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Severed Colours ( Colour Wielders #2) by Dawna Raver ~ 5 Star Review ~ First Chapter

Severed Colours (Colour Wielders #2)
by Dawna Raver

Warning: This book is not your mother's fantasy. If you thought Arik Morgaine was hot in Colour Wielders, wait until you see him now. He's had a taste of Quinn and now he'll do whatever it takes to keep her even if it means crossing the line between right and wrong. Don't let the cover fool you. This book is hot!

The epic continues… 

Quinn Sinclair trusted Arik Morgaine until he betrayed her. Scared and alone, she finds herself delivered into the hands of the evil Morgana le Fay. When Quinn discovers Morgana's plans are beyond demented and seriously depraved—making life with the Changeling seem like a day at the beach—she wonders if death is a better option?

Arik Morgaine vowed he'd save Quinn no matter the price. When his well thought out plans go terribly awry, a desperate and heartbroken Arik is forced to beg the cruel Triarchia for help. Unwilling to go on without his Älskling, he answers a question that irrevocably alters their lives.

Can Arik and Quinn find a way back to each other, or will the price of saving her rip them apart forever?

About the Author:

Dawna Raver didn't always want to be a writer, but the voices in her head keep sending her stories, ranging from new adult, romantic fantasy and contemporary romance.
When she's not spending time in her fantasy world, Dawna loves football, reading, and pretending she's a top chef in the kitchen. Oh, and fawning over her dogs and husband, sometimes in that order.

I loved this book so much, I had a few issues with Quinn, she got on my nerves sometimes, but she did have an excuse, so will let that slide, lol. What the Triarchia do is horrid, and hate what it does to Quinn and Arik’s relationship.

I just loved Arik so much in this book, I felt so bad for him much of the time, the pain he was in because of what happened with Quinn just breaks your heart for him.

The suspense was killing me while reading this. It’s much more in depth than even the first book, and I liked it even more than it, and I loved it too.

I can’t say too much without giving away anything, and do not want to spoil anything from the first book as well. If you had not read the first book, Colour Wielders, then you need to go read that first for sure, as it’s an ongoing story, and you would be lost without reading the first book.

I highly recommend to people who love fantasty/urban fantasy books. This has a unique twist on many things, like the fae, the gods of mythology and even Morgana from the Aruthian legend. So it’s very interesting how it all comes together.

5 out of 5 stars for me. I really enjoyed it, and can’t wait to read book 3. Hope its out soon.

I was provided a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

Large, purpose-driven hands caressed Quinn’s side, pulling her into him. His front to her back, their bodies fit together perfectly. Two separate individuals with jagged edges, that when put together, became a smooth, complete whole.
“Älskling.” His voice in her ear came as smooth as melted chocolate. Warm, soft lips lavished kisses down her neck. She responded to his touch, pushing back into his hard body, closing the small gaps that kept them from being together.
She started to turn over to face him, his name hovering on her lips. “Arik.”
Quinn opened her eyes and hugged herself. She was alone. The dream or the vision, and its all too real images, wrenched at her broken heart.
“Why Arik? Why did you do this to me? To us?”
Pulling herself upright, Quinn walked to the window. She stared out into a night so black, the only thing she saw was the devastated woman reflected in the glass. Rapidly blinking, she wished herself home. She closed her eyes and tapped her heels together three times. If it worked for Dorothy…?
“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”
She opened her eyes and sighed. Her location hadn’t changed. That trick only happened for the ruby slipper-clad heroine. Quinn was a Magykal, cut off from her powers, most likely by the grieving Unicorn living on her wrist. The small display of Faery Fire she’d wielded in front of Morgana had been all she could muster. Shifting herself home to her beloved Conifer, Colorado, away from Wales and Morgana’s castle was impossible. Not even the protective signet ring her father, High King Finn Bheara, gifted her years ago worked. Morgana’s Magyk overpowered all else.
“Damn it, Arik!” Once again, Quinn let herself be duped by a man who said and did all the right things only to betray her; this time for a mother, he claimed to hate.
Or did he? Quinn couldn’t shake the image of his lips mouthing the word Älskling when he’d grabbed her hands to stop her from attacking Morgana.
And his eyes…
They’d turned from black to tourmaline-blue, his normal color. She was sure of it. Yet, here she sat, alone and frightened, wondering exactly how she’d get herself free from this mess.
Squaring her shoulders, she corrected her attitude. If she gave into self-pity, she'd drown in it. But she was so incredibly tired, and at times, lost. Lost to herself, lost to her situation, lost to everything. She stared at the face reflected in the window. The face was familiar, yet for the life of her, she didn’t recognize it. Her hand came up and touched her nose, and she watched the action in the window. The reflected hand moved down to caress the image's bottom lip just as her hand did the same. Quinn knew there was a connection between the reflection and herself, knew she should recognize what she saw, but she didn’t. For one paralyzing moment, all cognitive functions ceased. Intrinsic ones like breathing, recall, and all the five senses abandoned her. Even her name fled her brain.
As quick as it overwhelmed her, the sensation abated.
Angry, terrified tears perched ready to fall. Quinn sucked in a ragged breath and refused her tears exit.
“What the hell is happening to me?” She shook her head and touched her reflection. “This is me,” she said, as her faculties returned. “Quinn Sinclair.”
Removing her hand from the window, she watched the print slowly dissolve to nothing. Would the same happen with her? Would she simply disappear into obscurity after Morgana finished with her?
“Damn you, Arik. This is your fault.” But really, the fault belonged to her for not listening when people warned her away from him. A tiny part of her held onto the hope he worked a bigger plan. An elaborate ruse that would free her from his mother. The more time passed, the likelihood that Arik had played her started to seem probable. He'd taken advantage of her vulnerability to get her where he wanted her. The thought hurt worse than an Iron knife blade into her heart.
Only the memory of him saying Älskling, and the change in his eye color, kept that hope from completely fading.
“Neela,” the Unicorn’s name squeezed past the sob poised in Quinn’s throat. With her thumb, she stroked the tattoo on her wrist that held her Unicorn Protector.
Neela weakly lifted her head, offering Quinn a heartbreaking whinny. Then she flopped on her side, defeated.
The Unicorn’s outpouring of grief continued to block Quinn’s meager Magyk. Neela had given what little power she had left to help Quinn wield Faery Fire against the Changeling. But the loss of her mate, Zedda, killed by the Changeling, had destroyed her. No amount of comfort soothed her Protector. As the tattoo slowly faded, so did the Unicorn. The idea brought unmeasurable sadness to Quinn; she’d already lost so much.
On top of all this, she missed her brother and worried whether he’d survived his own Awakening. When the Changeling stormed her home, kidnapping her, Iain had been at Devin’s Keep in Scotland on the Magykal side, enduring his Awakening.
What about Maddy, her cousin? Last time Quinn saw her, she was unconscious on the bed, done in by the Changeling crashing the wards surrounding her home. And Voli and Dagr, her dogs? Had they kept Maddy safe from whatever else happened? If any harm came to them…
Any minute, the Changeling would come in here and demand she return to his bed, and she’d be helpless to resist him.
“No!” Quinn screamed and tugged at her hair in desperation. Whatever else happened to her, she was not going to allow the Changeling anywhere near her. If it meant taking her life, she’d do it.
Quinn tromped to the ornately carved, mahogany, four-poster bed and flung herself on it. Clutching the blood-red, velvet duvet, she buried her face in the pillow and screamed until her voice faded into a whimper.
Just as her screaming fit ended, the door opened and Morgana le Fay strolled into the room.
Quinn didn’t need to lift her head to know who came into the chamber. Arik’s mother’s Magykal signature announced her, loud and clear. Quinn felt like a thousand multi-Coloured fireflies invaded her mind, bouncing around her brain, painfully lighting up her synapses. These Colours weren’t bright and cheerful; they were Dark and dangerous, dazing her eyes, and making them water.
She turned over and glared at Morgana, denying the urge to rub away Morgana’s intrusive energy.
“Get up, Princess. Act like the royal you are and address your host. Manners always.”
“Bite me, Morgana. Not host but captor.”
“Semantics, my child.” Morgana crossed the small room and stood by the bed with her arms akimbo. Hard sapphire eyes stared down at Quinn.
“What do you want? You’ve already taken the most important thing from me. Get on with it, then. Do your worst.” Quinn stayed on the bed and placed her arms behind her head.
“Princess, I will not tell you again. Get up and face me willingly, or I will force you.” Morgana pursed her cranberry lips as a cold wind blew through the room.
“Screw you. I may not be able to fight you, but I sure as hell won’t bow to you. I repeat, do your worst. I seriously couldn't care less.”
“As you wish.” Morgana lifted her left arm, and then bent her index finger, once, then twice. That small gesture propelled Quinn off the bed, landing her in front of Morgana.
Quinn swayed as she found her footing just as Neela lifted her head and snorted angrily. The Unicorn struggled to get up but failed.
Morgana cackled, obviously enjoying Quinn’s impotence.
“What are you wearing, child? This will never do.” With a wave of her hand, Quinn’s dress turned into a low-cut, tight-fitting emerald gown.
Quinn touched her head and was not surprised to find a circlet adorning her hair.
“Much better. Now at least you look a Princess.” Morgana walked a slow, assessing circle around her.
Quinn stiffened, keeping her posture ramrod straight even though inside she trembled.
“My son is in love with you. Were you aware of that? But of course you are. Why, I cannot fathom. You are entirely too Irish looking in my opinion. Those purple-tanzanite eyes! Finn Bheara’s brat to be sure.” She flicked a strand of Quinn’s dark-auburn hair; she then dusted off her hand in disgust.
“You’re wrong. Arik doesn’t love me. You don’t do this to someone you love.”
“Hmm. Perhaps, but he considers you special enough to bring you here. His adoration for you will be the reason his plan fails.”
“What plan? The one where he screws me, and then turns me over to the mother he claims to hate?”
Morgana grabbed Quinn’s hand, and turned it palm up. She traced her lifeline with her long index finger. Dark imposing Colours washed over Quinn, bringing with it a wave of sickening dizziness.
Quinn yanked her hand back, and Morgana laughed.
“Arik’s sudden about-face has nothing to do with new-found affection for me. He believes I am the option of last resort. That only I can save you from being destroyed by your Awakening. He is right. My son is nothing if not brilliant. But he also believes he can play me, getting what he wants without paying the price I demand.”
Morgana leaned in and whispered in her ear, “He is wrong. The price I require is much higher than he can possibly pay.”
Quinn trembled, and then cursed herself for reacting.
“But never the mind, I have what I want. The question remains, what shall I do with you? A quandary indeed. Waste not, want not.” Morgana smoothed her blood-red gown as she narrowed her eyes in consideration. The woman adored the color of blood.
The thought turned Quinn’s stomach.
“My Changeling also seems besotted with you; though your little Fire play surely squelched some of his adoration. A dilemma all the same. Let us not forget about the Highlander, which is another story entirely. Who would have thought Corra’s less-than-favorite child would garner such appreciation before her Awakening has even graced her? There really is no accounting for taste.”
Morgana’s comment about her mother struck Quinn’s heart. She swallowed hard against the treacherous emotions trying to take her over.
“To whom do I give you? My first instinct is to award you to the Changeling, but I think my son will balk at that decision. The Highlander is a wild card. Could go either way with him.” Morgana tapped her index finger on her chin. Her bright red, painted nail skimmed over her bottom lip.
I am not property to be awarded to the highest bidder! Quinn screamed in her head.
Morgana’s gaze darkened as if she’d heard the silent protest.
“I see two courses of actions I can pursue; three really, but I cannot trust the third option.”
Quinn tilted her head. Devin? Was he the third, and why did Morgana think he’d cooperate? Certainly, he’d never align himself with Morgana?
“Arik or the Changeling. One or the other will join us in the Marbh Chamber.”
A shudder rode across Quinn’s body, and she shrunk back from Morgana.
“The choice is up to you, Princess. Do as I bid, give yourself over to me willingly and I will allow Arik to join us.” Morgana studied her nails. Lifting her head, she coldly stared into Quinn’s eyes.
Quinn tried to look away, but found herself unable to break the gaze that pulled her in and held her captive.
“Defy me, or cause any difficulty whatsoever, and the Changeling it is.”
Marbh Chamber? Why am I going to the prison?”
Marbh Chamber, my child, is the In Between. The only place which is neither Mortal nor Magykal. Inside, Magyk is suspended indefinitely. Since you are forbidden to go to the Magykal Realm, MarbhChamber is the best option for your survival. Your Awakening is upon you; your Colours vibrate, quivering for release. Hours, perhaps a day, exist before we must enter the chamber. Choose now, or I will decide for you. Who you Soul Touch with is of no consequence to me.”
“No! I will not be given to the Dubh. I will off myself first. I’d rather be dead than be like you!”
“How you do go on, child,” Morgana laughed her voice as sharp and smooth as a pearl handled dagger, and just as deadly. “You know not what you say. I am the most powerful Magykal in both Realms.” She extended both arms in front of her. “Of course, you want to be like me. I am the original Faery Queen, and it is time for me to sit on the throne once again. Regardless of what the vision says, and who your parents are, you are no queen.”
Morgana’s matter-of-fact, over-confident tone sent ice water through Quinn’s veins. “I never claimed to be a queen, and my father will—”
“No, no! Your father nothing. I have neutralized any silly attempts by anyone to save you. The Wards and the Fool’s Fog surrounding my castle are impenetrable.”
Morgana roughly held Quinn’s wrist and examined Neela’s tattoo. “See, not even Zaira’s gift of protection is of any use. In fact, this Unicorn has done an excellent job of keeping your meager Magyk at bay. I shall have to thank the Emissary next time I see her. And this ring? Psh!”
Morgana grabbed Quinn’s right hand and twisted it until the ring faced her. “Nothing.”
Then her voice lowered almost to a snarl. “You are mine, Princess. Now and forever.”
“Go to hell, Morgana le Fay. I belong to me and no one else.”
Before Quinn could register Morgana’s movements, she found herself lifted by the neck, cut off from life-sustaining oxygen.
“While I admire your pluck, I also find it cumbersome.” Arik’s mother dropped Quinn to the floor into a puddle of satin.
Quinn clutched at her neck, recalling how Morgana had done the same to Maddy once upon a time.
“So many new avenues come to mind,” Morgana said, changing subjects. “You and my son have recently lain together. I can still sense his Magyk combined with yours. It is a strong pairing, one embraced by the Fiorghrá.”
Quinn’s mouth dropped open, and she immediately shut it. That Morgana could sense the Fiorghrá, a Druid true mate's Magyk, shocked her.
Morgana smiled. “Oh yes, I know how Myrddin Emrys’ ancient Magyk has chosen the two of you. Once your powers are in place, assuming you survive, you will be formidable, especially with the Dubhrunning throughout you. Arik will give himself over as well, when he sees his love taken by the Dubh. What a glorious day that will be. Oh, the children you will bear! I will make you the royal child-bearer, mother to a new race of Magykals. What an exalted title to have. You, Arik, the Changeling, and I will usher in a new dynasty. Between the four of us, the children will be magnificent! With no outside interference, this royal bloodline will be pure, and pure it will stay. A limited selection of parents will keep us strong and invincible.” Morgana smiled widely, showing what Quinn swore were slightly pointed teeth.
She threw up a little in her mouth at the thought of Morgana's plan. No! Dagda, help me. No!
Had Quinn heard Morgana correctly? Did she intend for brothers and sisters to mate with each other? There was no way she’d breed the Magykal equivalent of seven-toed freaks. Though Quinn tried to keep the horror from her face, when Morgana gave her a triumphant grin, she knew she had failed.
“Don’t worry, child, once you are given to theDubh, you will see the necessity of my plan. We want only the strongest, most powerful Magykals ruling. Therefore, we must guarantee the line of succession is unadulterated by inferior blood.”
“Are you batshit crazy? Do you honestly believe Cet, Týr, my father, or Zaira, for that matter, will allow any of your insane plan to happen? They will never allow you to interbreed Magykals.”
Besides, Arik is a fluke. You’re a barren, dried up bitch! Thank you, Myrddin Emrys.
“The four of them are nothing but fleas on a wandering mongrel. Their refusal to see the bigger picture will be their demise. Once the Faerying Mysts are expanded by Dubh, I will be omnipotent.”
According to the vision, working the Expansion Spell without Devin was impossible. Without a doubt, Devin would never give himself to the Dubh.
“If you are wondering about the Highlander, I have plans for him. Everything is in place. This is no folly. Iwill succeed, Princess, because I have a failsafe.”
A failsafe?
“What about Moincata? I’m sure he has other ideas.”
“Psh!” Morgana hissed like an angry feline. “Another flea on the same mongrel. At the moment, he serves a purpose. He has done a fine job in keeping your father and Týr’s mighty armies busy on the Mortal side. When I no longer need him, he too will be dispatched.”
Quinn swallowed. Either this woman was insane, or they were all fucked!
Slowly, she pulled herself to her feet. Her neck burned from her interaction with Morgana’s Magyk, but she kept her discomfort to herself. As much as she wanted to fight, to do something besides cower, pissing off Morgana le Fay would make things much worse. Better to pray. Pray hard that somehow, someway, this might all work out in her favor.
“I will take my leave now. There are many preparations yet to be made before we enter theMarbh Chamber. I suggest you rest and think wisely on your future. I will not ask twice.”
“I’ve given you my answer. Nothing you say or do will change it.”
“Daft girl.” Morgana threw her head back and laughed; her jet black hair fell only inches above the floor in a sleek curtain. Then, before Quinn could react, Morgana flew at her, once again holding her by her neck. Obsidian eyes, with no whites, glared up at her dangling body. The paleness of Morgana’s perfect skin made them seem even more terrifying.
“You will learn to heel at my feet, Princess Quinn Sinclair, or you will suffer the consequences. I know where your brother is. Sooner or later, I will bend him to my will, or he will die. Think about that while you slumber.”
Morgana uttered two words in Gaelic, and Quinn fell into blackness.

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