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Gray Storm: The Stone of Fate by Jennifer Lefort Book review

Gray Storm: The Stone of Fate by Jennifer Lefort

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was asked to review this book by the author; she sent me a complimentary ebook in exchange for my honest review.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised in a good way by this book. The reason that is, as it was just a really good story. No romance in this, which was kindof nice. I do get a little tired of the same 2 boys loving one girl, who is plain and is a nobody until the boys come along. I get sick of that. I like strong women who can stand on their own two feet. THAT this story has, actually 2 strong females, who reside in one. Let me explain that. It’s a story about a daughter of the Fey from long ago, who battled an evil self proclaimed queen, who had the Stone of Fate and used its power. Kirsta believes she had fulfilled her destiny but finds she did not, when she awakens hundreds of years later in strange surroundings in a body that is not hers, being called by another name Cara. Cara is a daughter of the Danu (another magical race who live in another plane, they call it the otherworld) Cara, also has a destiny to fulfill, and part of that destiny is working with Kirsta as one. Kirsta’s spirit was pulled into the stone of fate, when she destroyed the evil Queens staff (Mebh) and lay dormant in this Stone of Fate until Cara came along, and released Kirsta from the stone, into herself. Now, they both need to work together, each with their own powers to use.

I will say that I was somewhat confused in the beginning, on what exactly was happening, then I caught on, it was more my own fault on following it, than the authors, as I was at times too tired to grasp it all. I got it worked out.

The world building was amazing; she did a great job on bringing that world to life. It had a somewhat Lord of the Rings feel (the beautiful elves land from movie, that’s what it reminded me of a little when in Cara’s world, the otherworld)

They have to battle what they call the Fallen, which I took to be Danu who turned to the darkness, took on evil spirits, and can not be in the light, but are vicious evil creatures who savage the humans, fey and Danu, they are horrible.

The ending was open for the next book, but at least it was not a huge cliffhanger, it was just right for closure that wont drive you nuts waiting on the sequel. I do plan to read the sequel, I need to see how Kirsta and Cara deal with everything they need to.
It’s worth reading, go get it, you will be pleased, if you like a good solid story.

Summary from Book:

A fate is written for us all, hidden away, waiting for the right moment to present itself. However, for Cara and Kirsta, fate it seems has a way to knock things off balance. Kirsta, a daughter of the fey, believed she fulfilled her destiny the day she died. But on a stormy night, Kirsta awakes to unfamiliar surroundings and is called by a different name. Cara, a daughter of the Danu, thought she understood her destiny when she accepted, only to learn she was wrong. Willing to walk away from all she has known in order to save her people, Cara thought by touching a mystical stone it would grant her the power to protect them. The power she received is nothing like what she expected. Her memories become shattered, and Cara no longer knows who she is. But her loss of memory is the least of her troubles. Not only is she being hunted by her enemy, she has also become an outcast and a threat to her kind. And there is this strange energy inside that Cara can’t explain. An energy, it seems, that has the ability to take over her completely, forcing Cara to watch her life in motion without her control. With her world spiraling out of control and faced with so many unanswered questions, Cara not only has to remember who she is, but she must relearn her fate. While Cara struggles with her memories, Kirsta struggles with her new world. All she has known and all she knew have gone. Stuck in Cara’s body, Kirsta’s spirit struggles with idea of being dead. With the ability to take over Cara’s body, Kirsta can live again, but if she is not careful she can doom them both. With the rise of a common enemy, both must learn to work together in order to succeed, but they will not do it alone. With the help of some loyal friends, Cara and Kirsta will overcome some of the challenging obstacles that have been laid out before them, and learn the truth of their designed fate.

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