Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Upcoming Giveaway Hops, Authors take a look to promote your book!

Here are the giveaway Hops I have coming up so far. Authors, for any that you want to include your book into, either email me, or comment below. Just state which giveaway you would like, and that fits your book, as some are themed. I can do more than one book, so if several authors want their book in the same one, that is fine. 
I will have the post for the giveaway with your book cover, and a blurb about the book, as well as Add to Goodreads link and buy links at various places, like Amazon, etc. If you have extra content you want to add, like excerpt, or something, I can do that too.

I Have a few books for this one, can add another as long as I know by the 22nd, as post will go live a day early. This is a huge hop. Book should be paranormal, or horror, spooky in some way.
I have these books so far going in this giveaway
All 3 ebooks of the Gothic Memoirs Series | Goodreads author page

I also have ebookForever and Beyond (book 4 Ancient Legends)by Jayde Scott

Click here to read the rules,its closed for new entries.
This is YA only, and needs to be a book about Mythology of some sort. Authors, if your book qualifies, let me know. Need to know at least 2 days in advance. Let me know if its ebook, physical book, signed, if swag is included, and if International or USA only, stuff like that. Also, which formats the ebook is in if doing ebook. (remember Book Depository does ship worldwide free)

Click here to see the rules, and sign up yourself if you want.
This giveaway is more about books I fell in love with, but your still welcome to ask me, if I read your book and liked it, I can include it. I have one book I am doing so far, as I just LOVE Jessica Sorensen's work.
Please authors let me know you want in 2 days before it starts, or sooner. Let me know if you want to offer ebook, physical book, if signed or not, if you want to offer swag, whatever you like. As well as if USA or International. I would like another book or 2 to add to the one I selected by
Jessica Sorensen, she has a new contemporary romance out, called The Secret of Ella and Micha (ebook)

Click here to see the rules and enter yourself until it closes.
This giveaway hop is all about Dystopian books. So, any author that has this kind of book. Let me know. I may have one to offer, send the author an invite to include her new book, I do not know yet, but would like a few others to offer. Remember, family friendly please. Let me know if ebook, physical, etc like the others.

Click here to either sign up yourself, or read the rulses
This one can really be anything, again, family friendly. Only one entry for this, so wont be any added extra entries for the rafflecopter, but will have your links for them to follow etc if they want to. Just let me know the usual, ebook, phycical, etc

Click Here to see the rules or sign up yourself.
This can be any kind of book,or book related, does not have to be a book, can just be swag, just book related.
Family friends, etc. You know the drill.

Click here to sign up yourself if you like, and read the rules.
Same as most, any kind of book, family friendly. 

I will update this post as I get books for it and will make a page for it as well. Thanks!


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