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#Giveaway ~ Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter ~ Book Tour and Review ~ Plus Excerpt

Welcome to my stop for the Aurora Sky Book Tour brought to you by SupaGurl Tours. At this stop you will find a giveaway, my reviews, book blurbs, author bio. Also short excerpt.

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #1)
Published December 9th 2012 by Createspace
ISBN 148115320X (ISBN13: 9781481153201)
If there is one thing eighteen-year-old Aurora Sky wants, it’s to get off the iceberg she calls home. Being kissed before she graduates wouldn’t hurt either.
Then a near-fatal car wreck changes everything. Government agents step in and save Aurora’s life in exchange for her services as a vampire hunter. In Alaska. Basically she’s a glorified chew toy. All thanks to her rare blood type, which sends a vampire into temporary paralysis right before she has to finish the job… by hand.
Now Aurora’s only friends are groupies of the undead and the only boy she can think about may very well be a vampire. And if he’s a vampire, will she be forced to kill him?
For ages 16+

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Author Bio: Nikki Jefford

Bookaholic, nature girl, and animal lover.
Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan who found paradise in the not-so-tropical San Juan Islands where she is, once more, neighbors with Canada.
She married the love of her life, Sebastien, while working as a teaching assistant in France. They reside with their Westie, Cosmo.
Loves fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt.
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My Aurora Sky Review

I loved this whole new take on Vampires, it so different, and I really liked that. I am so anxious now for book 2, lol.
It’s like a YA version of Night Huntress, ok, not exactly, as its very different, but it sure was really good like those books. There were many twist in this book I did not see coming.
I also love how it takes place in Alaska, I spent over a week there before, (In July, when it stays daylight most of the time) and I have friends there, who I have learned a lot on the darkness and how they deal with it. It was fun reading parts where I have been.

We have the government who is trying to wipe out the murderous vampires, like some have rabies, kindof.  With vampire hunters that they kinog create, like Aurora.
Aurora Sky is a great character, she ends up in a near fatal (or was it?) car crash, which has a special branch of the government stepping in to save her life, since she has a rare blood type that is perfect for their uses to turn her into the ultimate Vampire Hunter. She basically is their chew toy, as she has to allow them to bite her, so her doctored up blood gets into the, and causes them to be paralyzed for a short time, then she can finish them off.

Yeah, not cool, huh? She is pretty strong emotionally to be able to get through what she does.
I really liked the characters in this book, especially Fane and Dante, they both are great in their own way.

There are some hilarious parts, especially this one below, with  Fane’s roommate (yes, this roommate is a vampire, but there are the rabies kind, the killer kind cuz they like to, and then the gentle, or at least nice unkilling kind)

“Joss would know the answer to your question about feeding better. I believe he’s set the record for the longest fast.”A light bulb went off in my head. “Oh, like a tick.” “Excuse me?” Joss said. “Ticks can live for seven years without feeding.” “Francesco,” Joss said testily. “She’s comparing me to an insect.” Fane grinned. “Yes, I heard.”

I really can’t wait for book 2, it ended good, not a major cliffhanger, but kept you hanging a little bit. Not enough to make me mad though.

I highly recommend this book. It’s really different than the usual vampire books you see around. And it’s really well written.

5 out of 5 stars
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Teaser # 1
From this close up I could see that among Fane’s aforementioned defects, his lips were mismatched; the top one smaller than the bottom.Those lips curled back as Fane took note of my presence. I swear I heard him make a sound of disgust from deep within his throat, like I’d crashed a private party or barged into their hotel suite.I stood staring like an idiot waiting to be dismissed.When our eyes met, Fane smiled. Not a friendly ‘hello’ smile or the cute ‘you caught me in the act’ kind. Eyes locked on mine, Fane ran the tip of his tongue along his upper lip.The lewd gesture made me feel somehow involved in their foreplay.My mouth went dry.

Teaser # 2
As my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, it wasn’t the antique furniture I focused on, but the pair of unfriendly eyes regarding me as though I were vermin crawling around his feet by the couch. There was a white porcelain mug on the end table by his side. The mug and scowl on his face were all lit by a glass iron lamp on the table. I recognized Joss from outside the video store.“What is she doing here?” he demanded.“What do you think? She’s my guest, and she’s come for a visit.”“What happened to the other girl?”“I ate her.” Fane chuckled and turned to me. “You’ll have to excuse my roommate. A hundred years and he’s still not socialized. Aurora, meet my immortal companion.”“So then…she knows what happened to us.” Joss looked me over in disgust as though I was the foul creature in this scenario.Hello? Me, human. You, walking corpse.

Teaser # 3
“So this is a vampire hunter,” Renard said, looking me over as he paced.“She just looks like a girl,” the vamp on my right said.“She is just a girl.”I glared at him.“A girl with very bad blood.”
Renard stopped in front of me. “You think my kind shouldn’t walk the earth, but the way I see it, you’re the atrocity. We’ve been around for centuries. How long have you genetically altered freaks been around? Couple decades? You were created in a lab. We,” he said, stretching out his arms, “are the chosen ones selected by nature to live for all eternity.” 


Excerpt #1

There was an electronic crackle, and a voice filled the room. “Welcome to initiation, Aurora. This test will last as long as you want”
I wanted out of this insane asylum. I rushed to the door and tried yanking down the silver handle, but it didn’t budge.
I turned. My eyes raced over every square inch of the enclosed room. There was a metal table in the very center. I walked up to it and looked down at the weapons laid on top: a handgun, crossbow, hunting knife, ax, and wooden stake.
The intercom crackled back to life.
“Once the subject has fed on your blood you will need to choose a weapon and finish him off.”
“What? No! I’m not killing anyone. Melcher? Let me out of here.”
“Now!” I screamed.
“Good luck, Aurora.”
I expected something horrible to occur after he signed off, but nothing happened.
I circled the table and kept glancing at the door. Trapped inside a windowless room with weapons that made my skin crawl. Fantastic. There wasn’t even a clock to track the minutes dragging by. If they planned on keeping me locked up for so long they could’ve at least put a chair inside.
I folded my arms over my chest and looked at the two-way mirror.
“What’s the matter with Dracula? Can’t find his cape?” I chuckled, but it sounded nervous.
I walked over to the far corner of the room and leaned my back against the wall.
There was a hollow knock at the door across the room. It pounded three times in succession, producing an eerie, drawn-out echo.
I wanted to crack a joke, but something didn’t feel right. My heart pounded its way up to my throat and I’d barely swallowed when the door flew open. A middle-aged man in flannel was thrown in. The door slammed shut behind him. He nearly fell on the floor, but caught himself. Long greasy hair covered his face as he bent forward. When he righted himself, I saw that his cheeks were sunken, lips bared over yellow teeth. He snarled and spit leaked out the corners of his mouth.
I stood up straight.

Excerpt #2

Dante chuckled. “Relax, Sky. We’re superhuman, remember? Danger is what we do best.”
I folded my arms over my chest. “Whatever.”
I glanced back. Tommy must have been used to Dante’s driving because the dog moved with the car.
Dante spared me from yelling at him again by slowing down.
“So what do you want to know about our fanged foes and how we’ve been recruited to rid this world of evil? Fire away.”
“All right, are there really vampires?”
“I was told you were initiated.”
“That doesn’t answer my question.”
“It should. The beast bit you, didn’t it?”
“Yeah, but any crazy person can bite someone.”
A smile worked its way up Dante’s cheeks. “Did this one drink blood straight from your vein?”
“Welcome to the world of the demonic, Sky.”
I stared out the window at the shadowed storefronts as we passed through downtown. There was a certain thrill to leaving town even if we were headed deeper into the darkness.
I shifted in my seat. “Did you believe the agents when they told you there were vampires?”
Dante shrugged. “I don’t know. I mean, anything’s possible. What I didn’t believe is that they’d doped me up on some kind of noxious blood that’d knock a creature out.”
“And then they initiated you.”
Dante was quiet a moment then laughed. “Oh, yeah. Who forgets their first bite? It’s more memorable than the first time you have sex.”
“That’s gross.”
“You’ll understand once you have a chance to compare.”
Well, I could compare. Not that it was any of Dante’s business. Sex and bloodsucking were seriously overrated in my opinion.

 Excerpt #3
A fight broke out inside the cafeteria as I passed at the end of the day. 
A month earlier, I would have walked in the opposite direction instead of pushing my way through the double doors to get a closer look.
One quick peek and then I’d catch my school bus.
The expressions on surrounding students morphed from resigned boredom to anticipated glee. We surged forward—the sound like a riptide pulling us in.
Students were already cheering. “Get him, Jason! Harder. Knock that pansy to the ground.”
The taller guy, Jason, got the shorter guy into a headlock and pounded his face. I didn’t recognize either student. They were just two more nameless hooligans going about the motions, which at the moment involved swinging fists. 
A month earlier, I would have walked in the opposite direction instead of pushing my way closer until I was at the front of the horde encircling the boys.
“Stop!” the shorter boy yelled.
“Don’t stop! Hit him, Jason! Harder!” the crowd screamed back. This was followed by an obliging smack against the smaller boy’s face.
“Enough!” shorty yelled.
“You sure? You learn your lesson yet?”
“Yeah, I’m sorry. You can stop. Stop already!”
Jason pushed the boy forward and lifted his hands over his head in victory. His victim stumbled and nearly fell face first onto the squeaky cafeteria floor. The crowd began to disperse. I was planted to the ground, unable to move.
Something wasn’t right. A warning whispered up my spine.
A look of murder settled deep within the beaten boy’s eye sockets. He staggered upright then walked to the nearest table. Shorty didn’t look dangerous. He was small and moved slowly. But to see his expression…it was unmistakable.
He grabbed a fold-up chair and lifted it above his head. Jason never saw him coming. The smaller boy approached silently from behind and slammed the chair over Jason’s head.
I heard nothing. Sound ceased to exist. Blood sprayed the floor, landing in round droplets. It stained the ground inches from my black Mary Janes. I looked up and saw Fane in the crowd staring at the blood with an expression of enrapture. I should have been disgusted, but when I looked at the blood again I felt something stir inside me.
Jason lay flat on the floor. He wasn’t moving.
The collected student population was momentarily gagged. The boy started toward Jason, chair still in hand. He’d kill Jason. He’d kill him and no one would do a thing to stop him. But I could.
I stepped in Sh orty’s path and yanked the metal seat from his fingers. I threw it aside. Sound returned like the clash of cymbals when the chair clattered to the ground. Something snapped inside me. I grabbed the boy by the hair and kneed him in the gut. He grunted in pain. His agony filled my ears like a sweet melody. I turned and jabbed my elbow into his ribcage. My skirt lifted several inches as I twisted into the punch.
The boy howled. He couldn’t manage to fight back. He was too busy shielding himself from my blows.
Suddenly I was falling backward, being yanked from behind. I struggled and slapped at the hands that had latched onto my midriff.
“That’s enough, young lady!”
Mr. Burke, my old biology teacher, stood frowning at me.
“All right, all right,” I said, dusting myself off. “You’re welcome!”
“Let’s go,” Mr. Burke said. “Principal’s office.”
The last thing I saw were the whites of Fane’s teeth as he grinned. A month earlier I wasn’t so much as a blip on that boy’s radar. Now he was everywhere, appearing at my worst moments, like Satan, witnessing my fall from grace.

Fane should have been the last boy I’d crush on. He was trouble and he wasn’t going anywhere in life. Then again, neither was I.

Not anymore.

At the beginning of the school year I’d been counting down the months till graduation; starting college on the East Coast; new friends and freedom. But, no. The agents said I could never leave Alaska. I might as well have died in that car accident because I was trapped in hell—one complete with monsters. Now the only friends I had were groupies of the undead and the only boy I could think about might very well be a vampire.

And if he was a vampire, I’d have to kill him.

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