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Mariposa (The Gothic Memoirs Series Book 2) By Rebekah Armusik - Book Review

Mariposa by Rebekah Armusik
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(Summary from book)
"I am not a fool. This is why Olga was so distraught - because I teetered the line, and most times my left foot was a paperweight clinging to hell."

At the closing of Memoirs of a Gothic Soul, Nadija Fey underwent a transformation to save her life. That ending of her mortal life is just the beginning in Mariposa, Book 2 of the Gothic Memoirs series.

Though immortal, Nadija is no less of an enigma to those around her. She is the first Guardian to accept the gift of immortality, leaving the celestial council panicked and on edge. Some fear her new gifts may threaten the already-tilting balance, while others, like her Guardian sisters, find her transformation promising. One thing is for certain - her ascension to the position of queen has great significance, but she will have to stay true to being the Nadija that everyone loves her for.

Mariposa goes deeper into the epic story and unravels all you know about legends, theology, and history, blending them all into a cohesive map of the delicate balance Nadija is now responsible for maintaining. There are darker secrets, mysterious creatures, and evil surrounds her at every turn. Never has an author taken you through such a range of emotions with such passion and intrigue… Mariposa will challenge all you know about good and evil.

My Review:

Mesmerizing. Captivating. Addictive. Perfect. Four words to sum up this amazing book. Written beautifully, with lovable (and some not,) characters and an exciting, original plot that promises to absorb the reader in the story and give them a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From the opening chapter, I was gripped. I found it to be a difficult book to put down. It’s one of those books where, even though you couldn’t wait to read it, when you have, you half wished you’d not read it until the series is all published, as now you have to wait a while to find out what happens next. I do have the 3rd one ready to read, but after that, in for a wait until Halloween, when the 4th book is out.

It’s so refreshing to finally be reading a vampire series, that isn’t immature, or unbelievable, Rebekah Armusik's details makes is all come to life for you. So much of the history and tangible assets of magick and universal powers are played out here, that I found myself wondering just how long the author must have researched the history for her creative narrative. The world is so mesmerizing and real feeling.

From here down, this review will have spoilers for book 1, and mild spoilers for this book, only a little, so if you have not read book one yet,( Memoires of A Gothic Soul) you may want to come back after you do. You can read my review for book one without spoilers.

Mariposa starts right were Memoirs of a Gothic Soul left off. Except it will be from Olga’s point of view for a short time. As we know Diji is going through the tough transformation into Immortal to save her life. As we had left the last book with her in that process.

It’s sad, as its starts with poor Alexei holding their dead baby, as that attack had caused her to loose the child she didn’t really even know she was carrying. It’s so heart wrenching reading this part. Knowing Alexei must be feeling terrible pain, as well as Olga, and Jozef and Sophia as well as Nikolas, I can tell they all feel deeply for the lost child. They decide not to tell Nadija that she lost a baby she didn’t know she was carrying. I am not sure I agree with them on this, I have this feeling it will come back to bite them in the behind, as we know Nadija has one fire-hot temper, which I absolutely love about her.

Olga is amazed that Nadija was able to conjure such magicks when she was almost dead, she was tore apart, and was able to bring enough magick to keep herself alive long enough so Alexei was able to get to her in time to give her his gift of Immortality. So now we see the aftermath of this, and its heart wrenching as Nadija begs to be put out of her misery, as the transformation continues on. At chapter 2 we are back at Nadija’s point of view, and get to be with her mind as she finishes the transformation. She can feel the strong angel blood surging through her, and is very relieved when she looks in the mirror and she is normal, meaning the huge gaping hole that was tore through her cheek is gone, and her throat is healed up too.

I was very pleased with how this story progressed, it has just gotten better. In book 1, we had to learn all about this new world Nadija was thrust into, now we know, so the story can continue. There are many surprises along the way, things Nadjia will do that will shock some, but she has you rooting for her too. Myself I love her hot temper with a sharp mouth; I think it’s refreshing and real.
Here is a quote I like:

Kindle location: 725

“I know this much, Lex – my life is not worth living without you by my side. So I have only one need, and that is you. I would seek you before blood. It’s you that keeps me alive.”

Very sweet. I love the strong connection Nadija and Alexei have, and love the hot tempered fights too, makes it very real.

It was nice to see not only did Nadjia not lose her magick she became stronger. So strong, she actually scares Olga. She of course is set on revenge to Sasha and Adak for the brutal attack on her, and I do not blame her. I would want the same.

She has to return back to the states for a funeral (Jess’s mother) and to take out revenge on the man who murdered Jess in the first book. She ends up causing much more trouble for herself, and drags Crash along with her. She has to bring him to Prague with her, to keep him safe, which he is happy about, as he wanted to go there anyway. So she gets her best friend now, which I love. He has a funny wit about him, and accepts what she is now, a little scared of the magick and all that come with it.

Here is a quote I like Crash talking to Nadjia:

Kindle location 2773

(Najia asking Crash) 

“Are you okay?” I asked, wondering why he had opened the door when I specifically asked him not too.
“Yeah, I’m fine – just paranoid about devils and shit.”

This part comes from Nadjia having to deal with a possession. Seems Lucifer and his followers can only come into our world through possession, and Nadjia finds out through this possessed women, that some of her sisters (other Guardians) have turned to the dark side. She must find them.

She also has a unique connection with mouthwatering gorgeous James, who is not what he seems at first. She uses her ability to read energy, to pull her towards the best person for her to feed from, and its James (he has a short appearance in the first book) , and he agrees she can feed from him. He ends up being very protective of Nadjia, and the relationship they have is sweet, but it is platonic, she is very committed to Alexei, so this is not a love triangle or anything, just complicated. There is something special about James, and you will find out what it is. I will not spoil that surprise.

She has to deal with the council now, as she is no longer just a Guardian, she is Immortal now too, a deadly combination, with more power than anyone is comfortable. Some debate if she can even be killed, and if so, how.

She ends up taking on Father Marcello as her adviser, and this is a good thing, (he is Immortal too, one of the fallen)

As the book comes to a close, many things happen, that just breaks Nadjia’s heart. She feels she can’t take much more heartbreak. She has to deal with a horrid women, a transformed immoral, from long ago, she is a bit crazy and a bit schizophrenic. She calls herself a Countess. She must deal with this crazy woman, to try to find out which of the Guardian sisters are turned to the dark side. She must try to stop them from helping Lucifer rise. What happens at this Countess’s place is disturbing to Nadjia, and it makes you really feel for her and James.

Nadjia is finally able to meet some of her Guardian sisters in France, Morigaine, Xenia (Xenia is Milla’s mother), Anouk and what happens with all that is heartbreaking. I will leave it at that.

A very good 2nd installment. I highly suggest giving these books a try. It really will suck you in.

I am very glad I have Lucifer Rising already, as I am starting it right away. I will have a review of it up as soon as I finish it as well.

Here is a book trailer for Lucifer Rising, the next in this amazing series.

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