Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WWW Wednesday & Waiting On Wednesday 7/4

WWW Wednesday is hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading, asks you to answer 3 questions…

1. What are you currently Reading?
2. What did you recently finish reading?
3. What do you think you’ll read next?

What am I reading?
Significance by Shelly Crane,

Maggie is a seventeen year old girl who’s had a bad year. She was smart and on track but then her mom left, her dad is depressed, she’s graduating, barely, and her boyfriend of almost 3 years dumped her for a college scholarship. Lately she thinks life is all about hanging on by a thread and is gripping tight with everything she has.
Then she meets Caleb. She saves his life and instantly knows there’s something about him that’s intriguing but she is supposed to be on her way to a date with his cousin. But things change when they touch, sparks ignite. Literally.
They imprint with each other and she sees their future life together flash before where eyes. She learns that not only is she his soul mate, and can feel his heartbeat in her chest, but there is a whole other world of people with gifts and abilities that she never knew existed. She herself is experiencing supernatural changes unlike anything she’s ever felt before and she needs the touch of his skin to survive.
Now, not only has her dad come out of his depression to be a father again, and a pain as well, but Caleb’s enemies know he’s imprinted and are after Maggie to stop them both from gaining their abilities and take her from him.
Can Caleb save her or will they be forces to live without each other after just finding one another?

 What did you recently finish reading?
To protect those she loves from herself, Jax will leave them all behind. She’ll risk everything in a desperate search for answers.
Jax Pherson fled the darkest of covens and from her own father’s evil. For a brief moment, her courage was rewarded. She found everything she’d ever wanted. A normal life. An amazing boyfriend. An envy-worthy best friend.
But her past put them all in danger, forcing a confrontation with the dark covens. In a life-and death battle to save those she loved from the covens, Jax gained staggering power. Power so intense, so dangerous, she fears the darkness that now dwells inside her like a living thing.
If she can’t control the power, she may yet become as evil as the witches she conquered.

What do you think you’ll read next?
In the sequel, Maggie learns much more about all the strange things that happened to her, and has to face new ones. She rebels against it, but ultimately, must face it for her new families’ sake and maybe even her life. Bish went from being her biggest supporter to her biggest pain in the butt and Kyles’s intentions to attract her interest may not be so innocent. Caleb and Maggie face many new obstacles together and fight to work through them but will one that should be a good thing be too much for Maggie to handle?

Waiting On Wednesday

I really want to read Magick the 3rd in the Coven series (White Witch is #1 and Bane is #2) I really got to liking that series, and number 2 was such a cliffhanger, so really want the 3rd now. But have to wait till September 2012 (I hope to get an ARC of it) as far as I know, I have not seen a cover or any other info. Only what was at the end of Bane, I got to read a chapter of it.

Also, Independence, the 4th and final book in the Significance series, that i have started to LOVE. I do not know when its going to be out. But I already know, i will want it as soon as I finish the 3rd book. :) Here is the pretty cool cover of that 4th and final book by Shelly Crane

Be sure to leave me comments, let me know your picks, leave me a link to your post, so i can come read it, and if your a new follower, please let me know that too. I will follow back. :)


  1. oooo the Significance Series, words do not express how much I absolutely love that series and Shelly Crane in general. If you like Significance you have to read Devour. It is my favorite of her books! Thanks for stoppping by my WoW and for following, I'm following back =]

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. I plan to read her other series too, they are near top on my TBR list, they look amazing too. I really love this Significance series. I will have it as one of the prize packs for my giveaway coming up. I think I may make the other series too as a choice, as I hear good things about them. Thanks for coming by :)

  2. I'm adding Significance to my "To Read" list right now! It sounds like a good one! Thanks again for stopping by and commenting! I'm following you back.

    1. It is an amazing series, you wont be disappointed, in fact, I am in a giveaway hop, starts the 6th, and one of the prize packs will be the Significance series, there are 9 packs to choose from (ebooks) so watch for that, you may get lucky to win, I tried to pick out good packs of series that i really enjoyed. :) Thanks for coming by (by the way, these books are kinda long too, kindle 13,135 words, and most my books are around 5,000 or even less. (there is even a free download of 3 chapters from the main guy Caleb's POV, but don't read till you read the others, but I will be including that with the prize for convenience. There is 3 out now, then the free one only at Smashwords)

  3. A lot of interesting books! Thanks for sharing!

    My WoW

  4. The Significance series sounds really good! I'll have to look into these! :D

    1. They are, and as I mentioned to others, I will have this series as one of the choices for a giveaway I will be in in a few days. :) Thanks for coming by. :)

  5. Hi there!

    I haven’t heard of any of these books, but I hope you enjoy them all!

    You can find my WWW post here:

    Happy reading! :)


  6. I've never heard of any of those books. Significance looks really good though. Thanks for following my blog I'm following yours too now :)

  7. I've seen the Significance series around and the books look interesting. I have not heard of the Bane series before now and it looks interetsing as well. Great picks!
    Truly Bookish

  8. I like the covers of the Shelley Crane books. They have neat artistic effects on them. Hope you enjoy them!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Oooh, those books sound like fun! I will have to look them up. Thanks for vising my blog :)