Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Fallen Star FREE Ebook-The Rest In Series $.99

For a limited time, you can get Fallen Star for free (Ebook) at Smashwords. Link below.
Fallen Star FREE at Smashwords

You can get the other ones in the Fallen Star series for $.99 cents. Links below at Amazon if you want.
(Not affiliate link, just amazon kindle edition)

The Underworld $.99 HERE 
The Vision $.99 HERE
The Promise $.99 HERE

The Fallen Star Review

The Underworld Review

The Vision Review

The Promise Review


  1. Awesome - thanks for the update. I have read all of these but some friends of mine haven't & now is the perfect time for them to try : )

    1. great, glad I can help. :) Jessica's Spin off of this series will be out later this month, I can't wait, called The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls Series) Its got Gemma, Alex, Laylan, Asline (sp?) in it, :)

  2. Yeah I can't wait for that series either!!