Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 Paranormal Fantasy Challenge

1. This is a challenge to read 2012 releases that have paranormal or fantasy elements. This means anything with vampires, witches, magic-users, shifters, fae, zombies, (etc.) qualifies! Also, humans with supernatural powers count (since that is fantasy........).

2. This challenge is for reading adult books. There are plenty of YA reading challenge out there already. 

3. The books must be 2012 releases, but they don't need to be debuts (although they can be). Continuing a series is perfectly acceptable.

4.Choose how dedicated you are to the world of the paranormal
(The names of the levels are just for fun. Any paranormal/fantasy book qualifies for any level!)

Magic’s Kind Of Interesting: 1-10 Books
I’d Pet a Werewolf: 11-20 Books
Take Me to the Fae Realm: 21-30
Bite Me, I Want to Be A Vampire: 31 or More Books

5. At the end of every month there will be an update post. You can link up your reviews for that month that meet the challenge (a great way to get your reviews read by other, and to check out other’s reviews to get ideas for what to read)

Visit  Goldilox and The Three Weres  for the details and sign up.

My preliminary list is ( I will re-post as i add more)

Memoirs of a Gothic Soul (The 13 Gothic Memoirs)