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The Lunangelique Series by Kristin R. Campbell ~ Reviews ~ Book Tour ~ Excerpts

Kristin R. Campbell - Lunagelique Series - Anniversary Virtual Book Tour

Lunangelique (Lunangelique #1)
by Kristin R. Campbell
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For Alexis and Alex life has been great. They have loving parents, great friends and live a life every teenager dreams. However, they are adopted and Alexis struggles with wanting to know who their real parents are and not wanting to hurt her adopted parents. Then, a stunning guy moves across the street from them. One who has a secret past and seems to know things about Alexis. One who does mysterious things and leads her to other mysterious persons. One who pushes her to discover her extraordinary birth family and the truth between mythology and religion.

My Review (written Nov 2, 2012 before I got the other books)

WOW, I loved this book so much, and was so happy that the sequel Sleeping Gods was out and bought it right away! Man, its just as good as JLA's Covenant Series. Story is totally different, but I mean as the meshing of modern day with some mythology in  here and some angels too. This book was different in a great way.
Kristen is a brilliant author. I predict her career to be long and successful!

I won’t say too much spoiler type things, because you need to discover the wonder of this story yourself.

Alexis and Alex (Alexander) are twins, who were adopted when they were babies. Its starts with Alexis (Lexi) wanting to find out about her biological parents. Alex tries to convince her that there is no need, as they love their adoptive parents, as they are great.
Well, not long after she starts to discover many things, and meets a few new people who are more than the normal, but she doesn't know this at first. When she meets a really good artist (she is also a great artist) who could be an older twin of her brother Alex, she starts to wonder if she just found a relative or something. I won’t say more on that, you will find out.

Cole seems to be a great guy, and was wondering if he would turn out to be bad, and then Oliver, I was always un-sure of him. 

I like Lexi, she is a strong female character. I was able to relate to her, but was a bit jealous of her great talents, but there is a reason for it, lol.

Here is a small taste to get your interest up:

“Just let me go, ******. Tell the others I got away. They won’t know the truth.” He watches me slip one hand out of a cuff, looking at me with wonder in his eyes again. “What are you? Just tell me,” he pleads. I keep eye contact with him as he lets me slip the other hand out of the cuff and I stand up, rubbing the impressions left behind by the cuffs.

If you like any modern day angel, fallen angel, or mythology books, you will love this. It’s written well, better than well, brilliant!

I can't wait to get back to Sleeping Gods now. Check it out. You won’t be sorry.

5 out of 5 stars for me, and highly recommended!

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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 (About halfway into the book, a part where Lexi is trying to learn some more about what is going on, who she is etc)

I’m about to come around the corner and break up a fight that seems inevitable, but decide to wait it out. I have so many questions about Cole and I know, for sure now, that Ollie knows him from somewhere. Maybe I’ll get some answers tonight.
Cole doesn’t answer any of Ollie’s questions. Instead he asks him, “Where is your brother?” He says brother like it implies something.
“Looking for more of your kind to rip apart,” Ollie spits at him.
Cole winces, but I don’t know if it’s from what he said or how he said it. “What are you going to do to me Samson?” His voice sounds worn out. “You’ve already ripped me apart. I have nothing. You’ve stripped me of everything.”
Ollie laughs wickedly and then turns serious. “I noticed Lexi was given someone’s wings,” he says with understanding. “I didn’t imagine it would have been yours. It never even occurred to me.  Didn’t think you had it in you; to part with something of yourself.” He must be talking about the necklace. Uh, oh. That means he’s figured out we’re dating.
He walks up closer to Cole and grabs him by the hair, pushing him down to the ground. Cole doesn’t even struggle.
“What do you want with the girl? Who is she to you?” His voice roars so loud, I’m afraid others might hear and come running back here to see what is happening. I look back to see if anyone is behind me, but thankfully, there is no one.
“Again, I’ll remind you that you can’t do anything more to me. You can’t kill me. Why don’t you just leave me alone?” Cole asks Ollie defiantly.
Ollie lets go of Cole’s hair and pushes him into the ground. “Who is she?” he asks again.
Cole stands back up and wipes the dirt from his clothing. He takes his time, avoiding the question. After he is done cleaning himself off, he stands up straight and keeps his arms to the side with his hands formed into fists while Ollie circles him. Ollie is either studying him or trying to intimidate. I have to admit, I feel intimidated and I’m not the one he’s circling.
“Why would you think she’s anybody?” Cole finally says, making my heart start to sink, but then it rises when he continues, “Why would you assume she’s anyone besides someone I just want to be with? Why do you always assume there has to be an ulterior motive?”
“Because you are always plotting. Because you don’t do anything except work towards accomplishing a goal that is a huge scam. A hoax that your ‘master’ has convinced you, and all the other fallen idiots, is true.”
“You’re the idiot, Samson. One day you will see that. I don’t understand how you’ve been so blind all these years. The truth has been all around you.”
Ollie shakes his head in remorse. “Why are you with her, Astaroth?” Ollie asks one more time.
“Because I love her.”
My heart is beating frantically in my chest. I don’t know how to breathe all of a sudden. Did Cole just say what I think he said?
What about all the other things that were said.  I wanted answers and all I’m getting is more questions. What did Ollie mean ‘more of your kind, someone’s wings, master, accomplishing a goal?’ And there was mention of ‘fallen’?
He said he loved me! Does he really or is Ollie’s assumption true, that he has an ulterior motive? Is he using me?
Thoughts start to merge and take form in my mind. The pieces are putting themselves together, but I don’t think I like it or believe it. More importantly: what am I going to do about it?

Sleeping Gods (Lunangelique #2)
by Kristin R. Campbell

Alexis must pick up the broken pieces of her heart and pull herself together because she has a mission: To awaken the sleeping gods. When she is at the point of giving up, wearing her pretend smiles and feels like there is nothing left of herself, her friend becomes her savior. Patryck helps put Alexis back together again and in return Alexis sees him as something more than a friend… 

Together with her brother, Alex, her father, Edmund, and a team of angels they make their way to Mount Latmos, to awaken the gods. But obstacles are in their way, one of them being Cole, the traitor, the one who shattered Alexis’ heart. 

New friends and family she never thought she would meet will come to aid Alexis.

… And a love will blossom that will redefine the saying, “Love you forever.”

My Review of Sleeping Gods

This story just keeps getting better and better. I had a big gap of time in reading book one, and this one, just got too busy and never got back to it, so I started this one over, and also read the last few chapters of book one to get my memory triggered, and it worked, and just loved this one. I am now glad I didn’t finish this one back when I first bought it, as I would have went crazy from that cliffhanger ending. I was glad I was able to pick up Awakened Gods (Book #3) right away.

This story continues pretty much where book one left off. Its gets really interesting from there. I wont get into the story too much, so not to spoil it for you.

Trust me if you like mythology type books, or angel ones, you will love this series.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars, and highly recommend it.

I did get a copy of this book with the tour sign up, but I already had bought this book from Amazon.

This review is also at Amazon, and Goodreads

 (Parts of the first few chapters)

(Alexis Point of View)

Cole is gone. And that is why I am a “robot, or maybe it is a zombie.” I don’t care which one I have become. All I know is that the brain is still functioning, telling the body its basic needs, how to move its limbs, how to talk. But my heart is dead. No. Worse. My heart has been ripped out of my chest, stomped on and is rotting away somewhere for the birds to pick at. I don’t know where it is. I don’t know where Cole is. I’m the Tin Man and all I want to do is find a heart. My heart. My Cole.
“Cole, come back,” I whisper to myself as I stare out the living room window towards his house. My hand instinctively moves to the angel-winged necklace around my neck. The necklace Cole gave me when we first met; made from the wings that were once a part of him. At least there is something left.
A tear escapes my eye. I reach up and touch it and look down at it, dumbfound. I haven’t cried in months. I used to cry. I cried a lot when Cole first disappeared, left. I cried when I went to bed so I could hide my tears from my family. I didn’t want them to worry. I didn’t want my dad to ‘couch’ me and use his psychiatry skills. I acted normal. I was ‘okay’, in the day time. But at night, my pillow would be my best friend as I sobbed into it. I know Alex heard me but he wouldn’t mention anything.
(Cole point of view)

I can see Lexi, staring right at me through her living room window. She doesn’t even know I’m watching her as I stand farther back from the window in the home right across from her. She couldn’t even imagine that I never stayed away for very long.
Her arm is outstretched towards the window and my heart feels like it has collected a new crack, adding to the hundreds more crossing the small organ. I can see her with crystal clear clarity with my angel eyes. I can see her silvery blond hair, her wide, beautiful, haunting blue eyes, her flawlessly pale skin, her mouth that moves as if she’s talking to someone, but I can see there is no one else in the room with her.
She reaches up and grasps my wings. Made into a pendant for a necklace I gave her. She’s never taken it off and my heart warms, knowing she still loves me.
A tear streaks down her cheek and between that and the gesture of touching the pendant, I almost break my resolve and rush over to comfort her. To beg forgiveness and make new promises that I will never leave her again.
But I can’t! I punch the wall in frustration, earning another hole in the wall. I’ve been having these same internal battles from the moment I left. Warring between giving her what is best for her and what she wants now. So far, what is best always ends up winning. Part of my redemption.
Neither one of us can have what we want. That’s my punishment for the betrayal I committed.  I’m just sorry Lexi has to pay for it. It won’t last long, though. That’s what I keep telling myself. Lexi will eventually move on. She’s still so young.
I have to keep reminding myself of that at times like these when I see her hurting so much. She’s young. She’ll move on. Her heart will heal. But this isn’t normal. I’ve seen millions of teenage girls cry over a guy but within a few weeks to a month, they’ve moved on. So why hasn’t, Lexi?
It’s not normal. That’s it. I need to stop doing this to her and go over there.
I march over to the bedroom door and swing it open purposefully. This is my chance. I need to talk to Lexi. Beg for forgiveness. Let her beat the crap out of me if it makes her feel better. Anything to take the haunted, depressed expression off her face.
I make it to the top of the stairs and hear my phone go off from the nightstand where I left it next to the bed. No, Dammit! Why now? With a sigh of defeat I drag my feet back to the room. I know who it is. It’s who it always is. Kakabel. He’s probably calling with another mission, but I can’t complain. It’s my redemption and it could be worse. So much worse.
“Astaroth,” I answer indifferently.
“There’s a sighting of activity to the west. Along Route 58, near the private airport. Check it out,” Kakabel’s demeaning voice commands me.
“Right on it, sir.” I end the call and throw the phone down on the bed where it bounces off and crashes to the hardwood floor. Fortunately, it doesn’t break.
Dammit! I swear it’s like he knows when I’m about to slip up… I freeze at that thought. Shit! He does know!
Patryck frickin’ Phanuel, interpreter of revelations.
They are so not playing nice. Everyone knows Phanuel isn’t supposed to mess with the future. How much of Lexi’s future has he messed with? I want to kill that bastard!
And how could Kakabel let this happen? How could he use Phanuel in such a way? Not that he’s probably complaining. They’ve practically been planning a betrothal with Lexi for years. Kakabel loves the golden haired pervert. And that’s exactly what Phanuel is, a frickin’ pervert.
He doesn’t love Lexi. He just wants to get between her legs and into her father’s heart. Phanuel has never been anything more than a suck-up; trying to manipulate his way up in rank. All the way to Kakabel’s right hand man.
Selene is going to kill Kakabel when she finds out he’s been using Phanuel to mess with Lexi’s future. Has he forgotten her wrath? I hope I’m in town to see that show. If we ever get her out of that cave.
I look back out the window and watch Kaitlyn guide Lexi into her car. She holds onto Lexi as they walk and then opens the passenger door for her and helps her inside.
What is Kaitlyn thinking? What is Lexi doing? She’s stronger than this. She’s survived so much more.
“Shit!” I scream out before punching another hole into the wall.

Awakened Gods (Lunangelique #3)
by Kristin R. Campbell

Lexi has fulfilled her destiny and now the gods have awakened, but is that a good thing?

Now, Lexi lives in a world that is on a global collapse. The gods are angry that they have been forsaken and are seeking revenge on humanity. The oceans are in turmoil, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcano eruptions and famine are causing global chaos, and the sun is being held hostage in an astrological phenomenal, never-ending solar eclipse by the avenging Helios. 

Then, there is the problem of Zeus’ threat. Lexi must choose between giving herself to him or watching the “abominable” angels die by his hand. Not to mention, Hera, Zeus’ wife, is proposing her own jealous-driven proposition to Lexi: stay away from her husband or the angels and everyone dear to her will die. Lexi sees no way out of either predicaments and it puts a strain on her relationship with Cole. Will she lose him either way?

My Review of Awakened Gods

Wow, I didn’t see that ending coming, that’s for sure. I am not sure how I feel about it. I was shocked, but not really disappointed either.

I will try to keep this spoiler free, but I am sure if you had not read the first 2 book, there will be some spoilers for them, just about impossible to write a review on a 3rd book and not have some spoilers for the previous books.

I loved this series for sure. The world that the author creates in modern day is amazing, the different realms and all that. Olympus and the Underworld were described with great detail without over doing it. I felt like i was there.

I was on the edge of my seat through most of Awakened Gods. So much happens, its intense. And the awful things pour Alexis goes through sure shows how tough she can be.

I love Cole even more in this book. I always was rooting for him anyway, but you learn so much more about him in Awakened Gods. It’s very interesting, and you would never guess it. He is more than we knew in the first 2 books. He is a “special” angel, not like the others, you will find out what I mean when you read the book.

I liked how much Alexis’ twin brother, Alex grew in this book. He really grew up and took control. I liked seeing that.

Overall it’s a great series, and a great ending to it. I hate to see it end though.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, just like the previous 2. I am really glad I had waited to read Sleeping Gods after I had read book one, as I would have gone nuts after the ending to Sleeping Gods if I didn't have this book on hand. I would have hated waiting, as it had a cliffhanger and it was nice to just pick up Awakened Gods after I finished.

If you like mythology and angels in modern day setting, with great characters and all the excitement, you will love this series. So check it out.

I was provided a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

This review is also posted at Amazon, and Goodreads.

Excerpt (Just the Prologue so to keep spoiler free)
“Things are going to be different now,” the man turns to the elder woman and proclaims.
“Yes, but it needs to be done,” she agrees.
“They won’t be accepting of their destiny at fist. It will take a lot of persuading.”
“I know you will succeed. Failure is not an option.” The woman walks towards the blooming roses and stops to inhale their scent. “She is willful and will turn away at first. She is smart, though, and will see the need.”
“What about the other one?” The man stands behind the woman and glances at their surroundings. There is nothing to see in the never-ending landscape, except the roses.
The woman stands up and looks across the land at where the man is gazing. A building appears out of nowhere. “He will be the alternative if all else fails.” The man turns back to the woman and looks at her with thousands of questions in his eyes. “Part of the alternative,” she says with a shrug. 
“You think it will come to this?”
“I see a course being set that could lead to this, yes.” She shakes her head and turns back to the roses. “I hope there will be roses here, again, someday. I have a feeling this will be my new favorite world.”

About the Author

Currently living in Utah with her husband and two children, Kristin is prior military and has pursued Religion, History and Legal Studies before finally settling with a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. An author herself and self-proclaimed workaholic, she also loves hiking, traveling, spoiling her babies and, of course, reading and writing.

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