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Tuesday Teasers & Tuesday Intros, First Chapter, First Paragraph 7/24

Teaser Tuesday Is a Weekly bookish Meme, Hosted by MitzB of Should Be Reading. 
Anyone can play along.  Just do the following:

·        Grab your current read
·        Open to a random page
·        Share 2 (Two) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
·        BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (Make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away! You don’t want to ruing the book for others)
·        Share title and author too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like your teaser!
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Guardian (Halflings Book 2) by Heather Burch ARC teaser (kindle 1689, in uncorrected ARC proof, it can change)
Publish date Oct 9, 2012
Add to Goodreads      Halflings (Book 1) here on Goodreads also there is 2 free ebooks at Amazon for a prequel and a short story set after Halflings, here they are. 11:15 Making of a Halflings Free ebook Amazon  and A Halflings Rescue FREE ebook Amazon (good way to try them out)
(Mace thinking of Nikki , hos Pov in this part)
How could standing with the girl you love feel so desperately lonely? She was right in thinking everything was on the line. Not just him, not just his eternity, but her safety. Fact was, she was still in danger, and a boat ride across the ocean didn’t change that. Breaking one rule meant breaking more. Hadn’t he learned that the hard way? And breaking the rules could only mean one thing: failure.
He’d put her in danger by trying to be too close to her. They had to watch their emotions. If they didn’t Nikki might pay for the mistakes with her life.
He might have been willing to gamble with his eternity-no matter how stupid that was-but he could never gamble with Nikki’s safety, especially now. Her fate could effect…well, the world as they all knew it.

Tease 2 Kindle location 930 as stated before uncorrected proof ARC, it could change, in fact it should, as there is lots of repeat sentences in this book , and typos)
(Nikki POV with Mace)
He scooted a fraction closer so his head tilted toward her, and all that salty scent came rushing at her. Closer and closer. Off in the distance, a door opened and closed, but Nikki barely heard it. Mace’s cerulean eyes were locked on her and she couldn’t breathe.
The warmth of his fingers intertwined with hers. A quiver ran up her arm, setting her skin ablaze.
“Well, Captain will be pleased to know you two have rearranged the cups”
That now irritating voice, thick with an Australian accent, interrupted her blissful moment. She refused to drag her eyes from Mace.
“Not sayin’ I’d have chosen the galley floor for storage, but I never claimed to understand Yanks,” Sky said, his casual tone laced with humor.

You can pre-order here at Amazon Guardian by Heather Burch


Tuesday Intros, First Chapter, First Paragraph

First Chapter First Paragraph - Tuesday Intros Hosted by Bibliophile By The Sea

Every Tuesday I will participate in the Tuesday Intro First Chapter-First Paragraph Intros.
These are books we decided to read based on the first paragraph or so. Then find another “Teaser” in the book somewhere to catch our interest. Leave me a comment with link to your post, and if your a new follower be sure to let me know. I want to be sure to follow back.

I choose The Rise of the Nine (book 3 Lorien Legacies) by Pitticus Lore Add to Goodreads | My Review Publication date August 21, 2012
Chapter One
(from Six’s POV this part)
6A Seriously? I look at the boarding pass in my hand, its large type announcing my seat assignment, and wonder if Crayton chose this seat on purpose. It could be a coincidence, but the way things have gone recently, I am not a big believer in coincidences. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marina sat down behind me in row seven, and Ella made her way back to row ten. But no, the two girls drop down beside me without saying a word, and join me in studying each person boarding the plane. Being hunted, you are constantly on guard. Whol knows when the Mogadorians might appear.
Crayton will board last, after he’s watched to see who else gets on the plane, and only once he feels the flight is absolutely secure.
I raise the window shade and watch the ground crew hustle back and forth under the plane. The city of Barcelona is a faint outline in the distance.
Marina’s knee bounces furiously up and down next to mine. The battle against an army of Mogadorians yesterday at the lake, the death of her Cepan, finding her Chest-and now, it’s the first time in almost eleven years that she’s left the town where she spent her childhood. She’s nervous.
“Everything okay?” I ask. My newly blond hair falls into my face and startles me. I forgot I dyed it this morning. It’s just one of the many changes in the last forty-eight hours.
“Everyone looks normal,” Marina whispers, keeping her eyes on the crowded aisle. “We’re safe, as far as I can tell.”
“Good, but that’s not what I meant,” I gently set my foot on hers and she stops bouncing her knew. She offers me a quick apologetic smile before returning to her close watch of each boarding passenger. A few seconds later, her knee starts bouncing again. I just shake my head.
I feel sorry for Marina. She was locked up in an isolated orphanage with a Cepan who refused to train her. Her Cepan had lost sight of why we were here on Earth in the first place. I’m doing my best to help her, to fill in the gaps. I can train her to learn how to control her strength and when to use her developing Legacies. But first I’m trying to show her that it’s okay to trust me.
The Mogadorians will pay for what they’ve done. For taking so many who we’ve loved, here on Earth and on Lorien. It’s my personal mission to destroy every last one of them, and I’ll be sure Marina gets her revenge too. Not only did she just lose her best friend, Hector, back at the lake, but, like me, her Cepan was killed right in front of her. We will both carry that with us forever.
“How is it down there, Six?” Ella asks, leaning over Marina.
I turn back towards the window. The men below the plane begin to clear away their equipment, conducting a few last-minute checks. “So far, so good.”
My seat is directly over the wing, which is comforting to me. On more than one occasion I’ve had to use my Legacies to help a pilot out of a jam. Once, over southern Mexico, I used my telekinesis to push the plane a dozen degrees to the right, only seconds before crashing into the side of a mountain. Last year I got 124 passengers safely through a vicious thunderstorm over Kansas by surrounding the plane with an impervious cloud of cool air. We shot through the storm like a bullet through a balloon.
(I will end there, that’s part of chapter one. Now for a good teaser)
Kindle Location 1554 from uncorrected advance copy, it could change.
(from Marina number 7’s POV)
“Look what I found, Eight!”
Eight disappears from the grass and reappears up in the air next to the Chest. He wraps his arms around it and hugs it. Slime and all. Then he teleports back to the edge of the lake, the Chest still in his hands. “I can’t believe it,” Eight finally says. “All this time, it was right here.” He looks stunned.
“It was inside a Mog ship at the bottom of the lake,” I say, walking out of the water.
Eight disappears again and teleports directly in front of me, our noses practically touching. Before I can register how nice his warm breath feels on my face, he picks me up and kisses me hard on the mouth as he twirls me around. My body stiffens and I suddenly have no idea what to do with my hands. I don’t know what to do at all, so I just let it happen. He tastes salty and sweet at the same time. The whole world disappears and I feel as if I’m floating in darkness.

You can preorder at Amazon if you like.


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