Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cover Reveal: New Cover for The Promise by Jessica Sorensen. Heading to Stores!

The new Cover for the cover makeover for Jessica Sorensen's Fallen Star series is here. This is the last one I was waiting to show you. 
Cover By Claudia McKinney and Typography and Layout by MaeIDesign (FB Page Here)
Fallen Star New Cover Here | My review
The Underworld New Cover Here | My review
The Vision New Cover Here | My Review

My name is Gemma Lucas and my life’s a mess. Alex is gone, my dad’s trapped in his own mind, and my mom’s working for the dark side. Not to mention Nicholas refuses to quit haunting me.

The world has also entered apocalyptic mode. Everyday more vampires, witches, and fey run the streets. Innocent people are dying. The Mark of Malefiscus is showing up everywhere. And I’m the only one who can stop it.

The only problem is I have to die in order to do so. And I have to let Alex die. Something I’m not sure I can do.

This whole series is going to be in stores very soon, all with these new amazing covers, and some extra revamped content.
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