Friday, October 19, 2012

Kimberly Kinrade Street Team BLOG HOP!!

Grab the Button, go to TBR to get the Code for Button

This is the first ever Kimberly Kinrade Street Team blog hop brought to you by Kimberly Kinrade,  T B R and Innovative Online Book Tours.
 Kimberly is giving away a Signed poster of the Forbidden Trilogy Cover!!!!

This is designed to:
1) Meet your team members {be sure to follow each others blogs}
2) Introduce the Lovely Kimberly Kinrade and her books to all your friends.
3) Invite New Street Team members to join the fun.

If you are not already a street team member please email Vickie and she will get you some cool stuff.

Here's what you need to do:
Copy and paste these instructions to your post.
Add your blog to the linky list below.
Add the Kimberly Kinrade book covers and any links to your blog side bar.
And Answer this Question in your blog hop post...

Q:  If you could have any special Power what would it be?
My Answer:  I would love the teleportation, like in the Lorien Legacies books, (number 8 can teleport) and telekinesis would be cool, as I have a lazy streak at time, lol.

Now its your turn to spread the word!  


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