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Blood Burdens (The Shadow World #2) By Brandy Nacole Book Review

Blood Burdens (The Shadow World, Book 2)
Published December 18th 2012


As someone with four Shadow bloodlines, Racquel is uniquely unwelcome even among her fellow werewolves, shape-shifters, vampires, and witches. Growing up, she was bullied and tormented for being a “hybrid,” a condition frowned upon by Shadow society. After saving her sister and a number of other kidnapped Shadows from a diabolical plot to create a Shadow army, many have found a new respect for Racquel, but she is far from accepted in Shadow society, and the evil is far from over.
To complicate matters, Racquel now finds herself torn between two brothers. Coy is caring and has helped Racquel through her struggles, and Micah, who Racquel has only met once but who is somehow, having dream conversations with him. Racquel becomes torn between following her heart while breaking it at the same time.
In the second installment of the Shadow World series, Racquel and her sister Addie face off with the Shadow leaders against a threat that could bring the world to its knees. Power will be pushed to its limit, hearts will be broken, and some will pay the ultimate price as Racquel and her group of Shadows fight against an ancient evil that is determined to make the earth bleed and Racquel with it.

About this author

Brandy Nacole resides in Arkansas where her imagination runs wild. Reading is her passion and writing is her obsession. Whenever she's not reading or writing, Brandy is spending time with her family and friends, throwing around crazy ideas, and laughing through the crazy moments.

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My Blood Burdens Review

I loved this book. I thought that the first book, Uniquely  Unwelcome was amazing, well this one just blew its doors off, its so darn good.

It starts pretty much where book one ends. So its like an ongoing story. I connected with the main character Racquel even more so in this book, I was sad at the strained relationship with her and the human Coy. But I was glad that she had formed a connection/bond, with Micah, he is able to communicate to her in her head, seems only one way, he hears and sees everything she does, but she can’t read him. This unique connsection has saved her from many mistakes along the way. He was a great “inner” voice for her. Too bad he was still being held by the evil witch Cerelia, who starts to kidnap more shadows again, trying to create her army, and make more like Racquel and Micah (he is like Racquel now)

Here is a part where Micah talks Racquel down from doing something stupid out of anger, I really, really like Micah. He is speaking inside her head.

“Racquel stop!” I stumble, gasping as the command screams through my head. “I can feel your anger. You have to stop what you’re doing before you do something you’ll regret.” Micah’s desperate voice pleads with me. “Please stop, Racquel.”My body shudders and I collapse to the ground. The rage withdraws from my body as a silent sob shakes my body. I can still hear Micah’s voice echoing through my mind. How? How does he keep reaching out to me? I could hear his voice as if he was standing right in front of me.

I was happy for the most part at the ending , but not so much that last sentence, which I will not tell you about, lol. Lets just say, I really want to get book 3 now, lol

This shadow world of supernaturals that Brandy created is unique and exciting to me. I really was able to delve into the story and really feel like I was there with everyone.

It looks like Racquel is going to try to change the way the rules are for the Shadows, not being able to mix the different shadows, its wrong she believes, heck she would not even be there if her parents and grandparents didn’t rebel and choose love. She is unique with 4 different shadows blood and abilities in her, which had made life hard on her, people treated her so bad. Now she is determined to change that. She believes if a witch and a Lycan want to be together, (Danika and Ethan) then they should be allowed that.

I enjoyed the sisterly relationship between Addie and Racquel, since we did not get much of that in the first book, as most of that Addie was kidnapped.

I highly recommend this book, and give it 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a must read for any paranormal lovers out there, like me.

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Here is info on Book one, in case you had missed it, and link to My Review

Uniquely Unwelcome (The Shadow World, #1)
Published September 20th 2012 (first published June 1st 2012)
ASIN B009E96084

Being unique isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
After searching all over the world for someone as unique as she is, Racquel finds herself back in her home town where she’s treated like a monster ready to kill. Racquel is one of the most unique beings ever created. Four of the most powerful beings in the Shadow World are intertwined within her, making up her unique DNA. But no matter how unique her bloodline is, she’s considered an outcast by the entire Shadow World.
Once arriving home, Racquel finds that greater evils exist and that the person she cares for most in this world, her half-sister Addie, has been kidnapped along with other Shadow World beings. Racquel finds herself facing horrible odds with those who would rather see her dead than alive.
As her journey continues, Racquel learns more about herself, what she is capable of, and that not every being looks at her as an abomination. Coy, a human captive that Racquel saves from the Vampires, starts showing kindness toward her. Racquel tries putting distance between her and the human boy but as they spend more time together it becomes harder and harder for Racquel to fight the affection she wants and needs.
But will Coy’s friendship and her new found discoveries be enough to help Racquel unravel the strangest mystery that has ever plagued the Shadow World?


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