Saturday, July 7, 2012

Accordance (Significance Book 2) By Shelly Crane Book Review

Accordance (Significance, #2)Accordance by Shelly Crane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW, the story just keeps getting better. I didn’t think it was possible that this story would grow and get even better. We start up right where Significance leaves off.  Maggie, Caleb, Kyle and Bish at the beach house in California. Things get interesting, now that Bish has come along, he is the only one who does not know of the Aces powers and all that go with it. He still does not like Caleb, and thinks he has Maggie brainwashed or something. It’s interesting with Maggies powers, that she can read everyone’s thoughts, so even though we are in the first person view with Maggie, it’s like being in everyone’s heads, and it makes the story that much more interesting.

We get a few unexpected surprises in this book, one is a return of Maggies mom, who holds a big surprise in her mind for Maggie, which I will not tell you what.
I love that Kyle finally finds someone, as his obsession over Maggie was pretty sad, and got downright annoying. Especially when Maggie can hear the stuff he thinks about her.
Caleb is as awesome as ever, and I am loving what a great person he is and Maggie, deep down she is just a really good hearted person.

I do not want to say too much, as not to spoil it, but want to say, this whole series is worth reading. Its not like anything else out there. It’s unique and has enough excitement and twist and turns to keep you up late at night to find out what happens next.
Here is a cute quote with Caleb and Maggie

Kindle location 3480

“I miss your bike.” I said in the Jeep. “The Jeep’s nice, but there is something about that bike.”
“I hear you. I miss her too.”
“Her?” I laughed. “Don’t tell me your bike has a name?”
“What?” he said incredulously. “As a matter of fact, I do have a name for her. I’m glad Lolita’s not here to hear you make fun of her.”

I really enjoyed that we get to learn so much more about Bish in this book. It’s so sad, as Maggie is able to look into his mind, and see how horrible his life was before her parents adopted him. He is truly a good guy. And what happens in this book makes your heart bleed for him. Let’s just say, he finds someone, but because of a vision from Maggie, he can’t be with her. And it’s so sad, very, very sad.

Of course the all the craziness is not over with the other Ace family, Sikes is still after Maggie, and there is some twist to that, that had me wanting to yell at the very end. I can’t wait to pick up book 3. But had to write this first, so I do not accidently mention stuff here,  that happens in book 3. They all read like a continuation, not big wrap up at the end or anything.  But this book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.
Here is one more very sweet quote from Caleb, speaking to Maggie’s Dad.

Kindle Location 10,117

“Jim, I know I’ve said this before, but Maggie is in good hands. I won’t let anything happen to her and its not just because I wouldn’t anyway, but because my body won’t let me. Your daughter’s heartbeat is in my chest,” Caleb said firmly, “and it’s the most precious thing I have.”

Gotta love Caleb. Go read these books, you won’t be sorry.
Make sure you read Significance First Check out book 3 too, Defiance.

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  1. Just wait until you read Defiance, it gets even better! I love this series so much!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. Yes, Defiance is amazing, I was so hooked, I could not stop reading last night, up till 4:30 lol.

  2. This series sounds amazing! I have the first one on my wishlist but I really want to read it. Great review!

    1. well, enter my giveaway, if you win, this series is one of the ebook packs for a prize. :) If you have not entered yet that is, lol. I started the 3rd last night, Defiance, and could not stop, next thing I knew it was 4:30 am!! Read most the night away, lol. It is amazing. :) Thanks for stopping by.

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