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Relentless (Dark Prophecy #2) By Molly M. Hall ~ Book Tour ~ #Book Review

Relentless: A Dark Prophecy Novel (Dark Prophecy #2)
by Molly M. Hall 


"Out of the darkness and into the fire. The truth changes everything." The discovery of who and what she is changed Kat Matheson's life forever, revealing a world she never knew existed. A world filled with ominous spirits, mystical beings and dark magic. And a powerful ruler who will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal: her death. Now, in her fight to stay alive, and to protect those she loves, Kat begins the battle to take back what's hers. Teaming with the enigmatic Lovell, Kat searches for the clues that hold the secret to her destiny. Clues that take her to places she never imagined, exposing her life-and her heart-to dangers she never saw coming..

About the Author:

Molly M Hall is the author of Reckoning, and Relentless, the first two novels in the Dark Prophecy series. She also writes as MM Hall and is the author of Whispered Truth, the first novel in the Inspector Hargreaves series. She has spent most of her life in Colorado and currently lives just outside of Denver.

She pursued a degree in English Literature at Columbia College, and worked in the corporate world for several years before turning to writing full time.

When not reading or writing, she can be found listening to music, exercising, working on her very inadequate French, playing piano, or looking for inspiring landscapes to photograph.

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My Review
I was blown away by this 2nd book. I liked it a lot more than the first, and I loved that one. The thing with first books of a series is you have so much character building and just overall developing the story, so sometimes the story doesn’t take of as fast. Anyway, this was starts close to where the first ended, and after that cliffhanger, I was anxious to get into this one.

I found the main character Kat to grow a lot in this book, she did have times she was a bit irritating, but not near as much as Rick, who I didn’t come to like as much. He was way to jealous for no reason, and just clingy, I really loved Lovell, I sure am hoping Kat and Lovell get together, they would be a great couple I think.

I really should not say too much more, but will give you a few teasers of scenes I liked:

This one more of a tease, and shows some of Ricks aggravating ways, lol:

"We're going through the portal. We don't have a choice."
My eyes widen. "What? Now?"
"What are you talking about?" Rick asks. "What portal?"
Lovell turns to Rick. "I want you to stay here in the trees. Once Kat and I are gone, Li will leave, too. Then it will be safe for you to return to your truck."
"What the hell are you talking about? What do you mean 'when you and Kat are gone'?"
"Lovell," I say, the shakiness in my voice betraying my tension. "I'm not ready for this—"
"You don't have a choice," Lovell replies, taking my hand and moving us closer to the center of the trees. "This stops, right now!" Rick shouts. "I want answers!"
As the words leave Rick's mouth, his voice carries up the hill, and I know we've been spotted.

And this one I really like I won’t say who the guy is, lol
"Kat," he whispers.
Unable to stop myself, I rise on to the tips of my toes and bring my mouth to his. Electric fire spreads through my body, burning away the cold and chill. He wraps an arm around my waist, clasping me to his chest. My mouth opens beneath his, and I feel the energy surging through me. He spins and presses me against the wall, his hands running down my ribcage and over my hips. Everywhere he touches me is exquisite torture, igniting my skin with tingling heat that sinks all the way to my bones. I wrap my leg around his hip, pushing against him and pulling his face back down to mine. Our lips meet, hot and hungry. I run my tongue along his bottom lip, soft and smooth before he groans and his tongue catches mine. He tastes like salt and mint and the faintest trace of cinnamon.

Overall a great paranormal romance, with some magic, danger and some steam too, with some fantasy too. I highly recommend to anyone who likes these kinds of books.

5 out of 5 stars

I was provided a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

This review is also at Amazon Here, and Goodreads Here

My review for book one, Reckoning is Here, and at Goodreads

“Damn it!” I shout in frustration, as yet another plate, the twenty-seventh to be exact, glances painfully off my shoulder before falling to the floor with a dull thud. I know because I’ve been counting—each and every one. “This is pointless!”
Lovell looks at me from across the room, arms crossed on his chest, his dark blue eyes dancing with amusement. “I think pointless is a bit extreme, Kat. If you can’t even block a plate, how can you possibly fend off an attack by a dark spirit? Or worse?”
“I really don’t think Aratus will be coming after me flinging cheap pottery,” I say acidly.
“No. He won’t.” Lovell pushes himself away from the wall, the amusement leaving his eyes. “It will be far worse than that.”
“Which is exactly why this is pointless,” I grumble, dropping tiredly onto a scratched wooden chair and rubbing my sore arm. My recently healed shoulder aches and bruises form dark patches up and down my arms and legs. If this continues, I’m going to have hard time coming up with a plausible explanation for my more than questionable appearance.
I sigh and lean back, glancing around the room. Looking at it now, it’s hard to believe it’s the same basement I’d been in just a month ago. In a matter of weeks, Lovell has transformed the space, changing it from a small warren of dark and dreary rooms, to an open, well-lit space perfect for practicing dueling with swords, throwing knives and evading flying pottery. Or attempting to. He’d removed all the interior walls, leaving only the support posts, covered the floor with thick, dark blue gym mats and applied a fresh coat of white paint throughout. The ceiling hovers too close to my head for comfort, but at least I can clearly see into all the corners.
We’ve been doing the same series of exercises for the past three weeks—fencing, throwing knives at a thick wooden board, attempting to block the plates Lovell psychically hurls in my direction—without success. I have yet to parry a single sword thrust, stick one knife into the wood or prevent a plate from colliding with my arm. Or some other equally sore body part. I’m beyond frustrated. And, at the moment, failing to see how any of it will be of use.
“You’re trying too hard to make it a purely physical response,” Lovell says, walking towards me. “It’s just as much mental as it is physical. Use your mind, Kat. Direct the flow of energy.”
I roll my eyes. “That’s what I’ve been trying to do.” "No, you haven’t." He steps carefully around the scattered piles of crockery and looks at me critically. “You’re reacting from a strictly physical standpoint—"
“Because I don’t want them to hit me!” I interrupt. “…which is to be expected,” he emphasizes, ignoring my protest. “But you have to approach it in a different way. It’s not just evasive; it’s offensive. Send it back to me.”
“What?” I snap, looking at him in confusion. “Don’t just block the plates. Send them back in my direction.”
I take a deep breath, exhaling loudly, trying to keep a rein on my impatience. “How?”
“Like I said, control the flow of energy.” He turns and walks back to the other side of the room, pushing up the sleeves of his black shirt. “You’ve done it before, you can do it again.”
I lean forward, resting my elbows on my knees and watch him—the perfection of his physical form, the ease of his movements. At six-three, his head nearly touches the low ceiling. I eye his dark hair, edging past the collar of his shirt; his broad shoulders; the smooth muscles of his back, tapering to a narrow waist and hips. His rather tight behind, looking incredibly good in his jeans…I quickly look away and run a hand through my hair, annoyed with the direction of my thoughts. And the fact that he still has that effect on me.
He turns around, tossing his dark bangs out of his eyes. “Are you ready?”
“No,” I state. “But do I have a choice?”
“No.” His blue eyes darken. “Not if you want to protect yourself.” He pauses. “Do you remember that night at the park when the lights of the streetlamp exploded?”
I nod. As if I could forget.
You’re the one who caused that to happen. Just do the same thing again.”
“Easy for you to say. I have no idea how I did it. It just…happened. It wasn’t like I was trying to make them explode.”
“Think about it. It was a very concentrated flow of energy. Easy enough to do…just stay focused.”
I shake my head slowly. I already have a screaming headache from trying to ‘focus’ for the past hour. Hearing Lovell reiterate the fact isn’t helping.
“You can do this, Kat,” Lovell says firmly. He shrugs. “Or you can just give up and forget about seeing Rachel again. Just walk away and leave her to Aratus. It’s up to you.” He bends down and begins gathering the thin, round discs of pottery that litter the floor.
I stand up, suddenly filled with anger. “What the hell kind of comment is that?” I demand.
“Just the truth.” He stands and looks at me, his eyes glowing in the light from the basement window. “I thought maybe you had it in you. But I guess I was wrong. If you don’t have the determination or the commitment—”
“Don’t you ever,” I say slowly, my chest rising and falling in quick succession as my anger increases, “question my commitment to getting Rachel back. That’s the only reason I’m doing this. He can take me, but he will not have her.”
In one swift movement he lifts his arm, and a plate flies off the low table beside him. It sails towards me and I turn, thrusting all of the anger and frustration rippling through my veins in its direction. It slows, wobbling slightly in mid-air, before changing course and sailing back towards Lovell. He sweeps his arm to the side, his gaze never leaving mine. The plate crashes against the wall to his right, breaking into a dozen pieces that plop softly onto the mat.
“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” he says, one corner of his mouth turning up in approval.
I look from him, to the broken plate and back again, still flushed with anger but amazed that I actually did it. I exhale slowly, wiping a bead of sweat from my forehead. I look back at Lovell, at the smug smile on his face, and I suddenly realize what he did. And why. But it doesn’t make my anger any less. “You didn’t need to say something like that.”
“No. But it had the desired effect.”
He picks up a plate, running his long fingers around the rim. His eyes hold mine. He steps closer and the hairs on my arm lift. I can feel the heat from his body; the unexplained connection we share sending my nerve endings into tingling response. 
“With the right amount of desire, you can do anything,” he says.
I lean towards him, caught in the swirling blue depths of his eyes.
“Think fast,” he murmurs, and another plate flies in my direction.
Without blinking, I reach up and snatch it from the air, pressing it hard against his chest. “Think faster.” I glance to the left and a plate sails off the table, aiming for his head.
With the barest flick of his wrist the plate stops and falls soundlessly to the floor. He smiles. “You arelearning something.”
His breath floats across my cheek and I breathe in the scent of him. A hush settles over the room, and I can hear my heart thumping in my ears. Reaching out, he brushes a strand of hair over my shoulder. “You did good today, Kat.”
“Thanks,” I say. Unconsciously, I move closer, the plate I’m still holding against his chest slowly sinking lower. The room grows quieter, background noises fading and disappearing. It feels like a bubble has descended, encasing us in a soundless, invisible chamber. My heart beats. Slow and steady. I breathe in and out. His chest rises and falls beneath my hand, our breathing in perfect unison. He tilts his head and bends toward me. I stare into his eyes, my lips parting. Somewhere, in the deepest regions of my brain, a tiny voice screams, “What you doing? Stop it!” But I ignore it, compelled by something stronger than my conscience. Something I can’t explain.
A shadow sweeps past the window, breaking the spell, and I step back, immediately tensing. But it’s only a bird searching for insects around the window well.
The bubble pops and evaporates, familiar noise and sound returning. Exhaling slowly, I turn away and head for the stairs. I feel flustered and uncomfortable, not at all sure what just happened. Or why. “It’s getting late. I have to go.”
Lovell sets the plate aside and follows me up the stairs to the kitchen. “Got a date with Rick?” he asks, reaching into the refrigerator and extracting a bottle of water. Twisting off the cap, he takes a deep drink, eyeing me closely.
“Yeah. I do,” I say firmly.
He leans against the edge of the sink, crossing one ankle over the other. “Have you told him?”
“Told him what?” I ask, reaching for my shoulder bag and avoiding his gaze.
I sigh, placing the strap over my shoulder. “If you mean about me, and you, and Rachel, then, yes. I have.”
He looks at me speculatively. “I’m surprised.”
He shrugs one shoulder. “You have to admit, to most people it would sound pretty crazy.”
“Well, maybe Rick isn't most people. Besides, I’m tired of lying and trying to be something I’m not. This is what and who I am. I’ve accepted it. And anyone who wants to be with me has to accept it, too.”
“Fair enough. But considering what happened…you know, with that other girl and all…I’m surprised you still trust him.”
I look at him warily, surprise mingling with irritation. How does he even know about that? I’ve never mentioned it to anyone. The only people who know are myself, Rick and Rachel. I sigh, knowing it’s not worth the effort. Lovell always knows more than I expect. That’s something I’m going to have to accept also. No matter how much it irritates me. “We’ve moved on from that,” I say shortly.
“Have you?”
Yes. And I really don’t care to discuss it. Not that it concerns you, anyway.”
Lovell tilts his head back and takes another drink. “So you told him.”
“And what?” I look at him squarely, my patience once again starting to fray at the edges.
And…” he takes another swallow of water. “How did he take it?”
“Really well, as a matter of fact. He believes me.” “Truly believes you, or just until it’s no longer convenient?”
“What does that mean?” I snap.
“Nothing. “ He shrugs. “I’m just sayin’…”
“Saying what?”
“Just don’t put too much trust in the guy. What you’re dealing with isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence most people can relate to. He might find it a little…much.”
I look at him narrowly. “Thank you for your concern,” I say sarcastically. “But I think I can handle it.” “Good.” He pushes himself away from the sink and heads out of the kitchen.
“What’s the point of all this anyway?” I ask, pushing aside my annoyance and following him past the dining table and into the living room. “The swords, the knives, the plates…I mean, honestly, how is it going to help me?” “The point is,” he says, turning to look at me, “you have to know how to defend yourself.”
“So Aratus is going to be coming at me with a sword?” I look at him skeptically.
“Yes, he might. He’s been known to carry one. But the places you may go to in search of the information your great great-grandmother had will very likely have someone coming at you with a sword.”
“You’re kidding, right?”
“No.” He looks at me steadily.
I stare back at him filled with an uncertain disbelief. “The more weapons and defensive techniques you have at your disposal, the better,” he continues. “This is not going to be easy, Kat.”
I nod, knowing from recent experience he’s right.
“Anyway, don’t stay out too late.” Turning away, he steps to the front door. “We’ve got a big day tomorrow.”
“A big day? Like how?” I ask.
Placing his hand on the doorknob, he turns and faces me. “We may as well start searching for the information we need to defeat Aratus and this curse. And there are some things you need to see. I want to take you somewhere tomorrow.”
“Let’s just say it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Maybe then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.” He opens the door, leaning his shoulder against the doorframe. “Enjoy your evening.” He smiles lazily. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
I gaze at him stonily, wanting to press him for more information, but knowing it will be useless. I’ve learned very quickly over the past few weeks that he never gives up more than he is willing. No matter how much I beg, plead or demand.
“Thanks,” I say, stepping past him. “Maybe I’ll do all the things you would do.” Flipping my hair over my shoulder, I walk across the grass separating our two houses. I hear him chuckle softly before closing the door.

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