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Wilde's Army by Krystal Wade (Book 2) Book Review

Wilde's Army by Krystal Wade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Publication Date July 4, 2012-08-12
Publisher Curiosity Quills Press

I received this complimentary digital review copy from Netgalley for my honest review.

I was pleasantly surprised with Wilde’s Army, as you know, some books in a series, that are the 2nd books, do not always hold up to the first. Well, this one did, there was so much excitement. It seemed that there was some trouble of one sort or another around every corner. I was always wondering what would be next. It makes you wonder who you can trust after all this madness goes down. Poor Kate is really only left trusting the one who seems the most un-trustworthy. Plus she is terrified of what may have happened to Arland and all of her friends and family as well. What I loved is the action starts right from the start and never really stops. This book is full of fear, lying, pretending, and running from daemons. It sure will keep you reading right till the end.

I was glad to see Kate grow so much in this book. In Wilde’s Fire, she was unsure of herself, and her magic reflected that. She has more confidence in this book, but does have her insecure moments, but you can’t blame her for that. She has a lot riding on her young shoulders, that’s are for sure She was a strong leader who inspired people to fight. Obviously in this book she is trying to build an army to help her fight Darkness. It’s not that easy either. The people of Encardia are tired of fighting, and who can blame them. Getting them motivated isn’t exactly a walk in the park. I will let you find out for yourself how she handles that problem. But I will say, its awe-inspiring for sure.

I do not want to give away any spoilery, so will leave you at that, go read it! But read Wilde’s Fire first, this is the 2nd book.
I was very pleased with this 2nd book, and highly recommend it. I really am now looking forward to Encardia.

Summary from book and Curiosity Quills Press website

“Hello, Katriona.”
Those two words spark fear in Katriona Wilde and give way to an unlikely partnership with Perth, the man she’s been traded to marry for a favor. Saving her true love and protector Arland, her family, and their soldiers keeps her motivated, but the at-odds duo soon realizes trust is something that comes and goes with each breath of Encardia’s rotting, stagnant air. The moment when concern for her missing sister spirals out of control, all thoughts of trust are pushed aside and she finds herself trapped by the daemon tricks Perth warned her of.
However, rescuing those she loves is only half the problem.
Kate still must get to Willow Falls, unite her clashing people, and form an army prepared to fight in order to defeat Darkness. When so many she’s grown fond of die along the journey, her ability to play by the gods’ rules is tested.

How will she make allies when the world appears stacked against her? And will she still be Katriona


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