Monday, February 25, 2013

Teaser Tuesday ~ Genesis (Elemental Emnity #3) Teaser

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Teaser #1
Quadruple crap. Why couldn’t I control myself? Why did he have this effect on me? “Are you compelling me right now?”To my surprise, his smile held an edge of sadness. “That would give you a much needed excuse, but I am afraid I am not.”Curse my body for reacting to his. As long as I kept him out of my heart, I would be okay.I think it a bit too late for that, my dear.”You’re using old man speak again.” I made a face. “It’s creepy.”He chuckled. “I’ll try to remember that, but I haven’t been around humans much in the past hundred years. It’s hard to keep up with the changes in common dialect.”Let’s keep on topic, Jett. You were going to teach me how to control my mind.”

Teaser #2
Once freed from the barrier our souls connected briefly before he pulled away. In that insanely short time, I knew him. It would take me an eternity to sort through all this information, but I couldn’t wait that long.I flung myself at him and peppered his face with kisses. He laughed and pulled me tighter, pushing me up against the closed door. He braced my back and lifted. I wrapped my legs around his waist, preparing for the best kiss of my life.Ahem.”I clamped my eyes shut and groaned. How had I forgotten Grace was in the room? I lowered myself to the floor and Heath gave me a look that told me we would finish this later.Oh yeah we would.


Genesis (Elemental Enmity #3)

Published July 27th 2012

Having just escaped the nefarious plans of the Order, Rayla Tate thinks all she has to do now is rescue her family and sort through her feelings, but bonding with five men might just be her undoing. Not only does she have to deal with all of them reading her mind, Rayla must choose a bondmate before she will be allowed to venture into the mortal realm to save those she loves most.
She has three weeks to get to know each lord, but her journey turns into far more than a simple choice of the heart. Rayla comes face to face with the underhanded dealings of the fae political system where good is a matter of taste and evil lurks under beautiful shells. Long held judgments crumble when she discovers the heart beneath the men she has come to count on. Rayla must overcome long held fears, discover the truth behind the creatures of the dark realms, and conquer her greatest weakness before she can take her place as the new queen of the fae.
However, her world crumbles when she discovers following her heart’s desire might just mean the destruction of the world. Will Rayla have the courage to choose the man who has risked everything to win her, or will she succumb to the manipulations of the fae council and those who would use her power for evil?
One choice: five men. The stakes have never been higher, but which one will prevail?


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