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Blood and Moonlight by Moira Keith Book Tour ~ #Giveaway + Review and Exccerpt

Welcome to my stop on Blood and Moonlight book tour. Brought to you by Bewitching Book Tours. Here you can read a synopsis of the book, and Excerpt.  and my Review! I also have a bio of author Moria Keith.

Blood and Moonlight by Moira Keith Bio and Blurb

My Blood and Moonlight Review

I love this book! I can’t wait for book two, hope it’s not too long. Lol. This book was very different to most the paranormal books I read. It has something I had not read about before.
Blood and Moonlight is the first book in the Moonlight Trilogy by Moira Keith. This story focuses on Kiara, half fae, half werewolf, and its an intriguing mix. There are many exciting twists and turns. Suspense, and many things you just do not see coming.

It was brilliantly written. I liked the way it was written in first person from Kiara’s point of view, but then would go to Devlin (who is super hot by the way) and would be in 3rd person with him. I really liked that. I seen that in another book a few times, and once I was used to it, I really liked it.

Kiara is a really strong person.  I really was able to connect with her, and felt what she felt. Some of the things she had to endure where violent, and she has shown us to be very strong.
There is a lot of Celtic Mythology in this, and I enjoyed that. It’s just not something you see as much of.
Kiara also lives in the modern world, but this world knows of the supernaturals, the Fae, Werewolves, and there is mention of others too, but we do not see any in this story. So it’s interesting in that area too.

I will keep this as spoiler free as I can. We start with Kiara finding out that her werewolf father is possibly still alive, but missing. But she does not accept this right away, she wants proof. This is when she meets the handsome Devlin.
She has 2 Fae guards, Reese, and Keenan. Reese is a great best friend to Kiara too, as is Keenen, he is like an older brother, protective and very capable.

The pack wants Kiara’s help in finding their leader Roarke who they tell her is her father. They believe her special abilities can help them. She has some unique magic of her own, and one of the abilities is to see and feel events that happened when touching the object or area. She is in danger too, as someone wants to stop her from finding the packs leader. Only a handful of people even know he is her father. Devlin is there to protect her along with her fae guards.

I really loved the chemistry between Devlin and Kiara, here is a cute part with them:

When I glanced up, Devlin was smiling at me. Great. Nothing like being caught in the middle of a drool fest.

And here is another part:

"I'm here on orders to ensure your safety.""How much safer can I be if you are right beside me?" The words left my mouth before the thought had even formed in my head. Goddess help me, I was anything but safe around this man. Physically safe, sure—he was an intimidating presence. A person I wouldn't want to run into on a moonless night. Emotional safety was another story entirely. I shook my head. "Sorry, I can’t seem to keep my foot out of my mouth around you."

I will stop there, that’s just how it starts.  We get some major action from there, intense suspense too.

I will stop there, that’s just how it starts.  We get some major action from there, intense suspense too. I was up late to finish this until past 4 am, seems that I keep doing this on great books like this.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys anything paranormal, or even romance if you don’t mind some paranormal. It’s pretty clean sexually, (it has one scene, but is done in a tasteful way) I would say New Adult category, 18 and up or so.

5 out of 5 stars for me.

 I was provided a copy of this book as part of a book tour with Bewitching Book Tours for my honest review.

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