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#Giveaway ~ Violet Storm by Anna Soliveres (Modi #1) ~Book Tour ~ Review

Violet Storm  (Modi #1) 
by Anna Soliveres
Publication date: March 28th 2014
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

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Several hundred years into the future, The Cleansing, known to some as the End of Days, forced the government to create Arks to shelter its people. When Earth became habitable again, new territories rose up from the ashes: Agria, the City of Light, and the Outer Boundaries. For a while, they lived in peace.
A brilliant surgeon known for his invention of Modi’s—the only cure for the deadly disease, vaincre—has gone rogue with his experiments, and the Monarchy is desperate to shut him down. That’s where Aeva Storm comes in, a champion athlete with an ego to match. Aeva is the surgeon’s secret weapon against the Monarchy. And they’ll never know what hit them. After reconstructing her body to become a Modi unlike any he’s ever created, Aeva is forced into a fight against all odds. She’ll have to break loyalties, hurt family, and turn her back on newly awakened love. Thousands of lives hang in the balance in a battle that will set forth a new era.
Join Aeva on her quest to see whether she’s got what it takes to go up against the most powerful humans ever created.

My Review

This book is very different than any i had read in awhile. It's a great blend of dystopian and scifi. I really enjoyed it.

I like the strong character that is Aeva, she has a tough type personality. I found her a great main character. I had a hard time putting it down, that is for sure.

In this book we get detailed descriptions of a world in a crisis. There are decaying woods, desperate cannibals, with unique cities and towns with lots of descriptive details, I felt like I was there experiencing it right along with her.

The whole concept for the Modi's is pretty unique and very interesting. This is a very unique concept that I really enjoyed.

I really need book 2 now, I didn't want to leave this unique world that the author created.

Great read that I highly recommend. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

The cover is awesome, and is what drew me to read about the book. As I have said before, the cover is one of the most important parts of the book. At least for me anyway,

I was given this book for my honest review.

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Anna Soliveres has always been a storyteller but it wasn’t until her early twenties when she began writing novel length works. The result was an enthusiasm to get better at the craft until her work could be shared with the world. Releasing in March 2014, VIOLET STORM is her debut novel. Anna is currently working on another young adult sci-fi series, titled SNOW DOLLS, set to release in late 2014. To learn more, please visit her at

Author links:

1: Lightning

I can barely see through the steely curtain of rain. My opponents aren’t far and neither are the goals—ten colored rings rising above the ground at the end zone. 
I sprint, flying across the wide-open field as I’ve done a thousand times. My long, dark hair whips behind me, sticking to my frozen cheeks. Mud cakes my shoes, makes them heavy. It doesn’t slow me down. Nothing can slow me down. Not even the icy rain soaking through my clothes, clinging to my skin. It’s so cold I can’t remember the last time my feet felt anything but numb. 
It’s the final quarter of the Championship Fila game and thousands of people are watching. We’ve trained all year for this. A mere ten points behind the City-bloods and everyone’s got it out for me. Of course they would. I’m the farm girl with unrivaled skill—the best arm in the league. It’s all up to me now. 
Thunder booms as lightning illuminates the black sky. The clouds above bulge with violent, unleashed power. Dirt fills my nose and the air thickens with the musty smell of wet earth. The fans are going wild. Their roars are lost in the growing storm that promises a bloody final quarter. They’ll get their money’s worth. 
Someone rushes from my right. Lightening flashes, illuminating a pair of white, clenched fists. It’s Maer, the tall blocker with an off-center nose and torn lips. His massive arms are spread wide, head tucked in, gunning for me like a mad bull. 
I race to meet him. He leaps for a rib-breaking tackle, his mutilated lips pulled back into a gnarled smile. I feign to the left. His eyes go wide, the force of his mass unable to change course. He makes a desperate grab, catching the edge of my tunic. I spin and rip free from his grip. Maer only captures a mouthful of sludge. 
The crowd erupts, feverish and manic. Their ear-blistering cheers rise like frenzied banshees from the stands. They cheer my name. Aeva Storm! Hellstorm!
I’m close to the end zone now. My lungs are on fire, my legs screaming with pain I’ve been conditioned to ignore.
Thunder crackles, drowning out the pounding in my ears. Jagged white veins rip through the sky, lighting the field. Guttural sounds come from behind. A defender barrels toward me, the wrath of the storm gathering in his wintry-blue eyes. He grasps a bat in one hand, something else clenched in his fist. I smile, daring him to catch me. 
Several goal rings come into view, each held up by a rod in the end zone, glistening like beacons of glory. I lock in on the smallest ring—the one that will win us another championship. Unlike the others, it's made of glass—nearly invisible in the rain. 
Power surges through me, flowing through my arm in a rush of tingles and flame. This is it. I slow, take a long stride, swing my arm, and release. The nameless defender springs for me, raising the bat above his head. 
Too late. 
The cold Fila ball slips from my fingertips, cutting through the wall of rain, and straight through the center of the game-winning ring. One hundred points. The buzzer shrieks. Chaos explodes from the stands, adding to the wild chorus of the roaring storm. The video cams zoom in, surely capturing every second of the victorious goal—and of me—broadcasting to the two rival cities an unforgettable moment in Fila history.
A scream of joy rips free from my lungs. I’ve done it!
For Agria! I cry silently.
Earth-shaking booms fire in rapid succession and the air practically trembles. The power of the tremors split the earth beneath my feet. I look up, shielding my eyes from the onslaught of rain. For a brief instant, the stadium and the crowd disappear in blinding white light. A bolt of lightning tears the sky, desperate in its rush to pierce the earth. But not before it strikes me first.

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