Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cover Reveal: Vlkolak King Book 4 in the Gothic Memoirs Series by Rebekah Armusik

I do not have any info for this book, there is no summary that I can find. But here is the cover for the New book in Rebekah Armusik's 4th book in the Gothic Memoirs Series. Here is Rebekah's page on this book, you can pre-order signed copies.
Watch for my giveaway this month for the series, and one on the 30th for this book too.
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Book Blurb:
In the fourth novel of the epic Gothic tale, Nadija finds herself in the middle of an imminent war just as she’s planning her much-anticipated wedding to Alexei. Struggling to keep her family safe and her opposition at bay, Nadija begins to feel the pressure of her throne and destiny.

As time ticks away before she has to give Lucifer his answer and the Vlkolak struggle to regain power and respect, Nadija is forced to make political decisions that will incite more dissent than ever.

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