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Tuesday Teaser and Tuesday Intros and Tease 6/26

Teaser Tuesday Is a Weekly bookish Meme, Hosted by MitzB of Should Be Reading. 
Anyone can play along.  Just do the following:

·        Grab your current read
·        Open to a random page
·        Share 2 (Two) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
·        BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruing the book for others)
·        Share title and author too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like your teaser!
PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT with either the link to your own Teaser Tuesdays post, or share your ‘teasers’ in a comment here (if you don’t have a blog) Thanks!

Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout
Kindle Location: 273

Aidens's dark brown waves continually fell over his forehead, brushing against equally dark brows. The lines of his face were nearly perfect, the curve of his jaw strong, and he had the most expressive lips I'd ever seen. But is was those thundercloud eyes I found beautiful. No one had those eyes.

White Witch by Trish Milburn
Kindle location 284

He catches sight of me and falters for a moment before turning his attention back to his progress. Awareness arcs between us like fingers of lightning. He has to feel it, too. That kind of power can't just be one way. Right?
The thought nearly stops me. Despite my previous dismissal of the idea, could he be more than a hunter? Have I been wrong in what I've always believed about how bloodstones work? Could Keller have some sort of supernatural power, too?

First Chapter First Paragraph - Tuesday Intros Hosted by Bibliophile By The Sea

Every Tuesday I will participate in the Tuesday Intro First Chapter-First Paragraph Intros.
These are books we decided to read based on the first paragraph or so. Then find another “Teaser” in the book somewhere to catch our interest.

The Promise (Book 4 of the Fallen Star Series ) by Jessica Sorensen
Opening paragraph:
  Chapter 1


I stood alone, the sky dark above me, like a rainy day, only there was no rain. The air was cold and crisp. Death was nearby; I could smell it, taste it, feel it. Through the leafless trees I spotted three figures, hovering over something with their heads bowed.
I moved for the figures, my bare feet burning against the snow. Tree branches clawed at my flesh, trying to pull me backward, warning me not to go further. But I pressed on, pushing my way there, until I stepped out into the opening.
“Hello,” I called out to them, but the figures didn’t turn around.
Snowflakes fell from the sky, as I inched my way closer, wondering what the figures were looking at.
“I can’t believe she’s gone,” a girl sobbed. I knew that voice, it belonged to Aislin.
She stood between Laylen and Alex, her sobs flooding the air. My heart leapt in my chest, but not out of excitement. It leapt out of fear.
I ran for them, but a flock of crows swooped from the trees and dove for me. I ducked down, shielding my head as I shooed the crows away. But they kept swirling and diving and finally I let out a scream, which sent all of them scurrying, except for one. It hovered above whatever held their attention.
I crept closer, my heart knocking in my chest. Aislin took Laylen’s hand and they turned around. Both their eyes were glistened with tears as they looked right through me and headed for the forest.
I turned back to Alex, whose head was still tipped down. “Alex,” I said softly.
He dragged his fingers through his hair and let out a sigh. “Forem,” he whispered the words of our Forever Blood Promise and turned to leave. His body was hunched over, head tipped down, and I wanted nothing more than to make his pain go away forever.
“Wait,” I called out, reaching for him, but he was already gone.
All that was left was a hole in the ground. I stepped closer, looked down, and saw a black coffin. The lid was open. A girl lay inside, eyes shut, her skin as pale as snow, and her hands overlapped across her heart where a single red rose rested.
“No,” my voice trembled as I backed away. “No, this can’t be happening.”
“Oh, but it is.”
I bumped into something solid and I didn’t have to turn around to know who it was.
I shook my head. “No, it’s not.”
A half faerie, half foreseer, and one-hundred percent dead Nicholas stepped in front of me. An evil grin spread across his face. “Yes, it is. And denial will get you nowhere.” He gestured over my shoulder at the hole that held the coffin. “Look again, Gemma. Really look this time.”
I shook my head again as I stepped forward and peered down into the grave. There she was again, the dead girl resting in the coffin. “It’s not me,” I stammered.
“Look closer,” Nicholas purred.
I swallowed hard and leaned nearer. Suddenly the girl’s eyes whipped open. My own purple eyes were staring back at me. “No!” I screamed.
Nicholas laughed. “Welcome to the Afterlife, Gemma. Where only the soul survives.”
He shoved me forward, into the hole in the ground.
I landed in the coffin. “No!” I cried, staring up at Nicholas, the crow from the field perched on his shoulder. I started to get to my feet, but the coffin lid slipped shut, sealing me in my grave, with nothing but myself.

Now for a teaser:
Kindle location 1407
"Son of a-" Alex cursed as the nose of an airplane dipped for us. We ran, tripping across the ice, and barely missed getting taken out by a plane.

I know, my intro was longer than normal, but it was so good, and couldn't see stopping, and i type so fast, it just was done in no time.
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  1. I want to look into Aiden's eyes O.O Lol. Great teasers this week, and the tuesday intro is great as well, I hadn't heard of that book, sounds interesting :D

    My TT

  2. Great teasers! I still haven't read any JLA. :/

    The Fallen Star series is pretty good. Have you read Darkness Falls from Jessica Sorensen? I liked it, but it has some Fallen Star parallels. In particular, Aiden is virtually identical to Alex. I'm still going to read book 2...which I just realized released this month (and is on sale for $1.99 at Amazon - sweet!).

    Thanks for visiting, Michelle!

    1. I have read the Darkness Falls series. I have Darkness Breaks I can loan you in kindle if you like. Let me know. If so, just need an email address. Mine is in my about me area, or its here conciesereviews AT gmail
      Just let me know. I can't wait until Lost Souls is out in just a few days (Fallen Souls 1) its the spin-off of Fallen star, read the teasers at Jessicas blog, and am freaking, Alex goes missing, and there is blood, and Gemma is freaking, just looks so good. Can't wait.