Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cover Reveal: New Cover for Underworld by Jessica Sorensen!

New Cover for The Underworld  (Fallen Star Series book 2) By Jessica Sorensen. All the Fallen Star series are getting new covers, and revamped for the stores. Check them out. My Review is HERE

Summary Below

The Underworld is the sequel to The Fallen Star (Fallen Star Series, Volume 1)
Gemma thought her mind was gone, but she was wrong. And now she is left trying to figure out the truth to what Stephan is planning to do with her and the star, before it’s too late.
But finding out the truth is hard, especially since Gemma doesn’t know who she can trust. There may be only one person who Gemma can turn to for answers, but that means having to go to the one place no one wants to go—The Underworld.
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Rest of my Fallen Star Reviews are linked below (I put the new covers at the ones so far that have them too)
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What do you all think? I can't wait to see The Promise new cover, I bet it will be amazing, with Alex on it, I hope!
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