Thursday, August 30, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday Hop 8/31

Welcome to the Feature & Follow Hop, Hosted By Parajunkee's and
Feature and Follow Friday is a blog hop, that is designed to provide some
much-appreciated exposure to the bloggers participation, and to expand their
following. Each of our great host will feature a chosen blog each week,it’s 
an interesting way to get to know one another. Visit the host if you want to participate!

Q Best Cover? What is the best cover of a book that you’ve read and loved? (I did the question from Alison Can Read, NOT Parajunkee's who has a different Question. So Please, if you think I don't like this book, read my question, its a cover I LOVE and LOVE the book. Just to be clear. :) I don't know why they did 2 different questions, but I saw Alison's and did my post, just now seen so many posting that they like their cover, but not the book. I hope more do Alison's Positive question, instead of the negative one, I need the positive this week, don't want to see more book bashing.

There are several I love, but think many people will pick some of them, so chose this one, Love this one, with Bones in it, he is so hot, but also the over all look is really cool, and mysterious, exciting too. Love it. One Foot In the Grace Leave me your FF link, so I can check yours out, and if your a new follower, let me know that too.

I Love this book AND the Cover! See My Question!

If you have CAPTCHA word verification enabled on your blog, please take it off. It makes it much more difficult for readers to comment. Please look at Alisons CAPTCHA eradication Post to learn how to get rid of it.


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