Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rapture FREE Chapter Sample from Lauren Kate!!

Go to her website (above) and click whichever format you need to get the free chapter of Rapture. Comes out June 12, 2012  I can't wait!

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  1. The final Book in the fallen series, Rapture was amazing it had me crying and laughing. I didnt want the book or the series to end, i love luce and daniel. To me they are the representataion of Lasting Love. i read this book in a few hours. I feel as though there are some unanswered questions though, what happened to trevor(fallen)? where was cam and why did he act the way he did? i felt that he wanted to talk to luce about something important about their past when they where up on the mountain before the ritutal but he never had the chance. what was the story behind luce and cam? i have come to the conclusion that something definitely happened there but will we find out? i hope so. I know there are still loads of questions to be answered but many points have been tied up for me in this book. I love the way the story finished although i really really really wished that whatever happened between luce and daniel that they would still remember all the lifes they have lived though that part really made me cry.... i found myself wanting to know what happens when they finally are able to love each other without all the dying and i wanted to see even just a Glimpse of the real relationship they wound have had not just the first meeting as mortals. although im still left without some answers, i loved this series never wanted it end.i loved all the characters and what each one brought to the series. This series broke my heart me cry time and time again, made me laugh and feel scared for the characters ive learned to love. I know i'll re-read this series time and time again.

    1. I agree with you, I read it right away too, and have a review up here too. It was a good ending, but like you said, some unanswered questions. I too, really wish they could have kept their memories, and also wonder on the whole Cam thing. I am wondering if Lauren Kate may be planning a spin off series? I meant, the rest of the angels are still immortal, and who knows, as they said in the end, the Throne showed forgivness, meaning she made sure they did meet as mortals, at least thats how I thought it meant what was said at the end, while they were observing them from the cloud. Love that Shelby and Miles stayed together. It was good, and sad at the same time. I hope she does do a spin off, even if its short, to touch on those open ends, Cam for instance. I also was so sad for Dee and that Gabble had to die. So sad. It has been one of my favorites too, and I also loved Fallen In Love too, that was awesome to see the past lives and the other stuff with the others.
      I will for sure re-read this series too when I get the time, one after another with no wait will be nice.