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Fae Not by Leah Spiegel Book Review

Fae NotFae Not by Leah Spiegel
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Publication Date: March 25, 2012

I finished this quick read in less than a day, and I really enjoyed it. I only had one problem with it, and that the ending was abrupt. To me, it didn’t tie up any of the loose ends at all. I can’t see anywhere that it is a series, as it could be one. If it IS meant to be a series, then that ending is ok, BUT if its NOT, then that leaves me very unsatisfied.

This is a fun book about Fae, we have a swoon worthy male, Ashton who is fae (except I have no clue as to what he looks like, NO descriptions of him at all, which sucks, I could not really bring up a good picture in my head, it’s all from his point of view) He spends his time now trying to “fix” humans at this camp, using his abilities to try and help them, as he is guilt ridden after a tragic death of a human friend when he was younger.

This is a new twist on the fae, we have “coffee Shops” that offer more than coffee for the fae customers, (the fae channel energy from humans)these shops take payment from the fae and they point out good humans to channel from.

Then we have a mystery girl Claire, who we do not know WHAT she is. Ashton  works at a farm to help rehabilitate troubled humans. Claire is brought to this place by her adoptive parents to get her out of her depression, as her adoptive parents are fae, and they want to “fix” her, as she is no longer producing energy that they can feed off of. They lead everyone at the camp to think she is human, but it’s found pretty quickly by Ashton that she is much more than human, but doesn’t know exactly what she it.  Her way with animals is fascination, and some of the things she can do. Ashton grows closer to Claire, and he felt the most amazing energy he has ever felt when she is happy over the baby animals, and it’s all felt without even touching her. He falls in love with her, and vows to protect her and not allow her to be harmed. He finds out horrid things her adoptive parents have done to her, “pimping” her out for money, to let all these fae channel her energy. She had learned to shut it down, and it’s why she ended up at the camp.

We then get some action when her adoptive parents come take her away, against her wishes, screaming and crying. Ashton is heartbroken, and goes on this journey to find her, and in the process learns what she truly is.

It’s a good book, it really is, but I was left unsatisfied at the end, IF it’s not a series, like I said. Too many loose ends not tied up. I just don’t buy the “They Lived Happily Ever After” endings when the man saves the women. I want to know how they get out the situation they find themselves in, how he keeps her safe, as her adoptive parents are not going to just let her go. What they do with the information on who Ashton thinks her real parents are. Do they approach them? Are they going to be allowed to be tighter? Will they have to go on the run? How do they escape where he finds her at? (ok, I know one way, and I won’t say, as it will spoil it for people who have not read it yet)

I also do not understand the name of this book, what is meant by “Fae Not”? It makes no sense to me. I do like the cover though, very pretty.
That all being said. It was written very well. If there is a 2nd book (I sure hope there is) then I will for sure want to read it.
I do recommend it. Its still a fun read, and think most people will enjoy it, if you like this kind of book. Which I do. Got my fingers crossed for a sequel.

Summary from Goodreads:

Ashton has never had a problem being able to turn heads, or being able to persuade humans do to whatever he wants. After the accidental death of a childhood friend, Ashton knows all too well the dangers that come along with channeling humans and begins to resent his existence because of it.

Ashton now spends his time trying to “fix” humans at a therapeutic camp in his colony. When Claire comes to the camp, not only is she different in the fact that she’s shy and innocent, but his abilities don’t seem to work on her either.

Distraught, Ashton discovers who her real parents are and what Claire must be, but he knows he’s also running out of time because another more powerful fae is erasing the memory that she even existed. He must find her before they find him or the memory of Claire, the only girl he’s ever loved, and the knowledge of what she truly is will be erased forever.




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