be a problem. Don’t worry yourself over it.”
I tell him I won’t, but can’t help but feel sympathetic toward him, even while I figure I ought to be resentful.

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