My Banner/Button Designs

This is a page for some of the tour banners I design, I do all the buttons and banners for Bewitching Book Tours
If you’re a tour company and are interested in getting buttons and banners done, contact me for prices.

For authors who want either tour banners/buttons done, or just banner to display your books. My prices vary depending on the job. But for the most part $8 for a set of matching banners plus button (smaller banner, larger one, and one made for Facebook, plus button) when needed for either tour or just the books.  Add $2 each to have a Google Plus large profile banner, and Twitter banner. I can size the banners to fit your blog too, for no extra charge, or your website. I use the 3D book covers I make in Photoshop, I have many ways to do this, you can even choose which you like best, and will send the 3D cover too, will be included with the banners/button that you can use how you like.
I also will be doing book covers as well. You can find some of my Photo-manipulation at My Deviantart Site, Here (including Mock book covers as I do them, other manipulations can be made into covers if wanted) This is just a start of it, so more will be added as finish them. If you have an idea you want made into a cover, contact me, I can maybe help you out and work with you. Prices for them are negotiable.

At the bottom of this page, I have added samples of my 3d Books I can make out of existing covers, some show the spine, and if you have full jacket then those can be used. for some I can make the spine match cover, just no text. My fee for the 3d covers of existing covers is only $5. 

You can see alot more banners from awhile back at my Flickr Album

This one is a sample of the FB one, with the space for the profile Pic, its made to the exact size for the Timeline banners, its shrunk for this here, as its too big for blog post for original sizes. 


  1. Hi, Michelle!

    I just had to take a look at these, and believe me, you've blown me away!! You are extremely talented, girl! KUDOS to you!! : )