Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WWReadAthon -Wicked WildFire Read-A-Thon-UPDATES!!

Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon

Hi Everyone!

Today is the first day of the summer Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon  Hosted by Bex @ Kindle Fever and April @ My Shelf Confessions.
Go to here to read the info for event, and sign up with the Linky for it. Check out the challenges and schedule too.

Twitter Party! #WWReadathon  (I am MichelleLynn851 on Twitter)
New to this edition, are Twitter Parties! We’re having two: 1st one is Thursday 4-6PM EST and the 2nd one Saturday 8-10PM EST. You’ll have a chance to win some prizes on there as well, so be sure to stop by! (of course we’ll be there throughout the week too!)

My goal is to read these books: (Updates to come. Look for the Wildfire icon in sidebar, I will link it to this post) I am already reading Rapture, and Deadlocked I had started, but stopped as others needed to be read.

I just received this ebook for ARC review, so bumped it up, reading it now first.
Rapture is finished.
Moonglow (Darkest London 2) Goodreads | Amazon
Out July 31at 2012

Rapture (4th in Fallen) Goodreads | Amazon

Immortal Rules (Blood Of Eden 1) Goodreads | Amazon

Daimon (.05 Covenant) Goodreads | Amazon

Half-Blood (Covenant 1)Goodreads | Amazon

Pure (Covenant 2) Goodreads | Amazon

Deadlocked(Sookie 10) Goodreads | Amazon

First Challenge: Something Wicked This Way Comes… Hosted by Kindle Fever

“A Wildfire is quickly coming your way. What thing/s do you grab when you only have a few minutes to make it out?
(I’ve already saved any people or pets in there already)

My answer:

I would fist grab my precious Kindle Fire loaded with tons of books, and My Laptop of course. ipod Touch, My external hard-drive (even more books on it, pics and important stuff) and all are in same area, fast to grab. Grab the Important File box container(Birth Certificates, ect) Then, would grab car keys to my classic corvette, and wallet if it’s not still in car (usually is) I could do most this in less than 5 minutes, (keys are usually in car too, I live in the wilderness, no people around)

Challenge by Caffeinated Book Reviewer:
Share your favorite Drink recipe and the cover of your favorite/most anticipated summer read!
Sherbet 7 up Punch
1 quart of sherbet (calls for Lime, but I use all kinds, I like the orange or strawberry sherbet)
2 Liter of 7 up
Pour 7 up in punch bowl,
Float scoops of sherbert  into bowl,
Variation of this, I have blended it in a blender, very carefully, as the 7 up is carbonated, do slowly.

As for most anticipated read I am looking forward to. 

The Lost Soul is what i am looking forward to, out June 30, 2012 
Its a spin off of Jessica Sorensen's Fallen Star series, and I love that series, and can't wait for this to be out.

Thursday 8am challenge by Ramblings of A Daydreamer I am Passing on, not much patience for puzzle types, and none are book cover pieces I recognize, too hard for me, rather be reading lol.

Thursday 4pm challenge by Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf I will be skipping, didn’t have time, as company arrived, and am not that creative.

Cabin Goddess Reviews Challenge (I skipped a few, as I could not do them, or didn't want to)

This Challenge runs from 4pm Fri to 4pm Sat
1 your perfect Beach (from book or place or cover)
This is Ruby beach in Washington state where I live (i live in rain-forest though)

2 your perfect date (provide link or cover or book)
who can resist Bones from The Night Huntress series?? I can't, here is 3 nice shots of him and Cat, we will pretend I am Cat, lol

3 in your preferred swimwear (description, or link to image or cover)
Swimwear? Well, who says we need that?? Ok, I guess we do, so a black bikini for me, and a towel for him?? Ok, then swin trunks, but in shade, as he can't be in the sun, lol, Vampire, remember??

4. with your first choice of books to read (title with link to book or cover)
I pick:
Once Burned
Ok, so reading a book about Vlad in Night Prince Series, may be weird, as Bones doen't exactly Like Vlad, but he can just get over it, its gonna be a good read!

Challenge for Sat 4pm from A written Rhapsody  I will skip. I am not creative when it comes to music and stuff like that, so passing on it.

Day 1
Books Completed Today: 1 done so far at (8:17 PM PST Rapture Done)
Percent read today:     +10% of next book  Total:         1 book plus 10% next

Day 2
Books Completed Today: 0
Percent read today:   25%     Total:         25%
Notes Have company coming with a 2 year old, had housecleaning to do, will read late into the night as I usually do. :)

Day 3
Books Completed Today: 1
Percent read today: 1 book plus 35% next   Total:     1 35% (1 book and 35% next)

Day 4
Books Completed Today: 2
Percent read today:  finished 2, started another at 25% Total:         2 books +25%

Day 5
Books Completed Today: 1
Percent read today:  100% to finish one, and another 50% Total:       1 book +50% book 

Totals: 5 then the percentages, not sure how to add this all up, :(

Not sure if anyone even reads my updates, but here is the last challenge, (I was asleep when most were doing this, but if its too late, then disregard I guess.) 
Ths challenge is from My Shelf Confessions

Your a vampire, and can't go into the sun, or you burn up.
You need to grab 3 things in the sun, what are you going to do to protect yourself from the sun? I didn't see anywere that I had to name the 3 items, just what to do to protect myself. Hope I am right on that.

I would get a heavy leather trench coat on with hood, AND cover myself with a thick blanket, AND a huge umbrella for extra protection. Plus use my vampire speed, should be able to get it done quick. OR compel someone to do it for me, like in True Blood. 
I am not sure if i am supposed to mention the 3 items, but here they are just in case
1. My kindle fire
2. My laptop
3. my car (keys to car) (this is assuming pets and people are safe already)

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  1. Awesome picks for the read-a-thon. I love your drink and make a variation of it. We use 1/2 gallon of orange sherbet, one can of frozen OJ, 1 2 ltr bottle of 7-up, fill oj can with vodka, add to punch bowl, stir and serve.

  2. I didn't have time to read or do any challenge yesterday :( But you did great, good luck!

  3. You picked a lot of great books for the read-a-thon! I wish I could read faster so I could get through more books. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog...I'm following you back! Great to meet you. :-)

  4. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the covers on the Covenant books, I will have to check those out! I also love 7 up and Sherbert punch and have done that myself a lot, even just making a float for myself. I like rainbow sherbert, hard to pick just one flavor! Enjoy the read-a-thon! You've got some great looking reads picked out!