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Book Tour: Absolution by Susannah Sandlin #Giveaway - Review

Welcome to my stop on the Absolution book tour. Brought to you by Bewitching Book Tours. Here you can read a synopsis of the book, my review, and Expert  and a Giveaway! I also have a bio of author Susannah Sandlin. Don’t forget to visit the other blogs on this tour for more information and other reviews about this book and author

The Penton Legacy, Book 2
By Susannah Sandlin
 Release date: October 9, 2012
Publisher: Montlake Romance

Book Description In scrollbox:

With the vampire world on the brink of civil war over the scarcity of untainted human blood, battle lines are being drawn between the once peaceful vampire and human enclave of Penton, Alabama, and the powerful Vampire Tribunal.

A Scottish gallowglass warrior turned vampire in the early 17th century, Mirren Kincaid once served the Tribunal as its most creative and ruthless executioner—a time when he was known as the Slayer. But when assigned a killing he found questionable, Mirren abandoned the Tribunal’s political machinations and disappeared—only to resurface two centuries later as the protector and second-in-command of Penton. Now the Tribunal wants him back on their side—or dead.

To break their rogue agent, they capture Glory Cummings, the descendant of a shaman, and send her to restore Mirren’s bloodthirsty nature. But instead of a monster, Glory sees a man burdened by the weight of his past. Could her magic touch—meant by the tribunal to bring out a violent killer—actually help Mirren break his bonds and discover the love he doesn’t believe he deserves?

It’s a town under siege, a powerful warrior in a battle with his past, and one woman who can make the earth move—literally—as the Penton Legacy continues.
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 About the Author:

Susannah Sandlin is the author of paranormal romance set in the Deep South, where there are always things that go bump in the night.

A journalist by day, Susannah grew up in Alabama reading the gothic novels of Susan Howatch and the horror fantasy of Stephen King. (Um…it is fantasy, right?)

The combination of Howatch and King probably explains a lot. Currently a resident of Auburn, Alabama, Susannah has also lived in Illinois, Texas, California, and Louisiana.

Redemption (Penton Legacy Book 1)

Book Description In scrollbox:
For vampire Aidan Murphy, life has never been so desperate. The vaccine used to treat a global pandemic has rendered human blood deadly to his kind, leaving them on the brink of starvation and civil war. In tiny Penton, Alabama, Aidan establishes a peaceful community of vampires and unvaccinated human donors. He dares to hope they can survive ? until his estranged brother descends upon Penton and begins killing the humans. Determined to save his town, Aidan kidnaps an unsuspecting human doctor?and finds himself falling in love for the first time in nearly four centuries. Dr. Krystal Harris thought she was coming to Penton for a job interview, but Aidan Murphy has other plans. Infuriated by his high-handed scheme to imprison her in the small town, Krys can't ignore the attraction between them. But is it love? Or does her dangerous, charismatic captor want only to bend her to his will?

My Absolution Review:

I love this series, its was such a great change from some of the lesser quality vampire books out there. This one is like True Blood with some Night Huntress thrown in, with its own unique spin. I enjoyed the first book Redemption a lot, and fell in love them with series even more after reading this book.
I think its best to read Redemption first, before this one. But the author does take the time to explain key points that happened in the first, in this one. But to me, you would be missing out on some important things that just makes the story that much better. In this one, there will be consequences to actions from the first one, which I think is better to read about first hand.

I fell in love with Aiden and his ideas, how he treats humans as friends and family, not like cattle, like many of the rest of the vampire population. As we learned in book one, the vaccine to a virus epidemic is poison to the vampires, so they can only feed from un-vaccinated humans. Which is in short supply, the vampires are starving. Well, Aiden had set up a town, of un-vaccinated humans, who agrees to be their familiars and donate blood too. They get to live in peace in this ghost town that Aiden bought and turned into a thriving town for his people. He is very selective on who can come to this town. Only vampires that are bonded to him and his “scathe” can live there, and from there, all the humans are bonded to a vampire in the scathe, which keeps them safe from any other vampires to try to feed from them. When they are bonded like that, the other vampires can’t touch them. Keeps them safe this way. So the humans that are there are protected in this way. Win, win for both vampires and humans.

In Absolution we follow the story of Mirrem and not Aiden like we did in the first story. I won’t reveal any spoilers, just a few key points that make the stories interesting.

So, as I stated, the Penton town is run and founded by Aiden Murphy, and Mirrem is his 2nd in command. He is 6’8” huge muscled man, scary to see the size; he used to be the executioner for the Vampire Tribunal, until he could not take that life anymore, and faked his own death. Then Aiden had found him, and now is with him and his scathe. So in this book we learn more about Mirrem, and Glory.

Glory is being held prisoner by vampires, the enemies of Aidens scathe, and Mirrem is also captured. And to not give much away, we get to see more compassion from Mirrem, and the romance with Glory is cute, and I loved reading about it.
Glory is a fighter, meaning a strong female that I respected. I liked her humor too. Seeing Mirrem’s sensitive side is nice, and learning more of his past is nice, we only got tid-bits in book one.
Sweey little Hannah was so cute showing her innocence, either when crying or laughing. Love her. The characters are really well developed too. Their psychology is with a real basis, making very believable.

The plot was really well thought out. The author really knows where she is going with this story, and so far I have not seen any inconsistencies at all. I like that. It flows well, and true.
We do get some of Aiden and Krys in this one, but not as much as I would like. It also seemed Aiden was not as protective of her as he was previously, or maybe it was he just trust her more, maybe too much? I am not sure.

Over all, loved this book, and the series so far as a whole.
Watch for my Redemption review. I did not get it written before this tour, as I read them back to back quickly, and had to get this one up.
This can be a stand alone book, meaning you do not HAVE to read the first book, Redemption first. I just personally think its better overall. I suppose if could be read out of order too, and would be fine.

I can’t wait for the 3rd book Omega, due out in Feb 2013.
I highly recommend this book. 5 out of 5 stars for me.

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Absolution Excerpt by Susannah Sandlin
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