Monday, May 28, 2012

Review:The Promise (Fallen Star Series #4) by Jessica Sorensen

The Promise (Fallen Star, #4)

I was blown away by this whole series. I loved it, and could not put the book down (my kindle, lol) until I finished the whole book. This final installment did NOT disappoint. I loved how Gemma and Alex finally figured out their feelings for each other. Loved how we actually got to see 2 endings, the visions, and what really happens. It was great. I am actually reading the series over again, can't get enough. I can't wait for the spin off book. The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls Series book 1)

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And another new series called Ember (Death Collectors #1) and Cinder (Death Collectors #2) (2nd one due out fall 2012)
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