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Swoon #YA Bound ~ Toxic Part 2 Addison Moore

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Toxic Part Two (Celestra, # 7.5)
ADD To Goodreads For Part one, that has the summary Here

I LOVE Marshall in this series. He is so gorgeous, and sweet, and dedicated to Skyla. For those who do not know of this series Marshall is a Sector which is a higher up of the angels, Skyla is a pure Celestra Angel Nephlim and they are at war with other Nephlim, the Countance and Fems. The Sectors and Celestra are banded together. Anyway, it’s a great fun series, and Skyla had not 1, but 3 hot guys in love with her, and in her own complicated way, loved them too. I would hate to be the one to choose, lol. Well, Marshall is one of my favorites, so am sharing a cool scene,Skyla can read thoughts when touching someone, and Marshall also can, as well as project them to her without touching, he is quite powerful.

Marshall gazes down at me with a content look on his face. I reach up and touch my hand to his cheek.“You really are a good listener, you know that?”He loses himself while grazing over my body with those sun-scorched eyes, so I place my hand over his to listen in on his private musings. Usually, he can throw them at me at a distance, which is his way of showing off his Sector prowess, but for now, he’s lost in lust, too far gone to throw anything coherent my way. 

My mouth desires to trace out the landscape of her every curve. I crave to have her, right down to her tiny beautiful feet. How I yearn for the moment she graces my chambers night after luscious night with all of the affection we can afford. We’ll charge the air with our ferocity. I can almost feel her skin burning against mine, the singe of her thighs smoothing over me as I make her my wife with a pronounced finality.

And there’s that.“I can hear you,” I say.A smile rides up his cheek. “Though the deep drink of our love tarry—wait for it.”
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  1. Some awesome swoons there. I haven't read this series yet. Must add it to my TBR list. Love the cover!!

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. I haven't read this one yet but those are some swoonderful swoons =)

  3. OMG!! What great swoons!! Argh!!

    Sorry that
    it has taken me so long to respond to your Swoon, but I have been enjoying a
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    Thanx for
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    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal