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Tuesday Teasers & Tuesday Intros, First Chapter, First Paragraph 8/14

Teaser Tuesday Is a Weekly bookish Meme, Hosted by MitzB of Should Be Reading. 
Anyone can play along.  Just do the following:

·        Grab your current read
·        Open to a random page
·        Share 2 (Two) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
·        BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (Make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away! You don’t want to ruing the book for others)
·        Share title and author too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like your teaser!
PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT with either the link to your own Teaser Tuesdays post, or share your ‘teasers’ in a comment here (if you don’t have a blog) Thanks!
This book I just finished up, will have a review up later.
Called Semester Aboard: More than Magic Book 1  Goodreads | My Review (I love this new cover too, you can see the mermaid in the water, old cover still at Goodreads)
Teaser #1 Thomas glanced up and down the hall. "May I come in? I’d rather not discuss this in the hallway."
"Fine." I stepped aside and held the door open. He didn’t move; he just shifted his weight like he was waiting. "Well?" I leaned forward and grabbed him. "Hurry up, I want to get this over with." I tried to pull him into the room, but something happened. He tripped, or I tripped, and we fell. It almost felt like he had pulled himself out of my grip and fallen deliberately. I tumbled back into my room and he fell out into the hall. He sat up and winced like he was in pain.
"Oh, come on," I snapped. "Either get in here and tell me what you have to say so that you can stop stalking me or go away!"
He smiled, and stood back up and slid past me into the room. 

Tease #2 

"Your eyes are...interesting."

He looked confused for a moment and his eyes stayed dark, but the movement slowed. Dani studied me for a moment, almost like he was curious. "Interesting how?"

"They uh..." I wasn't sure how to say it without sounding crazy. "Change color." Eyes did that. Not nearly in the way that Dani's did, but it didn't sound as insane if I said it like that.

That got his attention. Now he was definitely curious. He almost looked surprised. "Change color? What do you mean?"
"Like, different shades of blue." Well, now that I was telling him... "And they move. The colors sort of, I dunno, splash around. It's like water."
Dani's jaw literally dropped. Then the touch of the deep blue I had started to associate with angry splashed in his eyes. "You're not just something messing with us, are you?"

I really enjoyed Ember (ARC) Book 1 Death Collectors) By Jessica Sorensen Goodreads | My Review with experts

Teaser #1 Asher taps his fingers on his lips and I catch Amy licking her own as she eyes his. “What exactly are Rocky Mountain Oysters?” he asks.

I restrain a laugh as Amy’s face twists in confusion.
“Well… I think they’re this kind of meat. I’m not sure what kind, but I like them.” She presses the end of the pen against her chin.
I shake my head at Asher. “You don’t want those. Trust me.”
Amy shoots me an aggravated look. “They’re not bad. I mean, the meat’s a little tough, but they taste good.” I feel bad for her. Kind of. She leans over the table and her boobs practically pop out of her top. “Look sweetie, get whatever you want, okay?” she says to Asher.
Asher’s gaze connects with mine. “I kind of like to know what I’m eating.”
I lean over the table, cup my hand around Asher’s ear, and whisper what Rocky Mountain Oysters are.
His eyes bulge. “Yeah, I’ll have the water, cheese fries, and a hamburger with extra mayo.”

“Ember, can I kiss you?”
Why does he always ask first? I clutch the front of his shirt and yank him against my lips, delivering him my answer. His lips don’t protest and he easily slips his tongue inside my mouth, bringing a sensation of warmth to every portion of my body. He lifts me up and my legs hook around his waist as he carries me to the bed. We fall together and my legs vice-grip around him. I feel alive and invigorated. Nothing exists at the moment but him and me.

FYI For those who do not know, Rocky Mountain "Oysters" are not oysters at all, just a different name for eating bull testicals and sometimes sheep testicals.   

Tuesday Intros, First Chapter, First Paragraph

First Chapter First Paragraph - Tuesday Intros Hosted by Bibliophile By The Sea

Every Tuesday I will participate in the Tuesday Intro First Chapter-First Paragraph Intros.
These are books we decided to read based on the first paragraph or so. Then find another “Teaser” in the book somewhere to catch our interest. Leave me a comment with link to your post, and if your a new follower be sure to let me know. I want to be sure to follow back.
The Lost Prince  Goodreads
My name is Ethan Chase.
And I doubt I’ll live to see my eighteenth birthday.
That’s not me being dramatic; it just is. I just wish I hadn’t
pulled so many people into this mess. They shouldn’t have to
suffer because of me. Especially…her. God, if I could take back
anything in my life, I would never have shown her my world,
the hidden world all around us. I knew better than to let her
in. Once you see Them, they’ll never leave you alone. They’ll
never let you go. Maybe if I’d been strong, she wouldn’t be
here with me as our seconds tick away, waiting to die.
It all started the day I transferred to a new school. Again.
The alarm clock went off at six a.m., but I had been awake
for an hour, getting ready for another day in my weird,
screwed-up life. I wish I was one of those guys who roll out
of bed, throw on a shirt and are ready to go, but sadly, my life
isn’t that normal. For instance, today I’d filled the side pockets
of my backpack with dried St. John’s Wort and stuffed a
canister of salt in with my pens and notebook. I’d also driven
three nails into the heels of the new boots Mom had bought
me for the semester. I wore an iron cross on a chain beneath

my shirt, and just last summer I’d gotten my ears pierced with
metal studs. Originally, I’d gotten a lip ring and an eyebrow
bar too, but Dad had thrown a roof-shaking fit when I came
home like that, and the studs were the only things I’d been
allowed to keep.
Sighing, I spared a quick glance at myself in the mirror,
making sure I looked as unapproachable as possible. Sometimes,
I catch Mom looking at me sadly, as if she wonders
where her little boy went. I used to have curly brown hair
like Dad, until I took a pair of scissors and hacked it into jagged,
uneven spikes. I used to have bright blue eyes like Mom
and, apparently, like my sister. But over the years, my eyes
have become darker, changing to a smoky blue-gray—from

constant glaring, Dad jokes. I never used to sleep with a knife

under my mattress, salt around my windows, and a horseshoe
over my door. I never used to be “brooding” and “hostile”
and “impossible.” I used to smile more, and laugh. I rarely

do any of that now.

“The first time I saw you,” she said, pushing her
bangs from her eyes, “when we first talked, I thought you
were this brooding, unfriendly, hostile, um…” She paused.
“Jerk,” I finished for her.
“Well, yeah,” Kenzie admitted slowly. “A pretty handsome
jerk, I might add, but a huge, colossal, Mega-jerk nonetheless.”
She gave me a quick glance to see how I was taking
this. I shrugged.
Not going to argue with that.
And then, a second later:

She thought I was handsome?

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  1. Wow, all great teasers. Makes me want to read all those books.

    1. Glad you like them, I love them all so far, especially Ember, it really hooked me, its on sale Aug 25, and I will probably be offering it for my ebook giveaway, I think the timing will be right. :)

  2. What interesting teasers! Seem like a great reads....

    My tuesday teaser is from The Accused by John Grisham

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    1. thanks, they are good. I will offer Ember for my giveaway at the end of the month, so watch for that. :) May add Semester Aboard along with it ( that one is really good, and at the authors site, got to read the first chapter of Snow Bound (more than magic book 2) it hooked me right away.

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