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Onyx (Lux Series #2) By Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Review with extras

Title: Onyx
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Lux
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication Date: August 14, 2012
Gendre: YA Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance
5 out of 5 Stars!
I Love this book. I was so impressed with the whole story, and how it unfolded. I loved how Katy did not just accept Daemon’s advances, as if he didn’t treat her like crap through the whole Obsidian book. I respect her for that. Made him work for it, which is good. I will try not to do much spoilery for Onyx, but if you did not read Obsidian yet, then stop now. It will have spoilers for that book.
Onyx starts off pretty close to where Obsidian left off. With Katy and Daemon having to deal with the aftermath of him healing her, and her doing that whammy power thing she did when she killed that Arum and saved Daemon’s life. They do not know how she did that, so now in this book they are still trying to figure that out. It’s pretty funny some of the whacky things that happen, little things, like her door opening toward her before she gets to it, and it hits her in the face, things like that. So she gets a little worried that she will draw the attention of the DOD or Arum, or even the other Luxen, as they kept this all secret from everyone.
The fun witty banter that Katy and Daemon had in Obsidian is present in this book too, but turned up a notch. Now with Daemon wanting more with her now, he tries to convince her that he always had liked her, but had tried to push her away for her own protection, and his family and the Luxen. But she isn’t buying it, she is insecure about it all, thinking this weird alien connection they have is what is making Daemon feel this way. She says she got alien cooties from him, that cracked me up.
Here is a funny quote:
“What’s wrong with you?”
“I don’t know. I probably got alien cooties.”
Daemon snorted. “Doubtful. I can’t afford for you to be sick. We need to get you outside and try to work your trace off. Until then, you’re a—”
“If you say I’m a weakness, I will hurt you.” 
 They are pretty funny, there is plenty of the sexual chemistry in Onyx and Katy spends about half the book denying she has feelings for Daemon.

It’s a pretty funny part in a way, when Daemon finds Katy in the middle of the night all delirious and sleepwalking, basically to the lake, and takes a icy swim, as she is running a fever from her alien cooties as she calls them. Then she is mortified that what she thought was a dream, actually happened, as she said some embarrassing things to Daemon as he carried her back home.

His arms were around me before I took two steps, turning me around. “Kat, you can’t get in the lake. It’s too cold. You’re going to get sick.” 
He brushed back the hair plastered to my cheeks. “Hell—sicker than you already are. You’re burning up.”
Something in what he said cleared a bit of the haze. I leaned into him, pressing my cheek into his chest. He smelled wonderful. Like spice and man. “I don’t want you.”
“Uh, now is not the time to get into that conversation.”
This was just a dream. I sighed, wrapping my arms around his taut waist. “But I do want you.”
Daemon’s arms tightened around me. “I know, Kitten. You aren’t fooling anyone. Come on.”
I really like Daemons softer side, the trying to get her to believe he cares, doing nice things, very un-Daemon type things. But one thing that really sets Daemon on edge is when cute blonde surfer boy Blake comes to town, and shows an interest in Katy. Boy, does that get to Daemon. I won’t say much about Blake, as you need to find out all about him on your own.
Here is some cute banter between Daemon and Katy, as she tries to deny what she feels. Just fun cute quote, no spoilery:
He looked at me straight on. “You’re a terrible liar. You do want this. Just as badly as I do.”
My mouth opened, but no words came out.
“You want this as badly as you want to go to ALA this winter.”
Now my jaw was on the floor. “You don’t even know what ALA is!”
“The American Library Association midwinter event,” he said, grinning proudly. “Saw you obsessing over it on your blog before you got sick. I’m pretty sure you said you’d give up your firstborn child to go.”
Yeah, I kind of did say that.
I will say, this book does go deep, there is so much more going on than the fun banter with Katy and Daemon, but do not want to say much, as to let you discover it. Lets just say, we get some questions answered, but them a slew of new ones come up. There is some great sadness we will have to deal with, and tears will be shed.
Now, back to some light funny stuff, I will do some quotes, fun, non-spoilery ones. Here is one, that had me laughing out loud, and I got some funny looks from my family, lol.
Startled by the deep voice, I shrieked and whipped around. My foot slipped on a section of well-cleaned wood and my butt smacked on the floor.
“Holy crap,” I gasped, clutching my chest. “I think I’m having a heart attack.”
“And I think you broke your butt.” Laughter filled Daemon’s voice..
Here is another funny one, when Katy and Carissa are passing a note back and forth in class, writing about how hot Daemon is:
I laughed under my breath and wrote back,
Daemon always looks hot!!!
Stretching into the aisle, I went to drop the note back on Carissa’s desk. Before it could leave my fingertips, it was snatched from my hand. Son of a donkey butt! My mouth dropped 
open and my cheeks burned. Twisting around in my seat, I glared at Daemon.
He held the note close to his chest and grinned. “Passing notes is bad,” he murmured.
Ok, enough of the funny, lets leave the last quotes for some yummy scenes, I even include a scene from Daemons POV, its an extra in the back of the ebook version. Not sure if the physical book has it or not, but added a short piece of it.
His hands…his kisses were completely undoing me. And when his hand moved down my stomach, slipping even farther down, I opened my eyes, his name barely a whisper. A faint whitish-red glow outlined his body, throwing shadows along the walls of his bedroom. There was something soul-burningly beautiful about being on the brink of losing control, tumbling over into the unknown, and I wanted to fall and never resurface.
Now, here is that exact same scene, from Daemon’s point of view, what a nice rare look inside his head. These are just kissing scenes, and really do not give anything away, as we know there have been similar stuff go on, then they would end up insulting each other, lol, classic Daemon and Katy style. Not saying that’s what happens, but just saying, it’s not always what you think.
With my name on her lips and with barely anything separating us, I felt the last of my control slipping. Whitish-red light radiated off of me, bathing Kat in the warm glow. There was nowhere that my hands didn’t explore, and the way her body arched into the slightest touch, I was awed and consumed. Kissing her and drawing her deep inside me, I never wanted this to end. She was perfect to me. She was mine, and I wanted her more than I wanted anything in my life.
I hope you liked the extras of this review. I thought it would be fun for you, without giving too much away. I didn’t want to go and summarize it all, as there is too much I could spoil. So just go get the book, and get to reading it already! You will love it, but if you had not read Obsidian or Shadows the prequel, you need to read them, You do need to read Shadows, as there is lots going on in this book, that has to do with Shadows. Trust me, you need to read it. You can read it after Obsidian, or before, I think before is better, but not necessary.
I highly recommend this book to any Jennifer L Armentrout fan, or anyone that is a fan of Sci fi/Paranormal romances.  So if you never read any of her books, go get the first one Obsidian, and the Prequel Shadows, then read this one. Opal the 3rd Lux book should be out in Dec. I can’t wait.
Here is my Obsidian review, with some cool quotes and pics too
And if you need more Onyx and don't mind more quotes, go here to my post for the Onyx book trailer, i do a fun post with more quotes and stuff. See at bottom of post for the first 3 chapters of Onyx!

Laptop scene is what Jennifer posted at her blog for us to enjoy. Here is her blog you can find pics more than I have here over there, she has giveaways, and extras, like extra scenes to all her books. Check it out. 

Laptop Scene from Obsidian... from Vania S on Vimeo.

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