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#Giveaway ~ Dark Promise by M.L. Guida (Underworld #2) ~ #Review

Dark Promise (Underworld #1)
By M.L. Guida

Genre: Contemporary Paranormal

Publisher: Kensington
Date of Publication:  March 4, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-61650-537-1

Number of pages:  146
Word Count:  36000

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Book Description:

Love can unlock the secret to saving two worlds.

As the Golden Aspen Tree withers, darkness consumes the Dragon Demons of the Underworld, turning them feral. Prince Eric Wyvern must keep his darkness at bay and woo the silver-haired human tainted with angel blood whose touch is prophesied to save the Golden Tree and restore light to the Underworld.
Cassandra Wright, a gifted psychic, has dreamed of Eric her whole life. When her dream lover joins her on a ski vacation, he plunges her into a nightmare.

Imprisoned in a dying world filled with abuse and torture, she must become the Demon Prince’s mate or remain trapped forever. If she fails to fulfill the prophecy, the darkness will spread to her world. But how can she give herself to this dark and frightening version of the man of her dreams?

About the Author:

M.L. Guida has been in love with the paranormal since she was a little girl. Vampires, demons and witches oh my! She has always been fascinated by these supernatural beings and weaves these creatures into her novels. But the love story is the center of every novel. Strong heroes and heroines are what drive her stories and their ability to overcome conflict and live happily ever after.  She lives in beautiful Colorado and many of her stories are based in the mountains.

Besides writing, she enjoys taking her dog for walks and cheering her nephews and nieces on at their games. When on vacation, she’s always up for a good ghost tour and has gone on tours in London, Edinburgh, Rome and Key West. Her favorite being London’s Jack the Ripper tour.  

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I gave this book 4 stars, but would have done 3 ½ if it was an option at all the review sites. I guess my biggest problem with this book, it that I hated Cassandra in a big way. I really tried to like her, I really did, but she rubbed me the wrong way from the start and it just got worse when she finally meets the guy she has dreamed about for so long. She was such a bitch in the beginning. Seemed she was nervous and I guess she got brave enough to be extremely rude. She did the exact opposite of what she really wanted. I mean she dreamed of this man for years ,very sexual dreams too, and she is a virgin, which makes her even more unbelievable to me.

I was confused a bit at why so much time was devoted to Cassies best friend, Lilly, as well as her ex as they really didn’t contribute much to the story. It was short enough as it was, so to me could have done without it. It just wasn’t relevant in my opinion.

Cassie has always felt like an outcast because of her abilities, and I found it nuts that when someone comes along and actually has explanations for her, she blows them off, I just found her very unlikable.

Loved Eric though, he is too good for Cassie in my opinion. So thank goodness for him, or it would have been harder to like this at all, But I did like the story overall. The best parts for me where when Cassie and Eric were on Earth, not the Underworld. I found the torture scenes very disturbing too. I do not recommend this for any younger readers, only adults due to the explicit sex scenes and the gory torture scenes.

Overall it’s gripping and you won’t want to put it down. I still do recommend it to the mature crowd who doesn’t mind the disturbing gore of torture and sex scenes that are pretty graphic.

4 out of 5 stars.

Cover: I think the cover is really well done, it’s actually what drew me to the book. Very cool. 5 out of 5 on the cover alone.

I was provided a copy of this book for my honest review.

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