Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Fallen Star By Jessica Sorensen-New Cover

Above is the New cover, I have updated this review. This is based on the old ebooks, not the new revamped ones. I will read them and review once they are out.

The Fallen Star is about a girl named Gemma who was not able to feel any emotions until recently. Gemma meets Alex and she feels different around him, and after meeting him she starts to piece to together information about her past and she finds out that the monsters that haunt her in her dreams are actually real.(summary from book)

Fallen Star is the first in a young-adult paranormal series by indie author Jessica Sorensen. The summary for the book, does not say a lot on what it is about, so I will tell you some, no spoilers though.

We can see that Gemma is troubled. There are some new classmates Aislin and Alex that seem to know things about Gemma, things, she doesn’t even know. Gemma can be pretty strong willed at times, as well as impulsive. But then, there are times we can see the mysteries surrounding her scare her. She will soon find out a shocking revelation about her life. 

This is a very creative story, love the fantasy and mysteries around it. 

The world that Jessica has created along with the characters and the magicks she places into this world are very intriguing. As this is only part of a series, there’s obviously a lot of depth and complexity that she can explore. She has, Fallen Stars, Foreseeres, Faeries, Vampires, Keepers, Witches, Death Walkers, the works really.

The plot itself has lots of potential as well. The idea of a fallen star is not unique to this story, but the twist and turn she has given it is very original. This star can save the world, and that’s the intriguing premise and the fun one that can really draw a reader in.

Also, having the character suddenly be able to feel emotions is an interesting idea. I felt that Sorensen could potentially delve into exactly what Gemma’s feelings and how she feels it. There is a very complex and interesting idea of the soul and emotions tied together, and that being the very essence of a human being is something that she could explore.

As of writing this (updating) I have already read the rest of the series, and will tell you now, that this book is necessary to read to understand it all, but keep in mind, it’s a first step in a series, and the characters and story really grow over the series of books, questions you have in this one do get answered, I promise, its written this way. It’s worth reading, and for sure going on to the next 3 after this one. (There is even a spin off series that is also amazing, with same characters, with a whole new adventure)

The best part is how within a few pages you are sucked into the story! I stayed up WAY too late doing the `one more Chapter' thing till the wee hours of the morning. It hooks you from the first chapter. I am hooked on the series, and impatiently waiting for the 2nd in the spin off. The Lost Soul is out, and I read it, now waiting for book 2.

I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys the supernatural with some twist and turns, and suspense.

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