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Lucifer Rising (Book 3 Gothic Memoirs Series) By Rebekah Armusik - Book Review

Lucifer Rising by Rebekah Armusik
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Lucifer Rising, the third novel of the Gothic Memoirs series, reopens the epic tale with startling revelations about the past that leave Nadija staggering. Some of the long-suppressed secrets leave her disappointed and resentful of those she once thought were loyal to her and her throne.

Though disappointed, Nadija continues to secretly plot to rearrange council and assist the Vlkolak in their rise to power. In a series of strategic and surprising political moves, Nadjia begins to unravel the secrets that could potentially keep the Vlkolak king from taking back his throne.
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My Review:

I said this for the 2nd book,Mariposa, and it applies to this one too: Mesmerizing. Captivating. Addictive. Perfect. I am so hooked, and can’t wait until Halloween when the 4th book is out! I was very pleased with how this story progressed, it has just gotten better if that’s possible, but it did, so far each book just grows the story, and that’s the kind of series I like.

I am so amazed at Rebekah Armusik's writing style. It all flows so beautifully together. The descriptions are so vivid, you really feel like you’re there with Nadjia. I am extremely impressed. Rebekah has a huge career ahead of her, and would not be surprised to see her become one of the top writers. I really believe that. Give these books a chance. They will hook you in, the story is so intriguing, and the suspense is there, with such believable characters. You become attached to them, and you will feel all the emotions and the fears and excitement right along with them.

Nadjia is a great lead character. I love her witty, sarcastic, sometimes harsh personality, it is refreshing to me, and that part of her, feels so real.

We begin this book pretty much were the last one Mariposa left off. There is a huge revelation at the end of this book, that I won’t say what, but it makes this love story between Nadjia and Alexei EPIC, it really does. We finally learn some well hidden secrets that shed some light on why these two are so perfect for each other, and seem drawn to each other as if it was a magnetic pull. We also get to learn why Nadjia is so powerful. She also learns some pretty awesome magick, that has me in awe.

Here is a very touching quote between Nadjia and Alexei, when he asked her if she was in love with James, she said she loved him, but not in love with him, and how he would not be able to fulfill all her needs, and that Alexei is everything to her, and then she says this:

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“And to be honest, this entire time I was quiet because I was thinking about how much I love you. Every time I allow myself that quiet reflection, I begin to panic. I become paralyzed with fear, because the love I have for you is so overwhelming and irrational that I would never survive the absence of it. For people like us, forever is a very long time.”

It’s so touching the relationship they have. It’s not perfect, they have their fights and all that, but they always come back to how much they mean to each other.

I again, really love the relationship Nadjia and Alexei have. I also really love the love James and Nadjia have for each other. It’s platonic, but a very really love all the same. James is a great character too; I really love the final truth we learn behind the Vlkolak that Nadjia learns from her Aunt Lizzy (Olga’s much younger sister) we find out who James’s father is, and it’s a whopper of a surprise, and a nice one too. We know from book 2 that Nadjia wants the get the Vlkolak back on the council, and she wants James as their king. She can feel James is filled with goodness like no other. I was openly crying when Lizzy was telling her story about when she was very young, and about the King of the Vlkolak. It’s heartbreaking, and the emotional turmoil this will put you in is hard to describe.

There are some funny parts too, as usual, as Nadjia does and says some funny things, she does have that quick tongue and it gets her into some funny situations. I can’t really quote some of the funnier ones, as they contain some language that I can’t post most everywhere, but hopefully you will find out when you read the books.

If you have not read books one and two,(Mariposa) yet, I suggest you start with them, as you need the info in them, or you would be lost. These books are meant to be a series, as I can tell it’s been a well thought out plan for the series. Not like some books that were meant for one or two then the author decides to write more.

I love some of the scenes that has Nadjia dealing with that horrid women who calls herself Countess, and she learns more about how she came about, and is NOT very happy about it, at all.

I feel privileged to be able to go on this journey with Nadjia and the rest of them. It’s a story like no other out there. It has its own spin on Angels, Vampires, and Magick. It will have you dreaming and thinking of this world that Nadjia lives it. It will feel like a long wait for book 4, and will be counting down the days.

Memoirs of a Gothic Soul is book one for those who do not know.

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