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#Giveaway ~ Fall For Me and Sacrifice by K.A. Last Book Tour ~ Excerpts and 5 Star Review

Fall For Me 
by K.A. Last
Series: The Tate Chronicles #1
Publication date: January 17th 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy


“Angels aren’t supposed to fall in love, especially with each other. But for the record, you were worth it.”

Grace Tate is a Protection Angel and Vampire Hunter, and she has always followed the rules. But some rules are made to be broken…

Until now the fight against evil has been simple, and falling in love was never part of the plan. So what happens when it’s beyond Grace’s control, and when she least expects it she falls for the wrong person?

All hell breaks loose, that’s what.

At Hopetown Valley High, not everything is as it seems, and the one person Grace thought was her enemy becomes her most important ally.

Blood will be shed, lives will be lost and friendships will be tested. It all comes down to one decision, and when Grace tries to save all those dear to her, she realises not everyone can be—or wants to be—saved.

Sacrifice - A Fall For Me Prequel 
by K.A. Last
Series: The Tate Chronicles #0.5
Publication date: May 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy


Sacrifice is a 23,000 word prequel to Fall For Me. It tells the story of Grace and Seth, and what happened in that castle. It is meant to be read after Fall For Me, although it can be read first...

Seth’s heart is breaking. He knows his decision will hurt the one person he keeps breathing for, but he can’t take it anymore. He can’t be near Grace knowing she will always be just out of reach.

Grace is oblivious to Seth’s turmoil. She loves him unconditionally, but not in the way he wants. They both know that in Heaven physical love is forbidden, and to break the rules is to defy everything they’ve ever been taught.

When Grace and Seth are sent on a mission to save a young mother and her unborn child, Grace must face the fact that Seth won’t be returning home. She doesn’t understand Seth’s decision and hates him for it. But what neither of them realise is how big a part that single decision will play in shaping their entire future.

What would you sacrifice for the one you love?


K. A. Last was born in Subiaco, Western Australia, and moved to Sydney with her parents and older brother when she was eight. Artistic and creative by nature, she studied Graphic Design and graduated with an Advanced Diploma. After marrying her high school sweetheart, she concentrated on her career before settling into family life. Blessed with a vivid imagination, she began writing to let off creative steam, and fell in love with it. She now resides in a peaceful leafy suburb north of Sydney with her husband, their two children and a rabbit named Twitch.

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My Review of Sacrifice

I love this series so much. When I read Fall For Me, I fell in love with Seth, and this prequel really got me to love him even more. I felt so sorry for him, we got to get inside his head for the first part of the book. Then it goes to Grace, and we get to see more of what happened to lead us up Fall for Me. I was able to understand the whole story so much better reading this prequel.

It’s a short novella, but packed full of very interesting backstory of this world. He series as a whole is great. It’s a whole new take on angels and fallen angels for sure, as well as the whole mix with the vampires. We do not see much of the vampires in the prequel, just mention of Grace being a vampire hunter.

I highly recommend this book, as well as Fall for Me. I think if you want some surprises you would be better off reading Fall For Me first then this one, but really it can go either way.

5 out of 5 stars for me, highly recommended.

Below is also an excerpt of both books. Enjoy.

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Excerpt from Sacrifice




Michael and I had been fighting for almost an hour. Cloud dust plumed into the air as my feet struck the floor. My patience with him was growing thin. He couldn’t say anything that would change my mind. As far as I was concerned he was wasting his time.
“You can’t do it,” Michael said. “You don’t know what you’re giving up.”
“I know perfectly well what I’m giving up,” I said through clenched teeth.
“But why, Seth? Why leave when you can be with her every day?”
“Because I can’t be with her, can I? It’s against the rules.”
“It has to be better than what you’re planning. Imagine if she knew.”
“She won’t find out until I’m gone,” I shouted. “No one will find out. And if you tell anyone I’ll—”
“What?” Michael folded his arms over his chest. “Kill me? Hit me? What, Seth? What could you possibly do to me? I’m an archangel. I’m your superior, and as your superior, I’m telling you not to do this. Actually, I’m ordering you not to do this. Don’t think you can get anything past the Council.”
Michael stared at me with heavenly wrath in his eyes. My shoulders heaved as I tried—unsuccessfully—to contain my anger. I lunged at Michael and hit him in the chest. He stumbled backwards then righted himself and unfurled his pearl-white wings to their full span. He came at me with a force ten times stronger than my own, and I landed heavily on my back in the cloud dust.
“Grow up. Stop thinking about yourself for once; think about what this will do to her. It will crush her.”
Michael pinned me to the floor. I struggled beneath him, but he held me firmly in place.
“Get. Off. Me,” I said.
Finally, he did as I’d asked. I sat up, ran a hand through my hair, and watched Michael walk away. He kicked at the cloud dust as he went. The mist floated before settling back into place.
“You don’t understand,” I said. “I have thought about this. I’ve thought about it until my head feels like it’s going to split open. I love her.”
Michael turned to face me. “Then why is being beside her not enough?”
“There’s no room up here for her and my heart. Because when I’m with her, I want to break every vow I’ve ever made. And I can’t ask her to do the same.”
“Then I guess we’ve got a problem.”
I got to my feet and squared my shoulders. “Yes, I guess we do.”

Excerpt from Fall For Me


The stars twinkled above them as they raced through the castle. They were not permitted to stay long, only until their task was complete.
On earth everything was tangible and unique, but back home the realm was an endless white void where everyone existed in unison. They both loved their home, but once the magnificence of this world had been experienced, it was hard to go back.
Over the years they’d been sent on many missions, and it saddened him as he knew this would be their last. Coming to earth was the only way he could spend time with her, because back in their world falling in love was forbidden.
The sound of her giggle as she ran ahead brought a smile to his face. It was like a beautiful melodic bell chiming inside his head. He followed close behind, taking note of the way her dark hair flicked out behind her and caressed the nape of her neck. He imprinted in his memory every line and every curve of her body; because after that night he wasn’t sure if he’d ever see her again. She turned to glance over her shoulder and he caught a glimpse of her radiant face, her sparkling blue sapphire eyes and perfect porcelain skin. She was beautiful, and heavenly, and he loved her.
Keeping his feelings from her was the hardest thing he’d ever had to do, but making the decision to leave was harder still. She couldn’t know his intentions as he knew she’d want to go with him. He wouldn’t allow it; he couldn’t let her make that sacrifice. They were best friends and he was closer to her than any angel he’d known. Where he was going there was no turning back and she didn’t deserve that life. It would be better to live without her than to stay and live with her just beyond reach. He couldn’t do it anymore. He couldn’t risk her existence to satisfy his own, and he couldn’t let himself love her.
She grabbed his hand and pulled him into a small stone alcove. Her touch was warm and spread happiness through him, consuming him like a burning fire. Touching her always made him feel like he was home.
“We have to go back now,” she whispered.
He knew it was true, but he didn’t want to leave. Not yet. This would be the last time he saw her this way, possibly the last time he would see her at all, and he wanted the moment to stretch on forever.
“Just a few more minutes,” he said. “I’m sure they won’t mind.”
“They see everything, we should be back already.”
She was right, she was always right. For a moment they stood gazing into each other’s eyes, and he wanted what he couldn’t have, wanted it so much it hurt. He almost told her there and then exactly how he felt, but instead he hardened his heart.
“Fly with me first?” he asked.
She hesitated, then smiled and nodded.
He slid his hands around her waist and she rested her head on his chest. He closed his eyes and sent his orbs of light around them. The tiny glowing spheres swirled until they joined together as one and they left earth, bound for the outer realm. There they could fly freely, without the risk of being seen. He thought it was the most amazing feeling in the world.
They flew side by side, twisting and turning in unison, so in tune with each other no words were needed. He knew exactly what she would do before she did it. A gentle breeze made by the flutter of her wings caressed his arm and sent a shiver through him. She was magnificent, and even more so with wings spread wide. Beautiful and silvery white, she shimmered in the night sky and it took all his strength not to reach out and touch her. He longed to feel the silky smoothness of her feathers beneath his fingertips, to hold her, and it broke his heart knowing that when she arrived home he would not be with her.
They danced and twirled. Her giggle floated among the stars which twinkled brighter as she neared. He wished they could stay like that for eternity, happy and free, but he’d made his decision and the time had come to let her go.
He knew they should have been back already, so he reached for her and took her into his arms. For a moment he savoured her touch, drew in the fresh scent of her hair which smelt like summer rain, and made sure he’d remember the way her body seemed to fit perfectly with his.
Together for the last time, she lifted her head and he looked deep into her eyes. She pulled back and he could tell she was about to ask what was wrong, she always knew when something wasn’t quite right. Struggling to hold it in, struggling to hide his emotion, he lost the battle and a tear trickled down his cheek. She reached up and caught it in the palm of her hand where it sat glistening, then solidified into a diamond. Before she could speak, he said the words he’d been waiting a long time to say.
“I renounce you and all your ways.”
The expression she held was one that would haunt him for the rest of his life, and he hated that he made her look that way. She shook her head and tried to grab for him, but he was already slipping away. He had no way of telling what was in store for him, or what his fall would be like. Her angelic face was fading into the distance, she was becoming a blur at the end of a long black tunnel, and he could see her calling his name but he couldn’t hear her. Before long she was a distant memory, and he was surrounded by a cold, heavy blanket of darkness.

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