About Me

My name is Michelle, I spend lots of my time reading, and blogging. I am not super young, but not old either, but am young at heart, and still enjoy YA books too.

This blog will be for book reviews of books I have read. I really do not read many I don't like, so most my reviews will be positive. I love Paranormal, Suspense, Magical, Supernatural books, YA and Adult as well as New Adult for the age group. I like Dystopia books as well. See my Review Policy and Request page for more info. This will be a work in progress, as I have read many books. If you have questions, or have a book you want me to review, please use the form at my Review Policy and Request Page and fill it out.

I sometimes will receive books from authors and publishers to read and write my honest review. I do not get paid for this, all I get is the free book ( ebook most of the time, sometimes hard copy) Sometimes the books are ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) and sometimes not. I also have many reviews (majority on blog) of books I have read and enjoyed in the past and present. I also will place the review on other sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Shelfari, Goodreads, and others as a courtesy. I am a member at NetGalley and do receive books from there as well to review.

Below is a list of all my review posting sites. Feel free to check them out and "like" any that you like. Would be appreciated.



Barnes and Noble

Good Reads

Library Thing (I do not post reviews to Library Thing anymore, as they wont allow anymore than 200 books put there for free, I would have to pay a subscription to post anymore books. I could delete some to post new, but feel I should not have to do this, so I have quit using the site)


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