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Guest Post: Why I Write YA Fiction: Author Jamie Canosa + Temptation Excerpt + Review

Today I have a great guest post from Author Jamie Canosa. Author of Temptation, I also have an excerpt from Temptation.
This short Novella was part of an Anthology called It's a Love Thing. Was the 2nd story in that book. Its now available on its own. My review is at the bottom too and soon will have a  giveaway for this book.
Now I hand the reins over to Jamie, Enjoy!

When I was offered the chance to write a guest post by the wonderful Michelle, I was flattered, and of course, jumped at it. Then, my mouth having moved faster than my brain, I realized that I had absolutely no idea how to go about writing a guest post. So, naturally I researched it, read a few examples. Some were very good. In fact, they were all good, and most of them were pretty . . . deep. It turns out, I’m not all that deep. So here it is. In the end I decided to address a question I’ve been asked more than once by friends, family, and people who have had the chance to read some of my work. Why YA?

Of all the genres out there, why did I choose to write YA fiction?
I’m 28 years old, which, I guess, technically puts me a bit outside of the category of young adult. NOT that that makes me old, *ahem* but it’s still a good question.

First and foremost, is the easy answer . . . because I love it! I love to read it, I love to write it, I love the characters, the plots, the angst, and even all of the crazy emotional baggage that goes along with being a hormonal teenager. In fiction, at least. I’m not sure I’d want to relive it in real life, though, which brings me to my second, dare I say it, deeper reason.

Being a young adult is tough. I’m not so old that I’ve forgotten what it’s like. It’s the time in many people’s lives when their self-esteem can be at its lowest, other’s opinions can matter the most, and peers can be quite cruel. It’s difficult to make a difference to someone in that stage of life, but I can still remember times when something I read really stuck with me.
Through YA fiction, authors have the unique opportunity to address an audience that is not always easy to access. This gives us the invaluable ability to attempt to show teens that there’s more to life than Friday nights, and popularity contests. That the strong, independent, quirky, kind, and even shy can stand up for what they believe in, and be a hero or heroine, like Melody from Temptation.

Her life hasn’t been easy, but she still manages to hold on to an optimistic point of view, even when she’s forced to leave behind everything she knows, and move halfway across the country with her workaholic mother. And, it’s that very optimistic, kind soul that makes her the heroine she needs to be to make a difference in her world.

Granted, not every teenager will change the world by rising up to defeat evil between algebra and drivers ed, but every teenager can be a change in the world of those around them.

Okay, enough with the ‘deep and meaningful.’ That is, in a nutshell, why I chose to write YA, and will continue to write it. Did I mention that I love it? I really do. You should see my bookshelf. It looks like a teenage book monger lives in my house. Hmm . . . as I’m writing this, another thought has just occurred to me. My obsession with YA may also have something to do with my absolute refusal to grow up, but can you blame me? The real world can be so boring. It’s a good thing I don’t have to live in it very often.  
Find Jamie here:

Enjoy an excerpt of Temptation below!

Temptation Excerpt by Jamie Canosa

You can even grab her button that i made for her below. :)
I am sure she would appreciate it!

Bio Below

Jamie Canosa is a full time author of YA literature, which she absolutely loves! When she's not writing or spending time with her family, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. She currently resides in Ravena, NY with her husband and three crazy kids . . . plus the dog, the bird, and the rabbit.
My review:

I really, really liked this short story. In fact, it was such a good story, and the characters were developed so well, I believe the author could go from here and continue the story. I really do. It’s a great idea, and written very well. This short story was in an anthology of many other short stories. And sometimes great work gets buried or passed by because of this. I am glad she decided to put it out on its own. As I think it deserves to get known, and read.

I loved some of the cute phrases the main character used. She was raised to not cuss, so she had some unique funny words she would use. You will see some if you read the excerpt, which is part of the first chapter, so won’t be spoiling anything for you.
At the beginning it was hard to decide which guy was the right one for Mel, was it Jason and his easy going way? Or was it Luke, who’s first impression wasn’t very good.  I will not tell you. I do not want to spoil it. I think Mel is a great person, and I really liked her a lot.

I hope you give this book a shot. It’s a fun, sweet paranormal romance, that should satisfy other paranormal fans like myself.
5 out of 5 stars for me.
Jamie Canosa
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