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The Triskaidek by Basil Sprig Book Review

The Triskaidek (Volume 1)

The Triskaidek by Basil Sprig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Published May 13th 2010 by Createspace

Fairy parents send their children to the Camp Fae to learn to use magice, and so they themselves can have some R & R of course. This story is told in the 3rd person view, and we get a good look into Alley’s thoughts, and the narrator even will address the reader at times.

Alley is cute and fun, and tries to help everyone. She seems perfect fairy wise. She even has a “look” she gives when she is mad at people. One thing I didn’t like, is that Alley has just found out she is a fairy, and didn’t even believe in magic or that fairy’s existed, until she is at Camp Fae, and she seems too perfect, like she too perfect at everything, I kindof wish she would have some big fail at something, and I don’t mean blowing things up, a big fail. Seems she can do it all without really trying. Overall Alley is a sweet character who’s heart is in the right place.

This is a cute fairy story for younger teens and tweens, maybe 10-14 years old. Though I see that is the target range, I find some thoughts and actions of Alley to be even more of a 16 year old. For instance, usually at 13 girls and boys alike think boys have cooties, lol, but then you do have the more boy crazy girls at that age as well. Just seems at times Alley seems even younger than 13 but at other times, acts a little too old for her age. Maybe its different now than when I was 13 (long ago) but I do remember when my daughter was 13 (not too long ago) and she was defiantly not into boys at all at that age. Some of the thoughts Ally has when another fairy who is a little older than her, needs to help her back into Camp Fae, and says she needs to hug him, to allow him to teleport them. She gets flustered and embarrassed, like she likes him, or something. That part just felt a little older. But don’t get me wrong, this book is perfect for the mature 10 year olds to about 14.

Here is a quote of the part I am talking about: page 93 (reviewer paperback copy)

“I guess I will try and take you” He explained.
“Take me?”
“Yep. I’ve never done it before but supposedly once you’ve got teleporting down it itsn’t difficult. I just bring two of us over there.”
“Ok, then what? I take your hand?”
“No, you’d better hug me.”
“Hug you?”
And she suddenly felt herself pulled into his strong embrace.
The feel of his strong arms around her-the warmth of his body, the smell of his strength, and the tenderness of his touch.
“Are you sure you aren’t doing this to…” she couldn’t complete the thought. His face was suddenly reddening, but he laughed a little. Maybe he was being straight with her after all, but she kind of wished he wasn’t. It felt good to be held like this, and Saladine was so…
…so dreamy.

So you see what I mean, this seems like it would be more 16-17 year olds in this part, but they are not, she is 13 and him I am not sure, a few years older maybe.
I do recommend the book however, as it is a fantastical, magical world that the author has written. The creativity in this book is wonderful, for sure. I am anxious to get on with reading book 2 The Pixitres to see how it all plays out.

I was sent a review copy by the author for my honest review.
If someone is interested in reading this book, maybe to do a review, let me know, maybe we can trade a book, its a reviewers copy paperback.



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