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#Giveaway Guardians of the Angels Series ~ Veined #1 and Lethed #2 by Anyta Sunday ~ Reviews ~ Excerpts

Guardians of the Angels
Book I
Anyta Sunday

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

ASIN: B005J1L41Y

Number of pages: 446 pages

Word Count: 85000 words

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Book Description:

It could be worse for Sylva Lark. She could be dead. A coma was nothing to that. Or her family moving across country for the treatment, leaving her with a big blue mark on her back.

She can handle it.


Except the mark glows and tingles, especially whenever transition helper Atticus Plot (Attic) is close by. She suspects he’s hiding something, and when she stumbles across a torn body bearing the same spiral marking as her own, that suspicion is confirmed.

After a few shaves with death, the truth finally comes out and the battles begin.

But not all her fights are external; her biggest one is the decision she has to make between doing the right thing for the world and giving up her beloved family for good.

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Review for Veined

I absolutely loved this book, such a great start to an amazing series I think. I was hooked from the first few pages. I love the concept of this story, its one I never read about before.  Well, not like this anyway.

Sylva is a great lead female character, she was easy to relate too.  Now Atticus Plot (Attic) is absolutely yummy, I really liked him a lot, and this complicated romance was very interesting and filled with twist and turns that you won’t see coming.

The idea of the Guardians of Angels is a bit unique I think. The demons are scary too, but not so much to make it read like a horror book. Which is good, as that’s not something I like to read too much.

There never was a dull moment at all with this book. It was paced just right, not too fast, not too slow. I never felt the need to put it down, the opposite really, had to tear myself away to do things, like cook dinner –late as I lost track of time, lol- and the family wondered what could keep me from doing what I am supposed to be doing.

I really do not want to give anything away as its part of the draw of this book; the not really knowing what is up.

I think the chemistry between Attic and Sylva Lark is great; he calls her little lark, so cute.
I did have a hard time imagining a guy, a hot guy like Attic, wearing long black gloves, kept thinking about the long thin gloves ladies wore with ball gowns, so that was hard to imagine without totally giving me a thought he was strange or something. I think that part that he needs to wear gloves would have had a more “cool” factor if they were normal leather gloves guys would wear, not ones that cover the whole forearm. Guys just would not be caught dead with those kinds, and I seen no reason for that style, won’t say why he needs them at all, but am pretty sure it’s just his hands that need covered.

I found the writing style really good. I am thinking the author must be European or something as she sometimes had a phrase or word that the very American characters would say that just would not be said by an American, the one example is when one of them got some bags out of the “boot” which is actually the trunk, and I only knew that because I have some Australian friends who also say that, and had told me what that meant. Many people may not know. There are just a few instances of that. But other than that, found no flaws with this book or the writing.

I was so very heartbroken at the end, I mean just was so sad about it. I was very glad I had book 2, Lethed, if I didn’t I would have been pretty upset that I could not continue right away.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It really hooked me and tugged at my heartstrings.

I received this book from the author for my honest review.

I give the cover 3 out of 5 only because it does not fit the book at all. I had seen a different cover at a few retailers that has this same cover but shows the blue “Vein” on her back. That would at least fit somewhat. But what doesn’t fit, is that the model on the cover has blonde hair, when Sylva has long red hair, so doesn’t match the story. (Neither does the cover for book 2, dark hair with black around eyes, just seems strange, though had not finished that book as of writing this) That being said, the cover on its own, as in how it’s made and all that is fine, so nothing against the designer, just the fit of it for the book is all.

I highly recommend this series, give it a shot. A great Paranormal Romance, that is light on the romance.

This review is also at Goodreads and Amazon, (likes are always appreciated, :)

Exclusive Veined Extract

“You’re coming with us.” Marcus gave a grunt that said he wouldn’t take no for an answer. “You’ve been hiding in a shell for the last three weeks, and now that you’re out of it, we’re damn well not going to let you crawl back inside.” He flashed me a large smile. “And another thing, not to be judgmental or anything,” he paused, “actually, fuck being PC, totally to be judgmental, you have got to liven up that closet of yours. You’ve been wearing that blue T-shirt three days in a row. Maddy? Did you bring the spare?”
I took a step back and rested my nose against my shoulder, trying to sniff without being too obvious. Gosh. How did I still have friends smelling like I did? I had new respect for anyone who stood or sat within a ten-foot radius of me.
Maddy handed me a lovely green top, trimmed with a floral lace. “There you go, Sylva. And wear your hair out. It’s so lovely when it falls over your shoulders.” She let out a sigh. “I wish I had long wavy red hair.”
Marcus ruffled Maddy’s hair. “You always want what you don’t have. But you suit your short dark hair.” He faced me. “Now go change.”
I undid my hair as Maddy suggested, the dark green top complementing it nicely. With a touch of eyeliner and a brush through my greasy hair, I was ready, and rather than the hefferlump I’d been the past three weeks, I felt nice. A pity Jason had to work, though it would be nice just hanging with friends.
When I came out of the girl’s lavatory Maddy hugged me. “Much better.”
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Where you can peck to your heart’s content, little Lark.” The answer came from behind me and I jumped. I twisted and my hair followed after me, tumbling over my left shoulder. Attic’s blue eyes met mine. He grinned.
He knows about my mark. I pushed the thought away. I wouldn’t let it affect me. Not today. I needed to relish the fact I was back.
I forced myself to smile, to look at him without questions popping into my head. Casually, I checked out today’s adornment. Laura’s caramel skin and dark hair combined with her long legs made her model material. She was also one of the smartest girls in the senior class. Although she was on par with Attic in terms of looks—even more so since Attic’s hair was the same shade today—I would have deemed her too smart to involve herself with him.
“Laura, I’m not sure your friends are doing their job. If they had, they would have warned you about him.” My gaze landed heavily on Attic.
He shook his head and chuckled. “It’s good to see your tongue wasn’t damaged.” I poked my tongue at him and he laughed harder. “And to answer your earlier question, we’re going to the steakhouse.”
My tummy rumbled. Attic winked and, not wanting him to see my face redden, I turned and linked arms with Maddy. “Let’s go then.”
The idea of fries and steak made my mouth water. I had a feeling I was about to make up for my lack of appetite in a big way.
“Marcus,” I hissed under my breath as we piled into Attic’s Porsche. “Why are we even going with them?” I motioned to Attic and Laura. The idea of crashing their date didn’t settle well with me. I’d been trying hard not to think about the strange happenings of my life, but seeing him and talking to him made that impossible. Ideally, I didn’t want to be around Attic again until he gave me answers. Yet, a small part of me wanted to be around him today. What was that about?
Marcus looked at me blankly, like I’d asked him what two plus two equaled. But I really didn’t understand it. He rolled his eyes and whispered in my ear. “If the guy of your dreams asks if you want to grab a bite with friends, you go. We just got chatting today, and he suggested we all go out. He’s too hot to say no to.” He drew away and then came back. “He kept asking about you, though. As sad as it makes me, I think he may have a thing for you.”
The seatbelt whipped against me as Attic hit the brakes. When I looked up to comment on his reversing, my breath caught. He stared straight at me in the rearview mirror, a little golden angel figure swinging madly from it. As soon as our eyes met, he looked away. “It’s darn near impossible to see past your heads,” he muttered, and put the gear in drive.

Guardians of the Angels
Book II
Anyta Sunday

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance


Number of pages: 418 pages
Word Count: 75000 words

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Book Description:

Sylva Lark made her choice.

Now she has to adjust to Guardian life. Training. Killing demons. Controlling her powers.

If only giving up her family wouldn’t hurt so damn much, . . . and if there wasn’t a strange attraction to the betrothed Prince Atticus she just met . . .

Amongst murder and mayhem, and toeing an unclear line between right and wrong, Sylva and her fellow Guardians must find a way to secure Eirene.

But it’s not easy going up against underworld Queen Furie when those on Sylva’s side are hiding secrets . . .

Will they succeed in protecting the home of the angels? Or will they fail, submitting the heavens to the fate of Furie?

And will Sylva and Attic ever remember what they mean to each other?

Or will they stay forever Lethed?

Lethed Review

I can’t say enough how much I have enjoyed this series. I really want the next book soon. I need it! (there better be a next book that is, lol)
(warning below this for spoilers for book one)

It’s heartbreaking how Attic and Sylva start of as strangers, since they get Lethed (memories of each other erased and people who knew them together get their memories “adjusted” ). Sylva can’t understand why she feels a attraction to engaged Attic, who she thinks she just met. It’s frustrating for us readers as we know what is going on.

I do not want to give anything for this book away, and said a lot on what I like for this series in general in my book one review.
I really got emotionally connected to these characters, and really want more. I hate how there is a bit of a cliffhanger, and really need the next book.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend to the paranormal lovers out there who would like something a bit different.

I was given a copy of this book for my honest review.

This review is also at Goodreads and Amazon. (Likes are always appreciated :)

Exclusive Lethed Extract

I walked to the door and knocked. When no one answered a second time, my vein hummed. Something wasn’t right.
I breathed in slow and deep.
A shudder rolled through me. How did I not sense it before now? Was I desensitized to the smell of blood already?
The thought chilled me, and I yanked the door handle, ready to boulder my way inside and help the Guardian if he needed it. It swung in easily. A bit too easily, and I toppled gracelessly into the room, just catching myself before face-planting into the carpet.
In that stumbling moment, the whole scene flashed before me. Across the room, sprawled on the twin bed was a corpse. A Guardian corpse. His neck had been sliced and his blood pooled over the white pillow and sheets.
A demon dressed in black from his boots to his gloves bent over the body, searching the inside of the Guardian’s jacket. His head jerked up as I entered and brilliant blue eyes snapped to mine. Beautiful and cold.
“Get your hands off of him.” I emphasized my words by shooting lightning at him.
He cursed and moved before it smashed into his chest but I aimed another at him. He disappeared for a second, reappearing to my right.
I’d never seen a demon do that before. “What are you? Keres?” I whipped out a knife from my boot, swallowing a sudden lump of fear—it wouldn’t do well for him to smell that. I hoped he was just a Keres or I was so screwed.
Why hadn’t I waited for Alyse?
Because you thought you had a fleeting chance to save someone.
But dammit, he was already dead. Looked like I’d just missed helping him.
“Keres?” The guy paused a moment, his lip curled up on one side. I took my advantage and swung the blade like Alyse had taught me in trainings. I almost hit him too, but his speed once again defied anything I’d ever seen a demon do. The only damage I inflicted on him was a slice to one of his gloves.
He swore again. “Put that bloody knife down.”
“Are you delusional? You think I’d follow orders from you?” I lunged to stab his heart but he vanished.
“You would if you knew what was good for you,” the demon said from across the room. “And Keres? Seriously? How new are you?”
As if I represented the threat level of a gnat, he stood with his back to me, searching the small desk in the corner of the room. Yanking out drawers, he pilfered through them. “They couldn’t have taken it,” he muttered. “Maybe Dylan . . .”
I quietly aimed another bolt at him but he casually side-stepped, letting the desk take the impact.
The desk, paper, pens and glass exploded, and shards of wood burst in all directions. Something stung my neck—a splinter, I guessed. I hoped the explosion impaled the demon with wood but he just looked pissed. “Look, Chestnut, could we have this little brawl you’re so intent on having after I find what I’m looking for?”
“What is this?” I stammered, thrown off by the demon’s laid-back attitude. “Of course not. I don’t negotiate with devil spawn.”
He laughed. “I really need to keep looking. Any other time, a duel would be welcomed.”
Unhitching my throwing knives, I launched them. One sailed past his ear, the other he caught by the hilt. He threw it back at me, but it hit the wall above the door a good few feet away.
“Leave the knife throwing to me,” Alyse said as she entered the room.
At first I thought she was talking to me and preparing to kill the demon herself. But she didn’t go for her knives. Instead, she smiled. “Long time no see, friend.”
He looked from her to the knife to me. He said, “I’d have destroyed her if I wanted. I didn’t.” He tilted his head to the side as if pondering his decision. “I was close to changing my mind, though.”
Friend? Friend? Alyse’s words crashed through my head. Why would Alyse—oh crap. Was that demon a Guardian?
I must have spoken my last thought aloud—that, or I hadn’t shielded my thoughts—because Alyse groaned.
“That’s the demon,” the friend said, pointing to the man on the bed. “Not me.” . . 

About the Author:

A born and raised New Zealander, Anyta Sunday has been exploring the literary world since she started reading Roald Dahl as a kid. Inspired, stories have been piling up in her head ever since. Fast forward to her mid-twenties and jump a few countries (Germany, America, and back again), and she started putting pen to paper. When she’s not writing or chasing her kid around, she’s reading, hiking, watching a Joss Whedon series, attempting pilates, or curling up with her two cats. Updates on her projects can be found at

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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review, and for having me stop by with extracts. :)
    I'm happy to say book three is coming along, and will be out in December.
    Anyta (and yes, I am a New Zealander, though I have lived in the States for a few years).

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and am so happy to hear there is for sure a book 3. Yay!! So I guess I was right on some of the phrases from near Australia, lol. I like the accents myself, and having friends from the area that we Facetime every few days and they come to visit ,made it easy to recognize some of them. Its not a big deal, just was a few spots that would not be said by an american who was born and raised here, lol. Love the books, and will be counting the days till book 3. (oh and I added the author info and links. I just realized I missed putting those in, so sorry about that.) Good luck on the book tour. I will be promoting all I can for you. :)

  3. Yep, you were spot on there, I sometimes got funny looks when I said the wrong word for something in the States. ;) Made things fun (er, funny?), that's for sure. :P

    Thanks for the kind words!
    *goes to plod away more at book three* ;)