Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Darkness Falls by Jessica Sorensen-New Cover

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When the disease spread through the world, people had no choice but to go into hiding. The Colony is hidden deep underground, far away from the vampires--humans that were transformed by the disease. The vampires are hideous, starving, and they will kill any human they come across.

Seventeen-year-old Kayla is a Bellator, a warrior that protects The Colony. In order to survive, there are three rules she must follow:

Rule #1--Never go out after dark.
Rule #2--Always carry a weapon.
Rule #3--No matter what, never EVER get bit.

But what happens when the rules Kayla has always lived by can no longer apply?
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Jessica Sorensen
 has done it yet again, she has blown me away with yet another series!

I really love Jessica's Fallen Star Series, and while waiting for that next book, I read this one, and loved it. I think this book is totally unique, has a different spin on the usual vampire books. I was pleasantly surprised, which I should not have been, as I love Jessica's writing. She found a way to make a whole new type of world, like a paranormal dystopian type. I really enjoyed how different this world is. And we have the vampires in this one more as monsters/zombie looking, but then there is the mystery around the the Colony and Kayla herself.

I highly recommend this book, especially if you have read and liked her other books,The Fallen Star, The Underworld, The Vision, The Promise.

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