Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jessica Sorensen's Blog: Meet the Author and Giveaway!

Jessica Sorensen's Blog: Meet the Author and Giveaway!: Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Kelly Carrero, author of Evolution. I'm also holding a giveaway for Kelly. The winner will recie...


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I was wanting to contact you but couldn't find your email address on your blog - could you please point me in the right direction, alternatively could you please email me about receiving a future review copy. (my contact details are on my blog).

  2. HI Kelly, Yes, i will send you all reviews i do for you. Like at all the sites. My email at blog is I will email you too, to make sure you see this. And like i said, i will send you reviews of your book too. :)