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Riddle of Fate by Tania Johansson ~ #Book #Review and #Excerpt #Paranormal

Riddle of Fate by Tania Johansson
Publication date: May 29th 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Khaya’s life, a life the Order say was never meant to be, is thrown into turmoil when she discovers she has a second ability. The Company who employs people like her – with rare and special abilities – insists that having more than one inevitably leads down a dark spiral into madness. So they are watching and waiting, ready to terminate her at the first sign of trouble.
Now, on the run from the Company’s agents while trying to prove her sanity, Khaya realises they are not the only ones she should fear. Angels are working towards her demise as well.
The question that haunts her is this: What did she do that was terrible enough to elicit the wrath of angels? And can she trust the mysterious Derrin, or is he the cause of all her tribulations?


I grew up in a small town called Ficksburg in South Africa and moved with my family to England aged fifteen.

I then completed my schooling through a correspondence course from South Africa. This challenging time taught me a lot of self-discipline and determination. Qualities that have been invaluable while writing my first novel.

In 2004 I started studying optometry at Aston University in Birmingham, UK and currently I live and work as an optician in Kent.

In 2008, I married my wonderful husband, Tor. He has been such an amazing support and wealth of internet wizardry from when I started writing through to designing a cover for Book of Remembrance, to publishing my book on amazon as well as setting up this website. I cannot thank him enough.

Reading has always been one of my passions. I have fond memories of trawling through the library aged five (yes I was a geek from a young age!). More recently, I found myself wondering about the process writers must go through to complete a novel. I started thinking about how they would go about planning out a story and keeping track of all the various aspects of it. Finally, I decided to try my theories out. I have not looked back since!

I started writing Book of Remembrance end of May 2011 and finished it in December 2011. Since then, I have self-published it as an e-book on amazon. I have also started writing the follow up novel, which is untitled at the moment.

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I loved this book, it was amazing. I really liked Khaya's character though she was a bit naive at times. I think she trusted way to easy. She did prove to be a strong character by the end, and grew to love that about her.

I loved Derrin, can't see how we wouldn't love him. Major swoon worthy, that one. He was willing to give up everything for the girl he loved.

I hated Brier right off, he just never seemed to be a good person to me, and I had a bad feeling about him. He was a major jerk, and was glad at what happened with him.

Overall this is a great standalone paranormal book, that I really loved. I think anyone who enjoys paranormal books will love this too. Its written very well, and hooks you right from the beginning.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review.

Chapter One
Of Past Things. Things Best Forgotten

He sat in the shadows, crouching in the upper alcoves. Coming here was a risk. A risk that he’d taken several times over the last fifteen years. Should he be discovered, they would carry out his sentence. He knew that. Still, he had to make sure.
It was his responsibility.
He squinted to see better in the gloom. Five Masters were gathered this time. Five. The last time there were five, it had been his trial. He shivered. Best not to think back on that day.
“Did he agree?” the Highest asked, his voice echoing through the cavernous room.
“Of course,” Meir said.
He should have known Meir would be involved. He had always been keen to rectify the ‘mistake’. “He didn’t want to die. Not really,” Meir continued. “He will find the girl –”
“Yes,” Garelle interrupted, “but what if she doesn’t accept him? Your entire plan rests on him being able to connect with her.”
“It will be fine,” Meir said, his words clipped. “As long as he follows the instructions, which he will, everything will fall into place soon enough.”
Garelle shook her head, her pale face pinched. She flicked her long braid back over her shoulder. Meir did not appear to notice her disapproval. Or he chose to ignore it. Would the Order carry out a plan that did not have Garelle’s support?
“How will he know when to proceed to the next stage of the plan?” the Highest asked.
“As we decided,” Meir said, “I did not disclose everything to the mortal. I have instructed him to await my orders.”
The Highest nodded his bald head making his heavy gold earring swing. The hefty piece of jewellery that was the emblem of the leader of the Order gleamed in the dim light. “It is done, then. Meir, be certain to monitor the situation and keep me informed.”
Meir bowed and the Highest vanished from the room. Garelle glared at Meir before she too disappeared. She was soon followed by the other three and he was once again left alone with his thoughts.
He cursed under his breath. Had he arrived a few minutes earlier, he would have learned what they intended. The little that he’d heard made him uncomfortable. He didn’t know how they had lost track of the girl in the first place, but he’d been glad they did. Now that they had found her, they wouldn’t let her be.
What would they do?
That was what troubled him most. Many years had passed since the incident, but in all that time, they never stopped looking for her. The Order had strict laws about interfering with the lives of mortals. Surely just because he broke their laws, it didn’t mean that they would too. They couldn’t. Could they?
He scrubbed a hand through his dark curls. Just as he was about to leave, Meir reappeared, followed by Heran. “I told you there would be no questions,” Meir said.
“Do you think Garelle suspects?” Heran said, wringing his hands. 
“No. She is simply being her usual contemptuous self. Don’t worry about her, I have this in hand.”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Make sure this mortal does as he is supposed to. If he strays, remind him of what he stands to lose.”
Heran nodded. “What are you going to do?”
“That is my concern. Now, go.”
Heran inclined his head before disappearing. He scrutinised Meir as he paced up and down the length of the room. What was he planning? Clearly, something that the Order wasn’t aware of. The ball of tension tightened in his stomach.
He waited until Meir vanished from the room as well before Leaping to the top of the bell tower. He often came here when troubled. It was quiet up here. Calm. Peaceful. Soothing.
The village below was still as only a little village could be during the small hours of the morning. He gazed up at the stars. They had always seemed a place he would have liked to escape to. A place where he could find peace. Perhaps that's where people go when they die, he mused.
It was only when the sun rose over the distant mountain that he realised how long he had been sitting there. He stood, stepping up onto the ledge. Sitting idly will accomplish nothing, he told himself.
The time had come. He would have to go to her. He stepped off the ledge.

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  1. Great review, Michelle! this sounds like a fun read and Derrin seems like my kind of male character ;) Thanks for being on the tour!